Greys Flipped

This is a Greys Anatomy fanfiction. If anyone has any better title ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Thank you!!


1. Welcome to Seattle Grace, Reilly

  "Mom, I'll be fine. I already told you, Lexie's got me covered. I'll call you in a few days. I have a 48 hour shift that starts in about 90 minutes, Mom. Mom, I'll be okay. Ok, bye. Bye!" 

  90 minutes later :


  "Welcome to the game, interns."

  How is this possible? The Meredith Grey is standing right in front of me.

  "Reilly!" The familiar voice of Lexie Grey comes blaring from behind me. 

  Suddenly, she's spinning me around, the biggest smile I've ever seen plastered across her face. 

   "Lex! Oh my gosh, tell me everything. It's been months!" I wrap my arms tightly around my best friend, and my heart aches from how long it's been since we spent nights devouring ice cream and watching romantic movies on my couch.

   "Reilly! We have so much to catch up on. But honey, I've got surgery in like 30 minutes. Let's go find out who's service you're on, okay?" Lexie smiles and links arms with me. 

  "Who are my options?" I ask curiously, as Lexie leads me down the hallways, scented like rubbing alcohol. 

  "Well, there's me, on Neuro. There's Jo Wilson, also on Neuro. There's Mark Sloan, on Plastics. There's Meredith Grey, on General. There's Derek or Amelia Shepherd, on Neuro. There's Cristina Yang or Teddy Altman, on Cardio. There's also Jackson Avery on Plastics, and April Kepner and Owen Hunt on Trauma. There's Callie Torres on Ortho, Arizona Robbins on Peds, Alex Karev on Peds, and even more like Bailey, Webber, etc." Lexie carries on and I cut her off laughing.

  "I think I get it Lex." I giggle and she joins in a fit of laughter.

  A grey-haired nurse handed Lexie a file folder and Lexie pulls out a word-filled sheet of paper.

  "Looks like you're starting on Peds. Alex Karev. Good luck, he's quite the ladies man. And he's single." She winks and then trots off to surgery.

  "Hey, I'm April Kepner. You're Lexie's best friend, right? Reilly? The new intern?" A red-haired perky doctor appears next to me, grinning from head to toe.

  "Yeah! Hey is there a cafeteria around here? I'm starving and I don't start my shift for another hour." I ask and she leads me to a huge, dome-shaped cafeteria a few hallways down.

  "Ok Reilly. First things first. I'm going to give you the relationship low-down." April begins as I take a huge bite of a ripe, red delicious apple. "Lexie Grey is serious with Mark Sloan. Meredith and Derek are married, they're adorable. Callie and Arizona are also happily married. Everyone else, well, they're single. Except for Bailey and Webber. Things are complicated between Teddy and Owen, but he doesn't seem too into her. So basically it's fair game, newbie."

  "Hmm. Okay." I smile, and glance at the clock. "Crap, Karev wanted us there a little early to begin reviewing for a surgery we have to watch later. I have to go. Bye!" 

  "Bye newbie!" April calls and I hurry off to find my superior and my fellow interns.

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