The Distant Planet A novel

Edinburgh, Scotland, 3456 AD.

When Connor McDonald wakes up from a deep sleep, he finds that his whole world as he knows it has changed. As he immerses himself in his new environment, he meets aliens, robots, and other non-human entities, who live and thrive in the country of his birth.


1. The Distant Planet-Part One



Connor slept soundly. He hadn't imagined the last time he had done so since the future happened. He wasn't aware of The Great Event of Scotland had occurred; the Event was a slow process from Day One; the final time his dead parents had passed away in the Fatal Beyond, was something that Connor wanted to forget due to the bad memories; the memories had shattered all notion of imminent death. He opened his blue eyes, and saw the aliens were holding onto their placards in their claw-like hands, that read: ​FREE ALL OF US FROM THE LEADER OF SCOTLAND​. Connor wasn't political in his views. At eighteen he was eager to explore The New Edinburgh where he was educated in space travel five years' ago. Connor watched the female alien smile at him. "Why are you marching, Tracie?", he asked her. She gazed at the human, and spoke. "Everything is taken away from us, Connor. That's why we're fighting for justice", she answered him. Connor saw the distant planet's two moons in the night sky, and nodded. By seven o'clock in the early evening, he felt the temperature was down to thirteen degrees...and dropping. Connor shivered. Nearby was an arched building that led to The Cookhouse. He walked inside through the glowing front door. Three aliens were snoring. "Password", Connor stated. One of them, a blue coloured alien, opened its azure looking eyes. "Bedlam", it said. He nodded. "Bedlam", he uttered. Suddenly he flicked on the red light. As he felt hungry, Connor looked at the black carpet. Four evening guards stood at attention. They were paid six hundred dollars per hour for The Great Leader of Edinburgh to make the country safe from humans and aliens who planned any kind of riotous behaviour. Connor saw Bethany Chamber, an American expat, who worked as a waitress. "Good evening, Bethany. How's work?", Connor asked. "Fine...just the usual evening crowd", she answered. She saw Campbell Reiss, the owner of The Old Scotland Hotel​, who made sure that Scotland's past in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, wasn't forgotten. Campbell, a small, finely-dressed, man of travel, looked at Connor...and smiled. "It's been a long time, Connor. Are you still working for I-Cape?". Connor grinned. "Yes, all technology firms are on-line these days. If cyberspace is broken, I fixed the problem. But it pays the bills, you know. I-Cape's primary functions isn't just on social media, and the Internet. It's used to mediate in the human-alien wars of 2,100", he said. "Your table is reserved, Connor. The Space Haggis is a specialty", Bethany said in a slight, Scottish, accent. "I'll have that. And some coffee. I have to work tonight at The Zones, and I can't be troubled by unions. I may need a room for the night, as well", he stated. He took out a Space Card out of his I-wallet. It scanned the functional drone machine. Once it was processed, his payment was finalized. "I'll take care of the boring paperwork", Bethany said. "You can meet me for dinner, Bethany", Connor said. "Thank you, Connor". She headed to her private chambers, and changed into a red dress, and black high-heeled shoes on her feet. As she headed towards the spacious Dining Room, Connor noticed there were three hundred diners. He sat down at table 56, and perused the menu. Bethany joined him. "The dinner's coming soon, Connor", she told him. "The wine is good", he said. Bethany nodded. A robot waitress zoomed towards them. "The food and drinks will be in five minutes' time". Connor nodded. He grinned at Bethany, and they talked about the future.


The red coloured alien glanced at the oceanic walls. "Ry. Come here!", it ordered. The alien-servant, walked towards the five hundred year old alien. "I'm attending a...". The alien stared out of the cracked glass windows. "This house is falling apart, Ry. I can't live in it forever; I have two nights' to live because of nuclear radiation poisoning while I was on Jupiter". Ry shrugged. "Maybe you should go to bed, Darius", it said in an concerned voice. "I have been to bed; I have been to other worlds in The Great Beyond of Time. I have married twenty times; I have ten wives; I have thirty grandchildren. And they are all over the distant planets". Darius sighed. Suddenly there was a loud noise that came from the Healing Pools that were to the far area where energy pads were warming the cold water. Ry shook his head. Three working drones zoomed in the frosty air. They headed towards the Arches. Darius saw white towels on the edge of the pool. He resumed swimming laps before he was too tired to burn off his lost calories, as his exercise regime took its eventual toll on him in the process.


