If I forgive a assailant of his or her actions, then does it mean that I am valuing him or her more than the victim?


1. Introduction: What it means to be right



How far has it been? All I have been doing for the past few minutes had been to run as far as I could away from that monster. I know better than anyone that running away wouldn't be the solution to anything, but I can clearly see that a conversation wouldn't be made to a something like him.

"!" The other end of the tunnel collapsed.

That's impossible. What am I going to do now? There is no way that I have a chance of winning against him!? He might have forgiven me but there is no way he is going to leave her alone. That was the reason why I escaped in the first place. I know that she have committed such unforgivable crime, but I couldn't dare to let myself do nothing while she was being persecuted. There should be a way! Think! THINK!

"Have you made your mind yet?" Chris, my brother, with his lilac iris glaring in iris in the dark tunnel, arrived.

Now that he had trapped me inside of this one-way tunnel, there is no chance of my plan working at all. It was useless to use a force on him, so the only option was to have a conversation, hoping that it would lead to an acceptable negotiation.

"It's been a long time-"

"Don't waste my time, potential accomplice," Chris severed the conversation.

"Why are you willing to go this far...?" I clinched my teeth. 

"You know better than that, Antonio Louis," His answer was threatening to my argument.

"I know that what she had done wasn't justifiable but..." My voice started to tremble.

"But what? Forgive her? Forgive what she had done to those people?" He started to mock my own words.

"Why can't you leave us alone?" I couldn't help but to run away from the problem.

"If I were to forgive her, then I am valuing her over all of those who had been killed by her," He held his sword against me. 

"Even if I were to die here..." I prepared myself to fight.

"There is no way I am giving up on her!"

At that instant, I applied five layers of <Physical Enhancement> on my entire body and condensed an orb of lightning with three layers of <Lightning> and <Pressure>. It wouldn't be a surprise for me to be killed in this battle, so I wanted to use my strongest against whatever he had to counter it. Maybe, if I was able to land a strike against him, my sincerity might convince him.


Without having to use any supernatural abilities, Chris brought one of my foot into a grave. I vaguely remember what happened. I was running straight toward him, but he used his foot to break my balance. When I was about to fall headfirst into the ground, he used his knee to land a life-threatening blow on me. Right now, my body is stiffened and it won't move at all. It could have been more of an honor if he had fought me with all of his strength, but he wouldn't dare it to use it on me. What was the goal of living a life without her? Why must we be the star-crossed lovers?

"In case if you had been duplicating yourself with Romeo and Juliet..." His eyes looked down onto me.

"Your love won't achieve anything as long as your third-rate Juliet is alive."

"" My mouth tried to blurt out some words.

"Know that your tragic end will achieve something beneficial to us, third-rate Romeo," He slowly disappeared from my line of sight.

What had been wrong? Was it from the very beginning? Was it from a small mistake? Or was it from something that I could have easily fixed? Why must the heaven choose us to be apart? How could this be the way our story ends? Is my story a tragedy? Or was I never the protagonist after all?

My consciousness slowly lost its attention. 



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