Pizza Boy

A Pizza girl meets a Pizza Boy, together they meet a ton lot more drama, romance and pranks.
let the prank wars begin


1. Call 1

"Hello, this is Randel's pizza shop how may I help you" She asked expecting the typical response she always receives, like thick or thin crust or what topping do you have, just the thought of it sent her into further boredom.  


"Don't you have a lovely voice" A guy's voice answered on the other side of the line, with a bit of a flirty tone. "I'm sure you must even look lovelier in person" 


This was a surprise to her, definitely a change up from the typical call.   She fumbled a bit no sure how to respond "Uh thanks I guess, erm can I take your order?" she asked.  


" Oh I'm not ordering anything" he responded with a chuckle. 


  What did he mean he's not ordering anything, maybe he had the wrong number​ she thought. This happens sometimes, our elderly neighbor Mrs. Parker upstairs sometimes would call and ask why we haven't mown her lawn yet, even though she didn't have a lawn since we live in the city and other random things, but this phone call didn't seem like an elderly misdial.  

She was puzzled what was he doing then. "Well goodbye then" She answered ready to hang up.  


"hey isn't a guy allowed to just to talk to a pretty girl if he wants to?' he asked seeming to laugh a bit again. She stayed silent in return and he seemed to notice. "I'll see you around pizza girl" he answered before saying " and may I say you look amazing in those jeans" he chuckled before hanging up the phone.


  This caught my attention instantly, and I looked around the dinning area hoping to find the charismatic voice. The sound of a door shutting spun me around, but all I could see was a tall shaggy blonde hair guy walking away. I gasped when I noticed the Marco's pizza logo on the back of his shirt.


"The mysterious caller is working for the enemy pizzeria" I gasped but suddenly smiled at what all just happened "And just by judging by his back he was hot" I thought in my head. Maybe this summer job wont be as bad as I thought.   A Pizza girl meets a Pizza Boy, together they meet a ton lot more drama, pranks, and possible romance let the prank wars begin


First chapter tell me what you think!

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