Connor relaxed. He wasn't too anxious. He hadn't been too concerned about the Space Haggis. It was a normal meal in space; it was something that was popular in Scotland. He ate it with relish. Then, as he drank, he saw Bethany was enjoying her meal, too. "I have to leave soon", she said. Connor saw a robot guarding the doors. "Aren't you concerned about Darius?", he asked her. "Darius. He's older than all of us combined; he's old. And he is dying​. His death will be a national tragedy". Connor glanced at the dessert. "How about some cheese cake?", he asked her. "It's off the list because of a scandal that involved health and diet", Bethany answered him. "The Scotland Health Board must be eager to ruin dinner for all of us", Connor sighed. "It's only temporary. Besides, I've messaged Victor Price, the Labor Leader, about the problem. He hasn't gotten back to me because of his scheduling". Connor grinned. "Victor is young and brash. And he is twenty-nine​. He is always wearing bullet-proof vests in case the aliens attack him". Connor saw the robot waiter serve him. "Cheese cake, Sir". Connor smiled. "Thank you, Richards. You may go now". Richards bowed, then it headed down the aisles of tables, and attended to other guests in the Dining Room.


"Mother, can I see Jupiter tonight?", Emily Thomas asked. She glanced at the two moons in the night sky with her I-scope. She was concerned about missing out on her space lessons by Mister Rhodes, her science teacher. "He's gone away to Ireland, Emily, for a week or two", Mabel Thomas answered her ten year old daughter. She sighed with frustration. Then she watched her hologram of a book and started to read it before she went to bed.


Zachariah Bean, the Head of the Jupiter Control Board, stared at Lee J. Paine, the first female hologram Vice-President, at See-the-Planets Corporation. "I loathe meetings", Zachariah stated. He was sipping his warm, English tea when Lee spoke. "Productivity is down thirty percent to sixty per cent because of the Quaker Robots Union's demands for equal pay", Lee said. Zachariah, a fifty year old businessman, shook his head. "There is always demands in Scotland; demands that can't be fulfilled by the growing costs of labour", Zachariah said. He looked at the ten businessmen and businesswomen who were whispering about the state of bad news that seeped across the city. "Look, we must meet Ivan Lazlo, the Hungarian Jew owner of the Quaker Robots Union", Lee said. Her eyes were zooming in and out of their deep socks; her focus was on the glass windows that were cleaned up to get rid of the grime. Suddenly the hazel double doors opened. Ivan Lazlo grinned at them. "Sorry I'm late, I was scanning the Peterson Accounts on-line; I was thinking there were a lot of errors concerning me​", he stated. He saw Lee and smiled. "Now, let's begin this meeting". He sat down on one of the black, leather, seats...and waited for the perfect time to speak again.


Connor finished his meal. "I'll see you tomorrow, Bethany. Good night!", he said. "Good night, Connor", she said. By seven-thirty in the evening, he left the Dining Room. As he did so, a robot blocked him. "Password", it said. "Bedlam​", he said. The robot zoomed away. "Stupid guards", he sighed. He walked along the hallway. Then he turned around to his left, and headed to the toilets. By seven-thirty-five, Connor washed his hands. Then he saw Sir Charles Baxter. The member of Scotland's Royal Family, was forty. He had been in-waiting to be King since birth; he strode forward. "Connor, how are you doing?", he asked him. "Fine, Sir Charles. I was having dinner with Bethany. Are you going to lead Scotland one day?". Sir Charles shook his head. "Yes, I will", Sir Charles said. Three drones zoomed in the hallway. "They're my protection against the people who hate the Scottish Royal Family", Sir Charles said. He looked around. Connor nodded. "You're safe with me. Besides, there's World War IV hasn't arrived yet", he said. And he walked away into the darkness where the Night Lifers slept underground in the sewers underneath Scotland.


Darius finished swimming. He grabbed a blue towel, and dried himself. Once he was done, he saw Armin, his assistant, tapping on his E-scanner with his left hand. "The Scotland Stock Exchange is up by fifty per cent". Darius nodded. "I hoped so, Armin. Besides, by tomorrow every person in Scotland will invest in silver and gold". He glanced at the hologram. "Now, what's next?", Armin asked. "We check the stocks...and hope for the best", Darius answered. He walked to the change rooms...and closed the door behind him.


