My Nightmare

Do nightmares ever end? The day my nightmare began my life fell apart piece by piece...


2. The Intruder

As I fell through my front door, I could have sworn there was a bang from upstairs. Except I was certain nobody was home yet. Like every main character I needed to check it out. I mean the suspense would have killed me, a few years AFTER MY DEATH. I mean curiosity did kill the cat and this girl was not about to be that cat.

Under the table was a toy gun, I mean real or fake it could still be lethal I mean its the only thing I had. It almost seemed like a James Bond movie but me being me I got to the top of the stairs and walked into the wall. I looked up to see a handsome, tall boy that looked the same age as me, looking back at me. There's one advantages to having 2 older protective brothers you HAVE to know how to run. I spun around to start running but it was to late. He had got one arm around waste pulling me towards him whilst the other hand was hovering over my mouth to stop me screaming.

In a dark voice he whispered "don't scream your coming with me" 

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