Lover Next Door (Adym Yorba Fanfiction)

Katelyn was 20 and had just moved to LA in a new apartment complex hoping to get her cheerleading career to a start. Until she finds out Adym Yorba lives right beside her! They instantly fall in love.


Author's note

This was very fun and hard to right, hope you enjoy!

5. Waking up with him

      I woke up to seeing him quietly sleeping. I wanted to be sexy so I took my bra, shirt, and pants off and put on one of his shirts. It was long and comfy. I went in his kitchen and started making breakfast for him and Sawyer and of course myself. Sawyer walked in and started staring at me. He could see my hard nipples through Adyms shirt. I apologized and told him that I was Katelyn. And he said oh so your the mystery girl. I smiled and went back to breakfast. He sat on the couch and watched tv. Adym woke up and I heard him say fuck Katelyn left and Sawyer said might wanna double check. Adym can into the kitchen. He said damn baby girl your so sexy. He put his hands in my pants and grabbed my ass as he kissed my lips. Sawyer yelled I’m right here ya know. Adym smiled as he blushed and immediately stopped. I finished breakfast, bacon and eggs they ate it quickly they were starving. They really liked it I think. I gave him an extra key to my apartment just in case and I went home. I went into the shower and he came to bring my clothes back. He walked in and heard me singing Titanium. He stripped down and got in with me it scared me. But we just danced and washed each others bodies even though I wanted him inside of me.

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