Chloe Nathan West scanned the Grey Room. "ENTER!", the robotic, female, voice stated. She shifted uncomfortably as she saw Atlas Gorman, her partner, gaze into the distant planets with the I-scope. "You were late, Chloe", Atlas said without looking at her. "I had to check on the whereabouts of Connor", she said. Atlas turned around. "Connor is asleep in the cyber-chamber". Chloe shook her head. "No; no he isn't, Atlas. He's somewhere in the city of Edinburgh". She glided in her red gown towards him. "Then he's escaped from us. I won't tolerate him any longer". Atlas shook his head. "It's not your fault, dear", she said. "Of course it's my fault since his parents died; his idea of working along with the robots and aliens are part of his DNA structure", Atlas said. Chloe looked at the cyber-chambers. "Go to bed, dear. It's late", she said. Atlas sighed. "In the morning, I want him here so he can tell me why he left". And he followed her to the cyber-chambers...and went to bed.


Emily yawned. "Shut the book on page 46", she said. The book followed her small voice. She smiled. By eight-thirty, the darkness of the city of Scotland, was immersed in danger. Emily dreamed of leading her country to power, and wished it was true.


Ivan Lazlo shook his head.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been five hours since the meeting begun. And everyone is tired. I suggest we all attend to the matter at hand; the matter of the Quaker Robots Union". He strode forward, and waited for the people to collapse. "Ivan, we can adjourn...", Stella Roberts said. "Never have I intended a meeting in which there's been political, social, and economic, fallout; never. Yes, I've been in the homes of rich men and women; yes, I've seen many people who are struggling to feed their families over the last two decades...or more; never have I dealt with the robots, drones, and humans who are working together as one. Sadly, in Edinburgh, progress is slow. Now, as you've reached a time limit on all the meetings so far, I want to know where Connor is. He is a member of the Quaker's Robots Union. Can you tell me where he is, please?".


Connor tapped on the broken door with his left hand.

"Password", a young voice stated.

"Jupiter sun", he said.

"You can go inside", the voice said. He waited until the door opened; he breathed in the acrid air, as he wore a gas mask to breathe. He saw a group of monks whispering about God's wrath. A tall woman smiled at him. "Connor, you're finally here", Lynne Schaffer said. He nodded. "I was driven by the need to escape from Atlas's reach". He shook his head. "Atlas blames you for not joining his group", Lynne said. "I wanted to be alone since my parents died from the uprising; I wanted to believe in a better world order". Lynne nodded. "The monks are believers in Outer Space...and alien life forms". Connor digested everything she had spoken about. "I haven't got long. I need to get The Floor Plans of Westwood Lakes". Lynne shook her head. "I gave them to Archer R. Lowenstein, III". Connor blinked his eyes. "I thought he was on Saturn planning colonization of the planet". "He was before he was voted President of Space Planet travel there", Lynne said. Connor shook his head. "It's late. Maybe I'll use an I-link to Saturn on my I-pad video player...and we can talk about the future of Scotland". 


"I was concerned about you", Bethany said.

Alan Daniels, her ex-husband, smiled.

"Life isn't about choices; life is about meaning", he said.

"Connor was here earlier", Bethany said.

"Is he still here in Scotland?", Alan asked.

"Yes. We had dinner together", Bethany answered. Alan nodded. He showed her a E-family scanner of their three year relationship. She laughed at the faded memories; she saw the photos of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Alan nodded. "Is he still in the picture?", he asked her. "Yes", she answered. And, afterwards, he sighed as he knew that their time together was sadly fleeting.


Connor's sleep was disrupted by a loud siren. "THIS IS AN ALERT! THIS IS AN ALERT! SECTOR FIVE IS UNDER THREAT! DO NOT GO FAR...THIS IS AN ALERT!". Sector Five was a secretive place where underground organizations were kept to themselves. By twelve year's of age, he had been a member thanks to his late parents' desire to belong in the world. Connor got up from bed. He pressed the black bell...and waited for it to open. When it did, he ran through the dark chambers to Sector Five. Three alien guards stood on patrol. They held batons in their gloved hands. "HALT! STATE YOUR NAME...", one of them yelled. "Connor. What's going on?", he asked him. "That's classified", the second guard answered. He was waiting patiently, as he saw Jane Markham. "Connor. I thought it was you", she said. The young resistance fighter grinned at him. "I haven't seen you since the Belfast Cause", Connor said. "Times are grim these days. Everyone is afraid of Atlas's power", Jane said. Connor glanced at her. "Aren't you scared of him, Connor?". He shook his head. "No. I'm scared of ​Ivan Lazlo". Jane, who was twenty-two, was dressed in a grey space suit. Her black boots kept her upright. "Ivan was in Dublin for a meeting. He forced me to be in jail for three months. I had a good lawyer, Eddy Kane. He said the right things to the Irish Supreme Court of Space, and I'm back in Edinburgh. I was hoping to meet you". Connor smiled. "I missed you, Jane". She smiled, and they kissed each other, and re-ignited their old romance, before long before.



