Lover Next Door (Adym Yorba Fanfiction)

Katelyn was 20 and had just moved to LA in a new apartment complex hoping to get her cheerleading career to a start. Until she finds out Adym Yorba lives right beside her! They instantly fall in love.


Author's note

This was very fun and hard to right, hope you enjoy!

1. Moving into my apartment

        Goodbye the deserts of Nevada, hello the waves of LA! As my uber pulled into the apartment complex it looked so amazing in clean. I walked up to my apartment, 201 and unlocked it. It was very small but good enough for one person. It had a living room, kitchen/dining room, and bedroom, and a storage room. I needed to go shopping for furnisher so I got my keys and left. I was wearing booty jeans short and a small crop top. I dropped my keys so I bent over to pick them up and somebody ran into my ass. I could feel their dick getting hard. So I turned around to see a sexy man. His jaw dropped as he apologized. I told him he was fine but he looked so fimiliar. I told him my name, Katelyn Black and he told me his, Adym Yorba. I wanted to kiss him there and then. But I didn’t have to he kissed me. He was such a good kisser and I think he was enjoying it. Then I realized who he was, famous YouTuber, muser, and singer! I was really kissing ricco tho!!!


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