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  • Published: 31 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 17 Mar 2018
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John Henderson is just your regular unhappy person living life the best way he can. One night however, John accidentally hits someone on the road and must take care of this stranger the best he can. But to John’s shock in horror.............there is something not right about this stranger.


1. Smile

          I was never the one to smile, but now I smile all the time. My name is John Henderson, 42 years of age, and own a blue 1973 Firebird. I like cars, because it's a thing of mine. But even with my Firebird, I was never happy, but now I am. I will tell you why I am so happy.



          It all started on a warm summer night in the woods while I was driving my car. I was on my way home from the store, while listing to some Led Zeppelin on the radio. I was very tired and just wanted to just get home pack my groceries away, and go to bed. I guess I was not paying attention, when all of a sudden, I hit the breaks and hit someone on the road! I then turned to the side of the road and ran back to pick up the man I checked if the man was breathing, which fortunately he was. I then took him into my car and drove the rest of my way home. Now it looked like my relaxation would have to wait because I had to take care of this stranger the best I could. As soon as I got home, I took out my groceries from the car. then I took the groceries into my house. after putting my groceries away, I brought the stranger into my guest bedroom. I laid him on the bed and   turned on the light on the nightstand. what happened next still shocks me to this day. I  looked at the see that his face had a large and inhuman smile! I jumped back at the sight of this. Soon enough. the stranger awoke and looked at me strait in the eyes. "Uh, hello their.", I said nervously the stranger just starred at me still with that uncanny smile. I then said slowly to him, "I saw you laying on the road unconscious. so I thought that I would help you out since there is no  one else around for miles. Other than the store, but they just closed as I left." I did not want to tell him that I hit him by accident for fear that he might get angry at me. "Can I get you a glass of water?", I asked him. the stranger finally spoke in a sneaky and sinister voice, and said to me, "Why certainly! I would love some water please." The stranger then rolled out of bed. I noticed what this strange man looked like. The stranger was tall and slender, yet fit as well. The stranger had dark eyes, one of that of a doll, and spiky black hair. The stranger wore all black clothing, which included a hoodie, jeans, and some Converse. After looking at the stranger up and down, I went to go get his water. When I came back with the water, I gave it to the stranger. The stranger just guzzled his water down vigorously. “Ah!”, the stranger exclaimed. “Now that is refreshing water.” I then asked if the stranger if he wanted anything to eat. “Ah, yes please!”, the stranger said excitedly. “Do you mind if I eat at the table with you?” I was not sure if I wanted to have the stranger eat at my dinner table with me. But then I thought to myself, “I guess it would not hurt to have this stranger eat with    me.” I then said to the stranger, “Okay. You can eat at my table. But you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Because I am not your servant. Got it.” “Okay, okay!”, said the stranger in a funny tone. “I will clean up after myself.” I then set up the dinner table and got the food together. The food that I was serving for dinner was a rid-eye steak with grilled mushrooms. After some time of eating, the stranger started to play with his steak knife. Spinning it here and there as if he were a kid. “Uh?”, I said sternly. “Do you mind not playing with your dinner utensils as if they were toys?!” The stranger looked up at me with that twisted smile, which I was getting creeped out and annoyed at, said to me, “Oh, sorry! I guess I get a little bored sometimes.” I did not notice this at the time, but something about the stranger playing with his knife made me think he was insane! Perhaps this stranger was insane and had escaped from an institution. Whatever the case was, I did not notice this at the time. The stranger then began to eat with his mouth open while making grunting noises, which disgusted me. “Can you please eat with your mouth closed for God sake! “Okay, okay!”, said the stranger frustratingly. “I will eat with my mouth closed. Happy?” “Very.”, I said roughly. Just as I thought, the stranger cleaned up  after himself., which I was very thankful for. I then went to bed and told the stranger not to  make any messes in my guest bedroom