Blue bird

Aurelia lived a normal life until a strange man gives her a locket with a blue bird on it. In that locket was a man who she loved dearly her father who passed away. The locket had magical powers that could change her life for ever


1. Prologue

. Before his death he was the greatest man you could ever have meant. He had a smile that could light up the world, a kind soul, and laughed all the time. He had a secret about him though he was a wizard. He had magical powers no one knew about not even his only daughter Aurelia. He had a locket his mother gave to him with a simple blue bird on it. Inside was his father who had died when he was young. The locket could take him anywhere he wanted to and any time he wanted to go. Wether it was in the past, present, or future. Aurelia his daughter was the light in his life and treated her like a real princess. She had long red hair bright green eyes and freckles across her face and on her nose. One day when Aurelia was eight years old her father took a plane to LA to work on a job he needed to do. On the way back the plane suddenly stopped and crashed in a field near by no one survived in the crash. Aurelia was alone she had no mom because she had disappeared suddenly and no father after his death. She had to live with her awful aunt and uncle who treated her like an ugly rat they wanted out of the house. She did all the cleaning, and all of the work. That is where we will go now



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