Stella Roberts was asleep. She gazed at the sirens. ​Not now, I'm dreaming..., ​she thought to herself. She hated Sectors One to Five; she hated the thought that people were on patrol. She got out of bed, then headed to the back door. Two alien guards saluted her. "What's the matter?", she asked the first guard. "World War IV is here", the third alien guard answered. She looked around to see J. L. Master, Jr., a Scottish resistance leader, smile at her. "It's begun", he said. And she grabbed her assault rifle...and waited for the imminent fight that had flared up since the early hours of the evening.


Connor shook his head. He hadn't imagined that the fate of the distant planet was bursting in solar flares in the sky. He was thinking of the other women in his life. And, as he did so, Jane heard the sirens. "It's a war, honey; a bad war". He looked at her with shock; he was sure that the battle between humans, aliens, and other cross-species, wouldn't come to a head....yet. "I loathe wars. All they do is create chaos", he stated. He saw a group of cyber-soldiers standing at attention. "All of you are here for one reason. Someone pressed THE BUTTON. I want to know who did it". He waited until they spoke. "It was the new Leader of the Scottish Free Movement of Wars, Sir", the cyber-soldier bowed. "And who is he?", Connor wanted to know. "Sir, she ​is Jane Markham", he answered.



Emily stared out of the window.

"Mother! There's soldiers marching down towards Section Five". She glanced at the cyber-room. She gripped onto her teddy bear in her right hand; she was concerned about the impending danger she was in after The Fatal Scourge had caused her father's death in the Great Darkness. She had vivid memories of the time she was playing in her room when her mother told her about what happened. She went into a long period of silence before she would speak. And, in the end, time eventually healed all wounds...and the darkness was a thing of the past.


"You pressed THE BUTTON", Connor said.

"I had to", Jane said.

"​You had to; you had to...I don't believe it​", Connor sighed. "World War III ended in 2,646; World War IV is here to stay. And I was certain that Ireland was the country where the bombs would hit in Outer Space; Scotland was the second option". She looked around. She looked at the window. "You don't have to leave". Jane didn't smile. "I have to go". Connor felt like someone had caused him to believe that he wouldn't find the right woman to settle down with. "Fine, leave!", he shouted. And he watched her open the doors, and headed down the dim hallway towards her own military van. And drove away before the darkness came over Scotland.



The new morning sun faded away into the grimness of the streets; the sun's rays faded towards Arrow Road. Myerson, the Welsh resistance leader, gripped his E-scanner in his black gloved hand; he was certain that Connor was around...somewhere. It was only a matter of time before The Council of Black Matter would catch him. Myerson, a tall man of means, wore his red robes with pride. He saw Alain Caine Harris, the President of the Council of Black Matter, was eager to catch the young resistance leader over crimes that involved the gold particles that was all over the United Kingdom of New Worlds, after the break-up in 2014 with the European Masters. "Connor must be in Scotland", Alain stated. Myerson sighed. The New Order of the Welsh Guards were itching to catch their man before the Fatal Scourge happened yet again. Alain smoked a E-pipe, as he saw Jocelyn Mayberry glide towards them in a perturbed state of mind. "So, it's true. Connor is in Scotland". Myerson shook his head. "Scotland is free from the New Kingdoms. But they get money from the European Masters so that they can survive; they know the elections are coming up soon. And everyone's on edge. Connor's behaviour is damned forever since he was put into a cryogenic sleep", Myerson stated. Jocelyn glanced out of the Grey Room's windows. "He is a man of dishonour...and will be arrested immediately for crimes against the countries of Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland", she stated. Alain heard his hologram phone beep. "What is it? I'm at an important meeting". "Atlas wants you to come to his office, Sir. It's about Connor", Margaret Sheppard, his secretary, said. "Fine. I'll be there in an hour. Good-bye!". Jocelyn looked at him. "Well, what now?", she asked him. "Now, we deal with the traitor", Myerson left, as Alain left with Jocelyn in tow.