and if so to clean it up. The stranger just looked  at me, again with that stupid smile, and just went into the guest bedroom and shut the door behind him. I then went to bed too. It had to be midnight, at this point of my sleeping, that I heard some noises from down stairs. I awoke to this and turned on the   light on my nightstand. I then went down stairs to see what was going on. To my surprise, I just saw the stranger standing around in my living room. “What are you doing there?”, I  asked curiously. The stranger replied to me and said, “I was not able to sleep, so I thought  I would look around the place just to see what it looked like.” “You know”, I said     somewhat angrily. “Even though you are my guest, you can’t just walk around as if you     own the place.” “So what!”, growled the stranger. “I don’t give a freak of who’s house this    is. It’s mine now!” At this point I was getting ticked off. I then yelled out, “If you don’t get out of my house, I will call the police then! How about that!” The stranger then started to   laugh maniacally at me, which made me very uneasy. The dark eyes, the stranger had, seemed as if they were looking into my soul! The stranger’s God for sake smile was now driving me mad! Even the stranger’s laugh got to me. Echoing in my ears as it got louder and louder! “Enough!”, I screamed. “I am going to call the police and that’s final!” I then went to reach my landline. However, when I picked up the phone, I heard.............nothing! I put down the receiver and tried again. Nothing! Again! Nothing! The stranger laughed evilly at me and said, “I cut the phone lines.” I nearly wanted to yell in terror when I heard  this. I then rushed to the front door. But it was jammed! “I also boarded up the doors to.”, said the stranger evilly. I then again went to open the window. But to my shock in horror, it was also jammed and boarded up! “You can not leave because I have some business to attend with you! Ha Ha Ha! “And what business is that?”, I asked nervously. “That my dear host.”, the stranger said slyly. “Is this.” The stranger pulled out from behind him that same steak knife that he was playing with at dinner time! “Now.”, the stranger said playfully. “To the business at hand.” The stranger then rushed at me and jumped on top of me! We began to thrash around on the floor. “Get off me!”, I yelled. “Not on your life donkey!”, yelled the stranger back. I then punched the stranger in the face, while blood came from his nose, from the hit, which made him fly of me. I then got up, but only to get sweep kicked by the stranger. “What’s the matter?”, sneered the stranger. “Too tired to fight?!” HA HA HA HA!!” The stranger then brought his fist ever s hard on my head! I smacked my face to the ground! Now my face was all bloody and beaten. The stranger came close to me and picked back up the knife. I then kicked the stranger in the stomach and jumped on him. However, when I did this the stranger bit down on my arm! I screamed in pain as I tried to get free from his bite. But the more I struggled, the deeper  the stranger bit down and more blood gushed out of my arm! Finally, the stranger let go of his bite and rasied the steak knife and aimed for my head. “Well.”, the stranger said  mockingly. “Good-bye...........AND GOOD RIDENES!!!” But just before the stranger was about to put the knife through my head, I pulled out my 35 caliber revolver out of my pocket and opened fire at his stomach! Blood sprayed from the stranger’s mouth as he fell backwards to the floor. I then got to my feet and looked at the stranger who was now dead. To my utter horror, the stranger was still wearing that bloody freaking smile!!! I took the remainder of the bullets in my gun and opened fire at the stranger’s face! By the time I had run out of bullets, the stranger’s face was a complete and utter bloody mess.! I  looked at the dead stranger with satisfaction. Then all of a sudden............I began to laugh  uncontrollably! I then looked in my mirror.............only to see that I now wore that same bloody freaking smile the stranger did!       



          Now you know why I am happy now. Because I now have the same smile and  madness the stranger had. And if you are wondering were I am now...........I am in an institution! You see, during my fight with the stranger, I got bit by him in the arm if you remember. Apparently, the disease that the stranger had went into my bloodstream when he bit me. So therefore infecting me! And I guess some people heard the screams I made in my fight with the stranger and called the police, where the phone lines weren’t cut, and the S.W.A.E.T team to break down the doors. you can see why I am so happy! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!



The End

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