Nerdy Girl With A Secret

My name is Willow Jackson but my friend and brother call me Will for short. I live by myself because I am in high school. I get bullied by people at my school and my brother, Walter doesn't know because he will get mad at me for no reason. I am known as the nerd/freak at school but outside of school, I am known as the best skateboarder, street fighter, and singer in the state. I am also the richest person in the state. But no one knows yet.

My name is Zane Hawk. I am the school's bad boy. I bully the nerd of the school, who's name I don't really bother to remember. I am also the richest person in my school,but not the richest person in the state. The richest person has never been seen, but there are rumors that the richest person is a girl sophomore in school with blonde hair.

What happens when he sees her in action while he took her on a road trip? Will he tell everyone or keep her secret? Will he fall for Will or not? Find out in this story.

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2. The Ride To Wherever


Finally it is the end of school, I can go home and change, then go to the skate park, without anybody knowing that it's me, I thought. I guess I thought to late, because right when I am grabbing for the doorknob to the office someone snatched my wrist away and was dragging me away. When we got to the door they put me down for a quick second and they put me over their shoulder and I saw their face it was.........Zane, god I hate that guy.

When he started walking I started punching his back and screaming. Everybody just stared but didn't help me. I sent Walter a telepathic message and by the time he ran outside looking for me Zane put me in his car. He started driving away from the school and when he reached the road there was nothing I could do because he was on the road.


I'm guessing I fell asleep because the next thing I know I woke up to a gunshot from behind us. By instinct I quickly pulled out my gun and started shooting the person behind us. When I saw who it was it was the dude I beat during Street fighting two days ago. On my second shot Zane swerved the car. I shouted, "Really?! How about a warning next time?! Ok, well we can't kill him so let's jump out of the car on three, Ok?" He just nodded his head in shock from seeing me, the nerd of the school with a gun. " 1,2,& 3 JUMP!!!!" We both jumped out and rolled out of the car. The driver shooting at me jumped out but it was to late and he died off the cliff.

"What the fuck?! Why do you have a gun?!" He screamed at me i screamed right back at him, "Well not everything is as it seems I'm not really the nerd that you think I am!!!" He suddenly got quiet and didn't say a word until we got to a payphone and he called someone named Jason. Once he got off the phone he asked me quietly asked me," Why do you have a gun and do you know that man?" I replied back," Yes,I know that man, well sort of." "What do you mean sort of and u forgot to answer my other question." He said right back I replied, "By that I mean I beat his street fighter two nights ago and he had to give me 5 million dollars in return, I guess he wanted the money back because he thought I cheated. The reason I have a gun is because I am not a nerd I am the richest person in the state, most known street fighter, street dancer, skateboarder, and singer in the state." He just stood there jaw dropped staring at me. Ten minutes later someone pulled up and reached for something. I thought it was a gun so by instinct I ran over there in half a second and had him up against the truck. One minute later he had me up against the truck which revealed his weakness, his weakness was a bruise on his chest. I punched his bruise and then I had my pocket knife up against his throat. I heard someone laughing, then said "What's so funny?!" He stifled his laugh to say, "As much as I like to see him get his ass whooped by a girl, he's my best friend and our ride back." I let him go,took a step back and apologized. He said," It was ok because I didn't know and we introduced ourselves to each other. I ran to the truck and hopped in while saying, "Come on slowpokes!!!!" They muttered to each other, "Yeah, or you could slow down..." I yelled, " I heard y'all punks because I have super hearing."

When they got in the car I put my headphones in and started playing my favorite song " Do It Like A Dude" (song at the top) and started singing the song from the beginning until the end. When I stopped singing they were staring at me with their jaws dropped and we were parked outside of a restaurant. After a couple of seconds staring back at them I started laughing in between laughs I said, " I....Already....Told you....I....can sing....Zane!!!" "You think that's funny? Do you have any ticklish spots?!" Zane said with a smirk. I ran out of the car screaming, "No I don't have a ticklish spot!!! I have to Run!!!!" I started running and ran right up a wall. I then saw that my hair and eyes changed back to blonde and blue and said, "Yay, my hair and eyes. Oh my outfit changed as well." I jumped down and landed on my feet. I forgot that I was running from Zane.

