If I forgive a assailant of his or her actions, then does it mean that I am valuing him or her more than the victim?


3. Second Chapter: How we had been separated


Second Chapter

"Has anything happened yet?" Antonio, bored by the discomfort of the damp basement, asked for a response.

"Nothing...yet," I answered.

As far as I can tell, there hadn't been anything particularly standing out. The entire neighborhood had been calm and it was as if no one had heard of the news. Of course, everyone might be hidden inside of their basement like us. However, the warning has been sent about five minutes ago. There would be no way that everyone should be inside of a building. Not when it had been dead silent since three minutes ago. It couldn't be explained by any-

"!" Both of us heard a loud explosion. 

"What's going on?" Antonio shouted

"Be quiet!" I whispered.

A handful of dusts fell from the ceiling of the basement and I could vaguely hear the sound of branches torn apart from its trunk. I could sense the mild smoke coming from at least a mile away. If I had to summarize the severity of the situation, then I can definitely comment that it isn't safe.

"<****>, <****>, <****>!" I heard a word coming from upstairs.

"Is that uncle? What is he doing out there?" Antonio stood up.

"Sit down! There is nothing we could do in this situation!" I tried to discourage him.

"Nothing will change if we were to do nothing!" Antonio pushed me aside and opened the door.

When the door was opened, I could see that the most of the house had been burnt to ashes. It couldn't have been that explosion that wiped out the house this cleanly, it must have been something else. 

"Antonio? What are you doing-" Uncle Andrew was distracted.

"Don't you dare to turn your eyes away from me!" A strangely roped man made an orb of lightning in his hand. He condensed it to a form of a raw spear and pierced Uncle Andrew's heart with it.

"...r...Run away..." Uncle Andrew collapsed.

"You bastar-" Antonio charged forward.

When I saw that the strangely-robed man had a spark in his hand, I pulled Antonio near the basement and threw a metal water bottle at the man. Antonio had been unable to move because of the shock and that delay was more than enough for the man to attack us again. Since it was aimed at Antonio's head, I blocked the electric shock with my own arm. The pain was excruciating and all I could think was to shut the door. My arm felt as it was burning and the lack of control over it made my breathing irregular and my consciousness to be blurred. Antonio lost his consciousness when he fell down the stairs and I wasn't sure what was going to happen to us. 

"Antonio! Antonio!" Even when my vision had been blurred, I could clearly see Uncle Andrew next to Antonio.

"...You are alive?" Antonio's respond was fragile.

"You have to listen to what I say carefully!" Uncle Andrew grasped onto Antonio's hand.

From that point on, he explained everything he had been hiding about us and the reason why everything had happened. If you have heard from your own Uncle that you have been from a magician's bloodline and that one had the talent while the another didn't, then it would be definitely shocking. Moreover, the fact that Uncle Andrew had been planning to rebel against the inhumane practices of the magicians and their existence itself surprised me again. I thought that he was nothing more than a child, but he seemed to be responsible.

"Here, take my everything," He landed his arm on Antonio's chest.

I couldn't remember anything after this. 


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