Nerdy Girl With A Secret

My name is Willow Jackson but my friend and brother call me Will for short. I live by myself because I am in high school. I get bullied by people at my school and my brother, Walter doesn't know because he will get mad at me for no reason. I am known as the nerd/freak at school but outside of school, I am known as the best skateboarder, street fighter, and singer in the state. I am also the richest person in the state. But no one knows yet.

My name is Zane Hawk. I am the school's bad boy. I bully the nerd of the school, who's name I don't really bother to remember. I am also the richest person in my school,but not the richest person in the state. The richest person has never been seen, but there are rumors that the richest person is a girl sophomore in school with blonde hair.

What happens when he sees her in action while he took her on a road trip? Will he tell everyone or keep her secret? Will he fall for Will or not? Find out in this story.

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1. Another Ordinary Day @ School or So I Thought


I wake up to my fire dog Sunset licking my hand, trying to get me up. "Good morning Sunset. What time is it?" I check my phone on the side of my bed. "Perfect enough time for my daily routine, then I have to head to school." I head to my closet to my nerd section of clothes and put a outfit on I hide a gun in my backpack, a pocket knife in my shoe, and put my phone in my jacket pocket on the inside.

  I go downstairs and make some waffles, after I eat I do my morning routine. Once I am done I head to school on my skateboard.

  When I get to school I unlock the doors and head to the office.

I give my skateboard to the principal since she is the only one who knows my secret except my brother(who is my twin). She is also my aunt, she raised me and my brother when our parents died. Once I get out of the office I walk around the school cleaning up with my magic while I wait for my BFF, Tommi/Tom to get to school. Once I'm done cleaning I go and sit on the first step to read a book outside waiting for Tom.

  She got here 15 minutes after I started reading, and I put my stuff in my locker which is right by the door.

  We talk for awhile waiting for the first person(my brother) to arrive. Once he arrives we stand up getting ready to greet everybody else. We know to do this because this is a daily routine. We greet everybody that comes up to us. Until we have to go inside.

  We go to our lockers and get our stuff for our first three classes I have Math, English, and Music. Then we go to the office waiting for the bell to ring for morning announcements.

  *Ring* We turn on the microphone and start the morning announcements. "Good morning Luna High School. Today is Friday the 18th. It is picture day today so let's hope you have on your outfit that you are wearing for the picture. If you are not then come to the office to call your mom or dad. That is all for today. Have a wonderful day." We said in sync.

  Once we left the office we went our separate ways and went to class. I used to like school until this year because I have all my classes with Zane my bully and he sits right in front of me.

  When I got to class I just walked in and started to walk to my seat. I was not in a good mood for jokes today so I had to step over his foot. Once I was close to his seat I tried to step over his foot but I didn't succeed. I fell and hit my stomach.

  When I got up I noticed that my shirt was bloody and so did everyone else. I lifted up my shirt to see where it was coming from. When I lifted my shirt up I saw that it was coming from the large cut I got last night from skateboarding in the alley. But they didn't know that, they thought it was from when Zane tripped me.

  Ms. Knight shouted "Take her to the hospital Zane." Then Zane exclaimed "Why do I have to do it?!" "Because you are the cause of this so take her to the hospital!!!" Ms. Knight shouted back. He simply walked out of class carrying me. I said "I can't go to the hospital!!! Take me to the principal RIGHT NOW!!!" When I shouted that my clothes changed and my hair turned to my natural color which is black and my eyes changed red and all the scratches appeared. 

As soon as I transformed into my true self he put me down and I ran to my aunt's office. When I got there my cut started bleeding again. "What happened sweetie?!" My aunt asked with panic. I said "Well... you know how when someone makes me mad my latest cut,bruise, mark, etc. starts to bleed once again. Then I transformed into my original form if they made me extremely mad, and the problem beyond that is that someone saw me." I said really fast. My aunt announced "Who saw you do all that?!" "The whole class saw me bleeding and Zane my bully saw me transform because he was carrying me here." I said as calmly as possible. We both calmed down then my aunt explained to me that I had to wait to transform back and gave me an extra outfit of a female school uniform.

I walked out of the office and was heading back to class when a certain someone scared me waiting outside of the office. Yep, it was Zane my bully who I can't stand anymore than I already could. He just crossed my limit line of how much he can bully me. "What do you want?.." I asked with a annoyed tone of voice. Zane said "How did you change clothes,hair, and eyes!?!?!" He asked me in a interested way. This is the most attention he has ever paid to me in one day, I think now that he knows one of my secrets he won't leave me alone so he might find out the rest of my secrets in 1-2 days tops. "It is none of your business." I replied.

When we got to class everybody was asking me if I was alright. I replied "I'm fine it was just one of my scars bleeding from the car crash from awhile ago." Zane then said "Give her some space and let her go to her seat!" I muttered to where he couldn't hear me, "I could have done that myself if I wanted to." Apparently he heard me and said, "Yeah, well I'm guessing since you didn't you have another secret to hide, so you didn't do that because you want everyone to think you that you r just a nerd." Everyone then was starring at my hair and my eyes. I realized but it was to late. Everyone was muttering "Look at her black hair and red eyes. How did they change colors?"

I quickly put my hood back on and walked to my seat and started on the work that I missed. When Zane sat in his seat I handed him a note that said "Thanks a lot punk." He read it then wrote on it then handed it back. The note said, "You are welcome, if you want to keep your secrets you should at least keep your cool." I then grunted at how he replied. After class everything else was the same except for people whispering about my hair and eyes.

During lunch I went and ate my food in the office with my aunt. She asked, "How has your day been so far my angel?" "It has been terrible so far, everyone keeps whispering about me. Way much more attention than I ever wanted." I replied. She suddenly said, "Don't worry about it, sometimes if people pay more attention to you they might miss some other thing's about you." "Thanks TT that helped me more than you know." I replied back to her, The bell rang telling us that lunch is over. I gave my aunt a hug and went to my locker.

Before I could enter class the bell rang and when I went in I saw that Zane was in his seat surprisingly. The Social Studies teacher Mr. Small asked me, "Will why are you late today?" I simply replied like it was no big deal, "I was talking to the principal's office you can call her if you like." After I said that I walked to my seat and got to work. Then Zane passed me a note that said, "So your name is Will?" I wrote," No shit Sherlock😤😤" then gave it back to him.



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