The Distant Planet A novel

Edinburgh, Scotland, 3456 AD.

When Connor McDonald wakes up from a deep sleep, he finds that his whole world as he knows it has changed. As he immerses himself in his new environment, he meets aliens, robots, and other non-human entities, who live and thrive in the country of his birth.


4. The Distant Planet-Part Four


Glasgow, Scotland.

The Fourth Day of The Cause.


By nine o'clock in the dim morning, the two moons illuminated the sky. Arthur James, the thirty-three year old President of Scotland, attended the new cabinet of his Administration. Bray Lang, the Vice-President, who was thirty-two, wore his glasses, as the cold weather drained his enthusiasm for a long meeting. "It's nine degrees Arthur, and raining. There's floods along the dusty road". Bray sipped his Earl Grey tea. "The Cause is now in the Fourth Year...and there's no end in sight", President Arthur James stated. He was six foot tall. He adjusted his blue suit with his hands. "Take a seat, Bray. The other members of my cabinet will be here in three minutes' time". By nine-ten am, the rain started to fall heavily. By nine-thirty am, the other ten members arrived. They sat in their seats, as the President spoke in a commanding voice. "Over the centuries, politics haven't been on people's radar. We win elections, and our citizens vote. It's a simple process. But, because of The Cause, wars are more expensive than in The Middle East, Asia, and other countries like America, Australia, and so on. That's why we used robots, drones, aliens, and hybrids, to do our work these days. It was supposed to be easier for all of us to be lazy. Sadly, there's been the Revolt of 3,166. And other wars were costing us more than five hundred billion E-dollars. In my First Term, there's going to be paybacks to get rid of the debt we owe other countries. Space travel has halted because there's been too many 'accidents' in the last fifty years. The Cause must be stopped in the next several years, otherwise we're all doomed". The President drank some water, and waited for anyone to contribute to the speech.


Jennifer Swallow scanned the dark roads. She saw Carter Small, the Head of The Glasgow Steel Works, shaking his head. "All of the jobs in Scotland have been given away to robots and drones. There's no human jobs these days. What can I do to feed my family? Say, 'Please', and expect magic to happen", he said. Jennifer nodded. "You were paid sixty thousand E-dollars a year", she said. Carter nodded. "Life isn't fair, you know". By six o'clock pm, as everyone went home from a day's work, Jennifer continued talking to everyone who had lost their jobs due to the Cause. "Let me talk to the new President. He'll listen". Carter broke down in tears. "Thank you", he said. Then Carter walked to his own car, and left Jennifer to deal with the fallout.


Alain smoked a E-cigar.

"It's dangerous to deal with the neurological aspect of all patients in The Clinic, Professor Best". She ate a sandwich in the café. "Everyone wants to seek out the systematic control of the Cryogenic Rooms. All brain activity can be slower than the pulses that form the electronics inside the cranium". She finished sipping her coffee. "It seems to us, that everyone is searching for a disease they can solve within a day", Alain said. "Not all diseases can be cured. Besides, in my experience, the neurological bleeding in patients' brains is due to trauma in their childhood. Any kind of brain aneurysm that causes deep bleeding in the brain as well, is a complex disease to deal with", Professor Best stated. "And patients who are victims of The Cause are in The Clinic for treatment for wounds to their arms, legs, and chest. The cost to patients are five to fifty thousand E-dollars. Brain damaged patients will be diagnosed quickly. And they'll be costing millions of E-dollars. That's why The Cause is so destructive". Professor Best said. Alain finished eating his mushroom and steak pie, and vegetables. "I have to go, Professor. I have to see Connor", he said. "I have a new shift from eight o'clock pm to four am", Professor Best said. She then walked out of the double doors of the café, and went to Ward 3a.


Xavier Westwood saw the cobwebs from the door of his house. He ignored the spiders. One of the robots zoomed along the red carpet; the other robot stood nearby. "You can clean everything up", he said. He hadn't used the Glasgow Home Cleaning I-app before. He was too busy looking at the Scottish skies looking for asteroids. He looked out of the I-scope, and saw sparkling stars in the sky. By ten o'clock pm, the late evening weather was colder than normal. Xavier continued to see the stars, as the weather dropped to nine degrees.


Connor yawned.

He had slept in the Waiting Room seats. Several patients were also sleeping. By eleven o'clock pm, he was shivering. He grabbed hold of a warm grey blanket. He then heard the wailing sirens in the "​EMERGENCY​" part of The Lab. Connor saw four doctors and nurses dressed in white coats. "​HURRY UP!​", a doctor yelled, as they reached the busy Operating Room. Connor then saw Doctor Eileen Cartwright, Deputy Head of the Scotland Hybrid Department in the Laboratory. "I know it's eleven-thirty pm, but time is short. There's a way to stop The Cause", she said. "How?", Connor asked her. "We use a thermonuclear warhead to destroy The Cause", she answered. "Isn't it dangerous? What about fallout?". "It's the only hope for survival", Doctor Eileen Cartwright said. Connor nodded. He then walked away. Then she grabbed the I-scanner phone. "Carl. This is Doctor Cartwright. Can you get the number of the General?", she asked him. "Yes", Carl answered. And she pressed the END button. It was Midnight.


Scotland Deputy General Glenn W. Murphy picked up the E-phone scanner. "Yes, this has to be important". "The Cause can end if you use a thermonuclear bomb", Doctor Cartwright said. "Give me an hour so I can order the use of THE BUTTON". He left his bed, and was dressed in twenty minutes. Then he drove his E-car towards the lab.

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