The Box Of Pandora

A prize for finding a alien in earth is out and Artemis is ready!


Author's note

Another wild goose chase

5. Out side

Rebel Froce:

"Wheres Aster?" The 7 year old  Rebel asked. Her name was Zipi she had a brother Zap and she also had a sister Aster. Both her parents died and Aster took care of them. They live in a giant space craft carring many Rebels " Aster should be back by now all she had to do was steal the box  of Pandora!" Vex,Aster's best friend said. The looked up Aster's tracking device and found her lock up in a cell. She looked pretty fed up to."Aster? Can you hear me?" Vex said through the mic. Aster's ears perked and twitch." Vexian? " she asked." Aster were coming okAy?" Vex said." Hurry. I'm starving ." Aster complained. Located planet earth.

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