Lover Next Door (Adym Yorba Fanfiction)

Katelyn was 20 and had just moved to LA in a new apartment complex hoping to get her cheerleading career to a start. Until she finds out Adym Yorba lives right beside her! They instantly fall in love.


Author's note

This was very fun and hard to right, hope you enjoy!

3. The 24 hour challenge

      We got out of the couch and he started his vlog. He told the viewers that I was his girlfriend. And put all my social media’s on the screen. 3 hours later he ended the vlog. We sat on the couch and cuddled. He told me how beautiful I was and that he loved me. His brother Sawyer texted him. 

S: where are you?

A: I’m with Katelyn👍

S: who tf is that!?

A: let’s just say we are in love😏

When Adym finished texting him I was gone. I was on one of the beds wearing only my underwear and bra. He started yelling my name. I shined my phone flashlight and said over here. He walked out of the isle and saw me. His jaw dropped and I could tell he had a boner.

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