If I forgive a assailant of his or her actions, then does it mean that I am valuing him or her more than the victim?


4. Third Chapter: Why help was no longer necessary


Third Chapter

As soon as I regained my consciousness, I immediately searched for Uncle Andrew and Antonio. No matter how much times I searched through the burnt house, there was nothing other than a remnant of disaster. Working to the nearest grocery market or a shelter would be nearly impossible on foot, so I decided to head outside to find a help. However, what I saw beyond my own eyes was something unimaginable.

"..." I was merely speechless.

In the town squares, there used to be a park that was created to be the town's first landmark in the 21st century. Ever since that park had been created, children would be playing in the meadow while the parents look out for them in the benches. The fountain that had been decorated with stone angel holding a bowl that overflew with water and the overlapping call of the animals in the park.

None of them were there.

The fountain had been flowing with an unsightly mix of a crimson and a sangria while the broken angel was holding a bowl with something garnet inside of it. The park benches were stained in mahogany and only few handful of grasses escaped being drowned in the scarlet showers. What had been more frightening then the sight of the park was the fact that there hadn't been any sound other than the water fountain. It could have been that they had been away to the shelter, but I already noticed that none of the electronics and vehicle were working. Not to mention that I still felt warmth from the ashes. There was even some ominous sensation that 

It shouldn't have been any more than a day from the incident, but the smoke-covered sky and the light-lacking streets of the neighborhood convinced me that more than a year has passed. If it wasn't, then what could explain it? How could such peaceful neighborhood turn into a....

My legs lost its strength.

What can I do now? The help doesn't seem to be on the way and it seems that the most of the food had been depleted. Crying out in the middle of an empty town won't change anything. Nothing could be done if I were to do nothing, but what was there for me to do? 

"!" I remembered what Uncle Andrew told me to do.

As soon I knew what to do, I rushed back to the house with clumsily footsteps. My body wasn't working as it should have been, but I couldn't think of anything other than the book that Uncle Andrew had been referring to. Luckily, the door to the storage room had yet to be burnt down and so was the books in the shelf. I searched through all of the books and discarded everything until I found the right one.

"Is this the one?" I got my hand onto the most ancient looking book in the shelf.

It was written, "To those who share the common enemy".

Though it wasn't a right thing to judge a book by its cover, I knew exactly who this enemy it was referring to. 

As I began to turn through the pages, I noticed that there wasn't much words in this book. Most of the words were written in Old English and none of them had made any sense to me. However, as I began to find relativity between the symbols, I started to understand what each symbol meant. Apart from the most basic ones, the symbols that meant concepts such as the beginning and the end, the time and the space, and the axis were as if they had been designed to guide a certain process. This hypothesis was somewhat proven when I saw a page with the complete transmutation circle. What this had meant was that this book was a basic guide to alchemy. 

However, despite it being the alchemist's ultimate goal, it seems that the alchemist failed to convert an ordinary metal into a gold. What this book had been showing me was a way to use an energy to change a structure of an already made object without disobeying the law of conservation of mass. This meant that I had to borrow an energy from an external source and to use it to change the shape of something within my reach. However, I couldn't understand where I will be able to gain this "energy" that had been mentioned repeatedly in the book.

"?" I felt the same ominous sensation from before.

For some reason, I have been experiencing this sensation that was as if sapping my energy...

"!" What if this was the energy that they had been talking about?

At first, I sat down in the living room, sensing the flow of energy and the direction of where it was going. Then, I felt as if some of the energy were heading toward my direction instead of its usual path. When I noticed this, I started to concentrate on having them under my control. After several hours, I was able to gather a handful of energy within my palm. The only explanation to why I haven't been able to do this until now was that there really haven't been anything to stimulate the flow of energy. For instance, you wouldn't know that there is a wind until you experience it yourself.

If I had this a long time ago, then...


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