Greys Flipped

This is a Greys Anatomy fanfiction. If anyone has any better title ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Thank you!!


2. The Invite

  6 hours. This surgery's been going on for 6 hours. I'm bewildered at how quickly Owen Hunt's hands are moving, how he's saving this womans life. All the while, Alex is saving her newborn baby on the other side of the OR. He keeps glancing up at me. It's kind of cute, but it's distracting me from the surgery itself. He recently came up here and told us interns that we have the night off and I swear he winked at me. He said something about the board needed to have a meeting, and I noticed he talks in a very harsh tone and is a bit full of himself.


  It's. Finally. Over. The other interns who I haven't even bothered talking to are filing out of the overview, but I stay. I watch them clean the blood off of the floor and I watch the attendings high-five each other for saving 2 lives. I don't even notice when Alex appears behind me.

  "Reilly, right?" He asks, a bit of raspiness in his voice.

  "Yeah." I smile as I turn around to face him. "I'm one of your interns."

  "Well, that's not good." Alex winks and I can feel myself blushing.

  "Oh why not?" I ask flirtatiously.

  He smiles and says, "Because I really wanted to take you to the on-call room."

  I laugh and whisper in his ear, "Maybe later." and I walk out, without looking back.

  Once I figure out that Lexie's still in surgery, I whip out my phone and take a seat in the waiting room. A couple doctors walk by, who I recognize as Altman, Derek Shepherd, and Bailey. I'm starting to doze off as Karev flops down into the seat next to me.

  "Have you heard of Joe's bar?" He asks and I turn to him.

  "No. I have heard of your reputation as a player, though Dr. Karev." A smile plays on my lips.

  "Have you? Well maybe you could explain that reputation to me over a few drinks tonight?" Alex leans closer into me.

  "Well I guess if you went after work and I went after my shift, we might bump into each other." I lead him on.

  He winks at me and I hop up and decide to watch the end of Lexie's surgery before leaving the hospital. However, just as I'm getting to the OR Lexie comes flying out of the doors tears in her eyes.

  "Lex! What happened?" I ask and run after her, grabbing her arm.

  "Oh. Reilly. We lost him. An innocent man who tripped on his baby's toys. It's not fair." She cries and I wrap her in a hug.

  "Drinks at Joe's?" I ask and she wipes her eyes and looks at me curiously.

  "How have you heard of Joe's?"

  "Long story" I laugh.


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