Blue bird

Aurelia lived a normal life until a strange man gives her a locket with a blue bird on it. In that locket was a man who she loved dearly her father who passed away. The locket had magical powers that could change her life for ever


2. The girl who never lived

 Aurelia was now 15 years old and her long red hair had now turned a dark auburn. She was the most beautiful girl you could have ever meant. Her awful aunt Josie was a fat lady with plump cheeks and shirts that almost popped off her. Her uncle John was just as fat and had an ugly mustache a weird grey color. Their daughter Marie was the most meanest girl ever. While she was very pretty not as pretty as Aurelia but her soul was riddled with mean spirits. Aurelia was treated like a servant around the house. At school she had only one friend Elise and she was the most nicest person Aurelia had in her life. She had long blonde hair with blue eyes and freckles like Aurelia. That day her aunt and uncle were feeling particularly mean. They decided to make her cook breakfast, clean all the dishes, wipe the floors, do all of Marie's chores and not get any food after she worked. Aurelia didn't care after she did all of her chores she ran upstairs to her room, her stomach grumbling and opened up her floor board. Inside were chips, cake, roast beef, carrots, apples, and oranges, she took a big bite out of the cake and then fell asleep right there on the floor. When she woke up there was a letter sitting right next to her. 


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