No Questions Please

"The story you're about to read... not all of us want you to know about it. Please keep it to yourself. Don't let anyone know what you learn, okay? We could get in trouble. Or killed."
A seemingly normal high school student's life is turned upside down. Then so is another's. And another's. Everything weird that's happening- it's connected. Deeper than anyone would've ever thought.


6. Milo

Thank God Rocky had broken out of here a few weeks ago and then had a good enough heart to come back and get me out too. Honestly, Rocky was a savior to me. And one of the best friends I could ask for. She had literally torn the door off of its hinges and pushed me out and said just one simple word.


I remember the way her dark eyes had looked. I had seen only pure courage in them, driven to do anything just because she had wanted to help me. It was in that moment I realized how much I loved her.

Now, I was standing at the head of a familiar alleyway, although it was one I hadn’t seen for six years. I was so close to tears. The only thing had had kept me sane all of those years was remembering what this alleyway looked like, because it lead straight to my house. I had a home. So many of those kids in the lab had never known a home. They had never even known a name. I was privileged enough to have both of those things. And I reminded myself every day. I would tell myself: Your name is Milo Emmanuel Allen, and you have a little sister named Tabitha Hope Allen. And your dad’s name is Leo, short for Leonardo. And you live in a little house that your dad redid by himself. The address is 7827 Northwest 9th Street. And you and Tabby share a room. Because you love each other. Because she’s probably thinking about you right now. Then I would feel better. Less like I was slipping away. Less like I was becoming a shell of a person, like so many of these kids I had encountered. Just an experiment.

I started down the street, wishing I knew what time it was. I had spent what had felt like only minutes, but I’m sure was hours, on the hill outside of the lab, just breathing in air that I hadn’t truly felt in my lungs for six years. Six long years. Without my dad. Without Tabby. Without anyone- except Rocky.

Finally, I was standing there. Right outside the front door of 7827 Northwest 9th Street. The red door. The red door that I had helped paint that color. The red door that Tabby had chosen the color of, since she said our house was too boring being simply grey and concrete-walled. I put my fist to that door and knocked twice, hoping it wasn’t some ungodly hour of the night and my dad and Tabby were still up. Hoping they still lived here to begin with.

The door creaked open after several painful seconds, and I saw him. His dark eyes, which both Tabby and I had inherited, widened and his mouth opened slowly. Eventually, a sound came out that sounded a little like ‘Milo’ and I was pulled into his arms, pressed tightly against his chest. I didn’t cry. I just breathed in the oddly familiar smell of home and my dad’s cologne.

“Oh my God,” my dad was saying, and he sounded tearful. One of his hands ran through my hair, pulling me in even tighter. “Milo, Milo, my boy, oh my God.”

I closed my eyes, feeling my dad’s warmth and realizing how much I really missed him. I had been ten when I was taken away from him. Now, even though I was sixteen, I felt like a ten year old again in his arms. It was the best I had felt in a long time.

“Milo?” I heard a quiet, hesitant voice say, and both my dad and I looked behind us.

The girl my eyes landed on was positively stunning. She had wavy dark hair kept in a short and messy ponytail and she was tall and lean with muscle and her dark eyes were the most beautiful thing I think I had ever seen in my life. That was my sister. She was so damn pretty.

“Tabby,” I said softly. She began to choke back tears, burying her face in her hands. I separated myself from my dad, stepping over to her and pulling her hands away from her face. “My God, you’re gorgeous.”

“My God, you’re tall,” she said. She choked again before throwing her arms around me, pulling her body against mine. I put one hand on the back of her head. This was my sister. Who I had thought of every single day for the past six years, often multiple times. Who had kept me sane for so long. And now she was here. And now I was here. And now I was home.

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