By the time I remembered what I was doing it was to late. He grabbed me and started tickling me. "For someone who doesn't have any ticklish spots you sure are ticklish." He said I then saw that their were two dudes with blonde hair standing next to Ja (Jason) while he was recording me and Zane on his phone. Blonde dude 1: "who is she? And is she dating Zane?" Blonde dude 2: "How did she just change her clothes,eyes, and hair in one second?" I answered their questions and told Ja, " I am Will short for Willow, I am not dating Zane, he's chasing me 'cause I laughed at him, and my looks changed because I am definitely not from around here I also won't tell you where I am from. Ja Stop Recording RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" He didn't stop recording so I tried to walk over there, but Zane wouldn't let me go. So, I decided to grab my pocket knife out of my shoe and threw it at him and it hit the wall right by his neck. He quickly put the phone up after he deleted the video. Then as soon as Zane saw me do that he let me go because he didn't want that to happen to him. I slapped his cheek saying, "Thanks for letting me go, JERK!!!" I then ran up the wall and sat on it. He tried to climb the wall but failed then asked me, "How did you get up there so easily?" I answered the question simply, "I picked up a few tricks from my home planet since it's gravitational pull is stronger than earth, plus I was a gymnast and went to a camp that teaches you how to be brave at a young age, I was about.... 2 years old when I started and finished at the age of 5. I learned to use guns at the age of 4." They all stared at me jaw dropped. I then burst out laughing and fell off the wall on the other side, it was their turn to laugh. I got mad 'cause I could have got hurt so I decided to turn invisible and pull a prank on them right now. I jumped off the wall (she is still invisible) I walked over to Ja and the other two dudes. I then punched them in the stomaches. When I hit each of them they thought one of the other hit each other so they hit each other. I walked over to Zane and started tickling him he started laughing and the other three looked over and started to walk towards him. I quickly jumped back over the wall turned visible once again. Then, I jumped back on top of the wall and shouted to them, "PAY BACK SUCKERS!!!!!" They all got mad at me and ran out of breath so we headed to the car, I got there first of course and screamed to them, "Shotgun!!!!" They all groaned except for Zane because Ja was letting him drive the truck.

We were driving back and I heard a song on the radio that I liked I turned it up loud and we all started to sing "Thanks For The Memories". After the song ended I remembered something then said, "I'll be right back I forgot something." Before they could ask me something I teleported out of the truck and into the school office. I look around the office for my skateboard I saw it then someone scared me. I yelped and saw who it was, can you guess who it was? Yep, it was my brother he scared the crap out of me. He shouted, "Where did you disappear to after you mind linked me?!?!?!?!" I could handle Walter's other attitudes but I couldn't handle this one. So, I started crying and replied quietly to where he could barely hear me, "When I mind linked you Zane was carrying outside of the school and nobody stopped him. He put me in his car and drove off into the road. Someone I beat up 2 days ago attacked us trying to kill me, we then jumped out of the car and the JERK drove off the road killing his self. We caught a ride with one of his friends. But now we're cool friends now, so don't worry." He said softly, " I'm sorry for making you cry. Just tell me something as soon as you get the chance understand?" I nod my head, grab my skateboard, and leave. I teleported back to the truck. But I decide to sit in the back for some reason. When I got in the back of the truck I started crying. Then I felt someone pull me closer to them. It was Zane. I started crying harder into his shirt and hugged him. "What's wrong?" He said in a quieter voice I replied, "My brother got mad at me for the first time in a long time!!!!!😢😢" He hugged me tighter and started rubbing m back saying that it's ok. Ja pulled up at Zane's house and he got out and I got out I said "I'll walk the rest of the way." They said "Are you sure?" I replied, "Yeah, my house is right there. Oh yeah bye Ja." We said our goodbyes and he left. I was still crying a little when I was going to head to my house. I was then pulled into a tight embrace from behind the person was Zane and he said, "Don't go Will, please." I whispered ok and we walked in his house. I Teleported to my house to change clothes. When I got back he was laying on the couch in the living room with popcorn and a movie. I told him, "I'm back. So, what genre movie are we watching and what is it?" He said, "It is horror and the movie is called, The possession." I groaned then said, "I hate scary movies but I like this one because my little sister and me played the 2 sisters in the movie so it's exciting but I'm still scared of it 'cause it could actually happen in real life." Thorough the movie every scary part that came I would grab his shirt tight and hide my face in his chest. I think that's why he picked this movie because I'm scared and I could tell he was smiling whenever I did that 'cause he hugged me tighter. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I know I was being carried somewhere. By instinct I leaned in closer to their chest. Zane opened the door and put me on the bed and laid down next to me. I scooted closer to him and he wrapped his arms around my waist and we fell asleep like that.    

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