What She Found

Hayden Boswell is attacked in her home following a break in. Afterward, she meets Detective Reese Danvers, who is determined to find the person responsible.

As they get closer to the truth, everything changes.


4. Chapter 4


                                                                                                   SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15 - 10:00PM

His fingers brushed the doorknob. He leaned against it, and looked at her. Hayden blinked at him from the bed, the bruising on her face less severe after a few hours of being in the hospital. Dr. Mills had given her an ice pack to bring down any swelling.

"How are you doing? Reese asked.

"I'm tired," Hayden replied. "And scared. I want to know who did this to me." She pressed a hand to the strips along the cut on her temple and winced. "Do you know if he took anything?"

Reese shook his head. "I sent one of the other detectives to your house, but I haven't heard anything yet. It didn't seem like your standard break in, but that's because he assaulted you."

"I don't know who it was, or what they wanted. He was so angry. Maybe it was someone I pissed off at some point, or rejected."

"Not necessarily," Reese commented. He pulled one of the chairs in the room next to her bed and sat down. "But it's unusual that this man broke in at night, as most burglaries take place during the day. So maybe he's been watching you, and he wanted you to know what he was doing, which is why he showed up when he did."

Hayden shuddered. "That doesn't make me feel any better. Maybe I can get a hotel room until I'm allowed back in my house."

"Do you have anyone you can stay with?" Detective Danvers asked. "It might be safer."

"No, it wouldn't," said Hayden. "If he's been following me, then he knows where I go, who I spend time with. He could track them down too."

"He seems to be fixated on you in particular, so I don't think he'll go after anyone else."

Hayden shut her eyes for a moment, let out a breath, and looked at him; Reese seemed exhausted, dark shadows under his dark eyes from lack of sleep. He pulled out his phone and tapped out a message, then slipped it back in his pocket.

"I was just telling the other detective that you wouldn't be home for a while. Besides, it's now officially a crime scene, so we don't want you contaminating it."

"There are things that I need," Hayden told him.

"If the robber didn't go upstairs at all, it should be okay to get some clothes for you."

She made a face.

"I'll have one of the other detectives gather your things. I'll give her your number and you can discuss it with her, if that works for you."

"Thank you."

"Are you hungry? I was going to get some coffee, then head to the cafeteria."

"If they have soup, I'd like that."

Reese smiled, then disappeared out the door. As he walked down the hall, his cell phone beeped, signaling a text message. It was from Detective Kinley.


There's a problem at Hayden Boswell's home. You should get over here as soon as you can.

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