The new girl

A girl with spunk and a popstar doll actress and singer moves to Ireland for a new start only she related to Artemis Fowl!


Author's note

Please commmmmmmmeeeent

1. American stays American!

poster of on!" He said My name is Kk short for Kimrica .(Kim-rick-ah) I been all over the world sharing music from other celebrities in China or Germany.  I walked off stage after singing"Doll House" in Romania.  One of my best friends also.known as my partner also know as my cousin Peter Johnson. I'm the only one who calls him Peter the other people and his fans call him PJ. I laughed as he squeezed through the row of fan girls ." KK!" He screamed shaking me." Hey watch the Gold Genie pants man !" I said as her kick me in my gold pants. " KK we have to get of here__ your dress room quickly!" He said waving the the Bodyguards." I was being dragged in my dressing room. A woman stood there in a elegant dress and a Boy my age sixteen and two cute eight year old twin boys and a very big man. I wrench my hand away from PJ's grasped." Stop it Peter you are freaking me out!" I complained the boy raised an eyebrow. Another woman stood there." I'm with the Child Care Costduy. CCC. Your aunt and uncle have perish in horrible fire." She said simply. I felt the tears making my makeup run. The floor seem to slip underneath. I crashed to floor and the world went black.


I woke up in a way to big bed. All my belonging on the floor in a giant room. The room had a camera in the corner. I unplugged it and pick up a picture of me and my Aunt and Uncle just like my parents gone and never coming back. I pick up a poster of my  Album: Brave Heart


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