death to family

sad story of a lady's betrayals to someone to join a good group. her point of view on everthing will show to trust her instincts and make sure you stay alive on your own.


1. awake to green and brown.

i come to and find two more people had died.

"what do we do? we can't just sit here!" one person said. Sam.

i sit up with a groan.

 "By the Force what happened?" i ask.

"no idea. we're sitting ducks if we stay." Micheal says.

"lets get what can be salvaged and get going. Ewoks come out soon. sure of it." Rachael says.

I shoulder my pack about 3 hours later and we walk into the forest. we get lost for a while until we stop. best if we did.


"hope we live."

I fall deep into a sleep.

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