Stella Roberts awoke from her cryogenic sleep chamber. She opened her eyes, as she remembered her parents were away. She pressed the red button on the left with her right finger. She heard the loud hissing noise, as the chamber door opened. "Thomas, where are you? Thomas!", she yelled. The blue alien gazed at her. "It's time for your lessons", the teacher stated. She sighed. "But I have to eat first", she said. Thomas nodded. "There's hot toast with strawberry jam, and Earl Grey tea", it said. Stella looked at it. "Not too hot, please", she stated. "I'll set the reading to mild", Thomas told her. She nodded. She sat down on a yellow chair, and relaxed before she ate her food.



Connor awoke. Jane was gone. He hadn't felt as bad as when she was in his cyber-chamber. The room was hollow. It was only a forward before he would go back to his old job. He had a quick shower, and was dressed. The idea that Scotland was normal was false; Scotland was paying the price for sticking with the European Masters who were based in Zurich. He scanned the E-net app on his E-phone, and looked at the news while his charger charged in the wall socket. "​SCOTLAND THIEVES STEAL BAGS OF GOLD FROM A CYBER-BANK​", the sensationalistic headline yelled out at him. He had a private bank account in Zurich, Hamburg, and in Isreal. He looked at the article, then called Boris Roman, his Bank Manager. "Boris, it's Connor. What's happening? How much gold did I lose?", he asked him. "Two hundred thousand E-credits", Boris answered. Connor's face went a deathly pale colour. "Stop the account now. If the Europe Bank Authority can catch them, then I won't be low on funds until Monday morning". Boris nodded. Then he cut off the E-video player, and sighed with frustration.



Victor Price walked towards the old podium. Thousands of the Labour supporters were screaming their undying love for him. He flashed his white teeth, and spoke. "It's my time to lead Scotland, and to take our country into the next century. As you know, the European Masters won't have a say in the matters of politics, and law. I know, as the robots, drones, and outsourcing of jobs, haven't been something that is popular, it's the future. Scotland must know that under my Government, crimes against our country will be met by force. That's why the New World Order must be followed. Any questions?", he asked the waiting media. A woman spoke. "Jennifer Shadow from ​The Scotland Free Press​. Is it true, you are low on funds for the campaign?", she asked him. "That's untrue, Jennifer. I have over sixty billion E-credits to fund it", Victor answered her. She stood her ground. "There's a rumour you want to shut down the Robotics Department in Glasgow". Victor grinned. "I know Professor Mark Anderson. He hasn't complained about my annual contribution to Edinburgh University". Jennifer stood her ground. "Bribes are illegal in Scotland, Sir". Victor felt his heart beat faster and faster. "No comment". And he left the press meeting, and walked to his waiting limousine. And, as he sat in the passenger's-side seat, his driver, Forbes Harris, closed the door. Then Victor put his seat belt on. Forbes then opened the driver's-side seat, put his seat belt on, and drove away in a hurry towards Glasgow Town Hall.



"It's not going away", Jennifer said. She smoked a E-cigarette. She stood near the Scottish Military Base in Glasgow. General James K. Parker, III, stared at her. "It's the aliens fault", he told her. She looked around Sector 2. "It's not like there's an invasion going on", she said. He shook his head. "Invasions happen all of the time in Outer Space; all of the aliens have to do is dominate Mankind. It's my job to prevent all invasions from happening". Jennifer wrote everything down on her E-pad. "So, what's the next logical...". The General smoked his cigar. "The next thing is for all of the aliens to fill out The World Anti-Invasion Code of Outer Space forms. If they decide to follow the right procedures, then they can live and work in Scotland. For now, I'm the person who is itching for World War IV to happen; I'm eager to fight The Enemy". And Jennifer finished listening, as the blaring sirens sounded in the distance.


The grey sky loomed over the Edinburgh Trespasser's Union Headquarters. Mike Young, the young President, at the age of twenty-six, gazed out of the cryogenics department windows. "Karen, where are you?", he asked her. "Here", she answered. She was speaking to Fallow-77b, a new robot who had an IQ of 342. She wore a red sweater, as the temperature was ten degrees. "Professor Samuel is retiring this year. He wants me to take over the place", Mike said. "Really. That's great!". Mike nodded. In the spacious room were other robots. Some were old; some were new. "The Robot Union President, Frank Shoal, doesn't like the way we do business", Mike sighed. "Frank is a too smart for his own good". Karen pressed the button of Fallow-77b. Seconds later, a green light appeared. And, as the scientists set up the program, the E-video player scanned across the old building looking for trespassers on the dim blue coloured screen.


