My Nightmare

Do nightmares ever end? The day my nightmare began my life fell apart piece by piece...


1. The begining of my end.

I always used to tell myself "you have to go through the darkness to reach the light" But where does the darkness even end?.it feels like these past few years the darkness is following my every move and locking away my light. But I guess you want the story from the beginning, well hear it is...

I still remember the day my nightmare began, 20th November 2014. It all just started out as a normal, boring day of school me and my mates were just chilling, until my mate got that type of phone call. Her mom, dad and sister was in a car accident.

Only my family, was in the other car.

Dark fearful thoughts ran riots in my mind. Is it true? Is this all a sick prank? Are my brothers ok? How can we live without them? Without hesitation I leaped of the chair and rushed out the door."Malia wait" called one of my many friends, as I ran toward the schools office. Without glancing back I continued to run as my mind was set on one thing.

Seeing my brothers.





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