A lost girl with a hard life who has never felt loved that all changes when she meets a bad boy who never loved anyone that all changes when he meets her.


Author's note

This is my first story im writing hope you enjoy

1. Welcome..

 ,Welcome to my life as Ashley Wright ...Well as I call it my broken life . i'm not just calling it broken because of typical teenage problems you'll understand what i mean let me tell you about myself and my life I'm 16 African American i'm in the 11th grade right now were on Winter break I am so happy school is stressful i have a best friend named Vanessa she's their for me through whatever.I have Anxiety and Depression and sometimes it gets so bad i block everyone and everything out .Now about my family My Lovely beautiful yet naive mother she was a drug addict but went to rehab she loves me very much I know she does she just overlooks lots of things my father left us when I was younger he said it was because of my mother was creeping and did'nt believe I was his daughter even though we had a dna test and it said I was 99.9% his..My mothers Boyfriend I hate him I know hate is a strong word but I mean it he rapes beats and lies on me and claims me as his property and sometimes make me go on the corner for some money same as his son James he rapes me and hits on sometimes they even rape me together and gets mad because i have a boyfriend if it was not for my mother I would not be able to talk to boys at all...My Step sister Kayla she hates me for no reason at all probably because her dad left her mom for my mom who knows but she hates me last but not least My brother he lived with us but my moms boyfriend made her kick him out for no good reason at all i still try to contact him he said when he finds a house I can come live with him how could love make you so naive? Last but not least my boyfriend Corey I love him so much but i'm not in love he is the best boyfriend ever when he wants to be but when he gets around kayla he acts different as if he despises me ..maybe im just tripping or something but both of them are always flirting but anyways school starts tomorrow so goodnight talk to you tomorrow *kisses*

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