Connor shifted uneasily in the chamber. After Jane had left him, he had wallowed in self-piety. He drank a blue tropical martini. Then he slept on sofa, and waited for the headache to throb in his head.


"It's over", Marty Harris said. He was standing near the front door. Penelope Harris, his wife of thirteen years, was crying. "I just wanted to be part of The Cause", she said. Marty drank some beer. "You defied me, Penelope; you defied us. What will Carolyn and Peter think of what you did?", he asked her. "I did what I had to do, Marty; I had to believe in The Cause, like my parents did thirty year's ago". Marty shook his head. "I married a normal woman who loved me...and the children; I didn't marry a militant". Penelope cried. Tears fell down her etched face. "If you'll just...", she said. Marty pressed the white door with a E-scanner. There was a swish sound. "Go, now. And never come back", Marty ordered. And Penelope grabbed her luggage in her hands, and decided to fight for The Cause alone.


Connor awoke from his drunken dream by the sound of sharp sounding gunfire. He collapsed onto the ground. Once his bearings were back to normal, he saw soldiers marching down the Glasgow streets. He blinked his eyes. World War IV has begun​, he thought to himself. He was changed in his military clothes, and black boots on his feet, then he pressed the red button. When the door opened, he left his cryogenic chamber, and walked onto Broad Road, where the action was.


Emily saw her parents were nearby. She noticed Connor wasn't using his E-scanner. "Connor, where are you going?", she asked him. "To the Trespasser's Union Building", he answered her. "Can I join you?". "Fine, but remember don't be scared". And she opened her chamber door, and walked outside to meet him.


Jocelyn Mayberry drank a glass of Mexican tequila at ​Barbara's Space Café. She was wondering whether the war was worth it. She stared at the groups of aliens, robots, and half-breeds, when she saw Sir Charles. "May I join you?", he asked her. "Yes, I was just checking the menu for dinner", she answered. "The steak is wonderful", he said. "Then I'll order two steaks, and more tequilas". Sir Charles sat near her. "I'll pay". Jocelyn smiled,"I thought you weren't going to be part of the war". "I've been enlisted. I begin work at six o'clock tomorrow morning". She nodded. "Well, have one last meal and drink before you leave", Jocelyn said. And Sir Charles grinned, and they spent the rest of the long night knowing that their time together was short-lived.


The Trespasser's Union Building was off Shore Road. Connor stared at the gated front door where three black soldiers stood at attention holding cyber-rifles in their gloved hands. "We're here to speak to John and Eileen Foster. Their daughter, Emily, is waiting for her". One of them, Jim Rickard, nodded. "Stay where you are", he ordered. Emily noticed the rain was falling. "I'm cold, Connor". He took her to the Sheltered Room where there was the children's jackets were stored on grey hooks. "Wear this, Emily. When your parents arrive, they're going to expect you're alive". Emily wore the warm jacket. Suddenly she saw John Foster. "Emily! I don't know why you're here. Your mother expected you would be safe in the house, and away from the war". She shrugged. "Connor took me here. He wanted me to be with you, Father. Where's Mother?", she asked him. "She's on board ​The Stone Road III ​spaceship to Venus", John answered her. "Venus! Why that planet, Father?". "There's a new colony settlement there of fifty thousand people from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England; there's another fifty thousand people on the Space Books over the next twenty-five years", John stated. Connor walked towards a room. He went inside. To his surprise, he saw Joan Sanders. The Scottish doctor smiled at him. "Connor. I was working to help The Cause". He nodded. "Jane left me. I decided to help people since World War IV has begun". Joan shook her head. "I'm sorry Connor. Everything has gone awry since Ivan took over". Connor shook his head. "Ivan has been attempting to take me down over the Glasgow Deal was axed three year's ago". He stared at the military beds where patients were attended to by nurses who were on call every two hours. "What was the 'Glasgow Deal?'", Joan asked. "It was a law in Scotland that meant that humans, aliens, and hybrids, would be live in peace without war. Unfortunately, Ivan pressed THE BUTTON, and here we are at Stage One", Connor answered. He shook his head. "And you were accused of not following his orders?". "Yes, I didn't want another war. When World War III ended in 2,676, we imagined that we would be safe to live, take care our families, and work in harmony. Sadly, I was wrong". He then headed towards the Space Protection Zone of Glasgow and waited for the bombs to start.



