The Box Of Pandora

A prize for finding a alien in earth is out and Artemis is ready!


Author's note

Another wild goose chase

4. The awaking

 I woke up in a bed the same one. A boy's foot steps sounded behind me. My ears pick led them up. I turned to meet his icy blue eyes with my gaze. His face shone no expression. I turned back to the camera. I had never seen anything like it. A press a button and it fell from the ceiling. I caught it and tore it apart on accident. Accident. " what is this place. It is giving me a sensation of hm let me think. Boredom." I muttered under my breathe in a Zurunian language." What's was that?" The asked. My gaze landed on him again. My coal black eyes gave most people the creeps if you stare long enough I could hypnotize you. I summoned the magic within me and the Brocken pieces of the camera fixed it self.b

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