Lover Next Door (Adym Yorba Fanfiction)

Katelyn was 20 and had just moved to LA in a new apartment complex hoping to get her cheerleading career to a start. Until she finds out Adym Yorba lives right beside her! They instantly fall in love.


Author's note

This was very fun and hard to right, hope you enjoy!

8. Just another runaway

Adyms POV

  I can’t beleive a fan would do this to me! I started crying and Alisha tried to hug me but she was the last person I wanted to see. I went to my car and drove home I saw Katelyn exiting my apartment. She rolled her eyes and tried to hold back the tears.

Katelyns POV

He ran up to me but I really didn’t want to talk. He asked me to give him five minutes to explain. I said no but he looked at me with his dad chocolate brown eyes. And of course my stupid ass gave in. He thanked me. And I said hurry up time is ticking. He told me that he went to kiss her on the cheek because he does that to all of his fans to make her feel better but she turned and kissed my lips and it was to fast to dodge. I felt so bad for him that I did all this hurt to him and it wasn’t even true. I jumped up to him so my legs were wrapping around his waist and my head on his shoulders. I just started sobbing and couldn’t stop. I kissed him and apologized...I can’t believe we almost ended

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