London, England

Jim Sail Powers, Jr., walked towards the Robotics Division of London. He was the first expat American to be President. He watched the majestic Thames River, and saw Donna Blaine, the Deputy President, shake her head, as they sat on a brown coloured bench. "World War IV has diluted our profits", she said. He shivered in the ten degree weather. "We have to lay-off a lot of our workers", he said. She nodded. "That's over three million dollars in our robot technology sector", Donna said. Jim Sail Powers, Jr., nodded. "Whatever we do, we will lose", he said. He then walked with her towards the river, and they left in a hurry before talk of bombings reached 10 Downing Street.


Ivan saw the grey sun in the early morning. He hadn't remembered thinking about Connor...yet. The resistance leader was a tricky man to arrest. He smoked a E-cigar, as the smoke invaded the cryogenic lab in Edinburgh. "Sir, Martin Westwood has decided to be frozen for life", Amber Rest, his Assistant, said. "Fine, I was about to check on the Subject Test Pattern Room. There's ten other subjects to deal with. They've paid over two hundred million dollars to be frozen". Ivan nodded. "Assess their DNA, and take blood tests. It's invaluable for the war to begin". And he finished smoking, then he waited for the Internal Review Board of Cryogenic Ethics Committee's five hundred page report on their work.


Jocelyn awoke from a deep slumber. Harold Pierson, her boyfriend, was writing on his E-pad when he said: "Primrose wants to speak to you", he said. "She's at Glasgow Boarding School. Why is she talking to me? I'm not her mother". Harold stopped writing. "She wants to join The Cause; she's only eleven". Jocelyn sighed. "You must be sixteen and over to be part of The Cause". Harold continued to write; Jocelyn looked agitated. "Marla is dead. She died three year's ago for The Cause; she was a patriot for the resistance". She grabbed her E-cards. "What time shall I pick her up, Harold?". He smiled. "Four o'clock in the afternoon", he answered her. Jocelyn shook her head; Harold shook his head as well. Then he continued writing, just as the first wave of bombs fell on Scotland since World War III had ended a long time ago.


Jennifer Shadow walked along the dusty road. The sounds of screaming were heard from far away. She reached her apartment. Three children had been pointing to the cavernous areas where the bombs had fallen. "Don't go inside, Miss. It's the Army's fault due to The Cause", a Scottish girl said. "Thank you for telling me Kathy". She saw Al Turner, the landlord, shake his head. "Jennifer. I was about to tell you not to come here", he said. She saw what was left of her apartment; she was shocked by the imminent destruction of her home. ​I have no home, ​she thought to herself. She saw ten Scotland New Army soldiers marching down the street armed with cyber-rifles in their gloved hands; the soldiers stopped her. "Papers", one of them asked. "I have papers. They're in the apartment. All of them are destroyed because of The Cause", Jennifer answered. "We can send you new papers. Just fill out the forms. Here's the E-pen". She scanned the papers. "Fine. But I want to find another house". She vented her rage at them. "Calm down, Miss. It's a war, you know. Everyone's part of The Cause". She loathed The Cause. She remembered her parents telling her when she was seven. "​One day there's going to be a war between humans, aliens, and hybrids; one day, Scotland will be the focus of death. Consequently, we're going to be cryogenically frozen in time. When we open our eyes, World War III and World War IV, will be a 'Non-event'", ​her father said. Jennifer's mother held her left hand, and she went to school knowing that studying politics and journalism would make her famous. Years later, she knew what it was like to be well known. She walked away from the soldiers, and walked towards the Edinburgh Resistance League Headquarters, where she went to when she was younger to meet Bert Daniels, a Scottish anarchist.


Connor shivered from the cold. "What about the heat buttons?", he complained. "They're not working", Joan answered. He grabbed a grey coat that was from fifty year's ago. "This'll do", he said. Joan nodded. "Everyone is afraid of Ivan", she told him. "Ivan is a powerful person to take on. I left The Cause because of the internal politics was taking its toll on the believers, like me". He walked towards the patients in the hospital. "Look, I am a man of principal. Scotland is never free from the Resistance League Movement; Scotland is part of the European Committee because our leaders need the money to pay it's citizens. And there's the matter of cryogenics". Joan nodded. "My parents are involved in the science of cryogenics six decades ago", she said. Connor saw two black guards nearby. Written on a white door were the words: "​RADIATION SUITS REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT-NO ENTRY FOR VISITORS​". He followed the directions. "How much radiation is in the Hospital, Joan?", he asked her. "It's small. You can't go inside that room. A lot of patients have radiation poisoning. In the other room are patients with weak haemoglobin in their blood", Jane said. Connor nodded. Before they could speak again, Jane saw Professor Natalie Horton, MD. She wore a white uniform, and black shoes on her feet. An ID badge was on her right breast. "Jane, all visitors must be identified". Connor nodded. "May I have a 'Visitor's ID?'", he asked her. "Yes, I'm sorry", Connor answered. Jane gave him the ID. "You can't go into certain rooms in the Hospital, Connor. We are in a war zone", Jane said. "I know, that", he said. He was about to say something else when yet another bomb hit nearby.


Chloe walked towards the windows. "It's horrible​, Atlas. The whole of Scotland is burning with fire", she said. "Don't go near the windows. We must prepare for the Cause", he said. She shuddered. "Why do I have to leave our home? We're rich enough to...". Atlas opened the Weapons' Cabinet. "We must fight", he stated. He took out several E-rifles out, and gave one of them to his wife. Then they left their home, and didn't return.


Victor Price stood near the windows.

"We have to fight, Victor", Roberta Price, his wife, said. He stared at her, as his six children, joined him.

"I was proven correct, dear. We weren't ready any kind of war. And yet, World War IV has damaged us". He shook his head. He turned around, and sat on the huge brown seat. He then resigned his post, and let the next person to oversee the future of Scotland.


Zachariah glimpsed at the hologram of his mother. "You must do something about The Cause?", she asked her son. "I can't. I'm part of the Jupiter Board", he answered her. "Stop being weak like your father", she said. Zachariah's face went a tomato-like red colour. "Father wasn't weak", he sighed. "He was weak. He died when he was a soldier during the Endless War on Mars thirty-five year's ago", she said. "Mars is stable for now", Zachariah said. He sipped his warm Earl Grey tea. "And so was Jupiter". He finished drinking. She then smiled. "I have to go, mother. Good-bye!", he said. He then broke up the E-link. Suddenly he saw the bombs begin to fall, and the war continued to damage the country.


Emily Thomas hated the war. 

She grabbed her E-book reader and struggled to enjoy her favourite past time of reading in silence. She placed it on her bed. By five o'clock in the late afternoon, she heard the sound of voices coming from downstairs. "​It's going to be the last straw...​", her father said. "​Divorce is on the cards...​". She opened the cyber-room door, and walked downstairs. "Please don't fight. They're bombing the country", she told them. She went through the White Door, headed away from her bickering parents, and headed along the black, arched, streets...then she ran away.


Mike Young gazed out of the Trespasser's Union Headquarters Building, which housed over two hundred people who were cryogenically frozen. He smoked a E-cigar, as he heard the loud sounds of the bombing outside. "What the hell's going on Debbie? Where's the robots?", he asked her. Debbie Thomas, his Assistant, said: "They've been scrapped, Mike", she answered him. "Who ordered that?", he demanded. "I did", she stated. "You scrapped...But...". He was lost for words. "World War IV has started; World War V will begin in fifty year's time". Mike stopped thinking. "Wars costs money. I need the robots and hybrids for work. I need them to work for us, like the drones". Debbie looked around at the cool chambers where the humans were frozen. "You must resign", she said. "Resign. No, I won't". Debbie shook her head. "You are a liability". She waved an E-sheet of paper at her boss. "Sign", she said. Mike blinked at her, and followed the process of ending his work permanently.


The moon's glow erupted into a feverish sight in the night sky. Doctor Aaron Chang searched the skies with his I-scope. He saw the planets of Jupiter, Venus, and Earth. He sipped his Earl Grey tea, as Doctor Lisa Bellamy, his assistant, saw the bombs hitting the Edinburgh Scientific Research Facility. "We have to leave, Doctor". Doctor Chang nodded. "Why now? It's not fair. How can we focus on alien life on Mars when Scotland's being attacked?", he asked her. "Leave now...​", Doctor Bellamy ordered. They then used the E-scanner with their eyes. Once the red light appeared to illuminate the spacious room, the doctors fled the building before they died.


​The bombing of Scotland continued. By ten o'clock in the evening, the shattering of windows caused mayhem in the city. Soldiers appeared in their jeeps holding their E-rifles in their gloved hands for protection against injury. Connor looked around to see whether he could find a safe place to hide. He saw a room marked "SAFETY ROOM". He used an E-scanner to scan his eyes. He used his ID to go inside...and as he did so...he was in a dark room where other civilian patients were staying.

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