If I forgive a assailant of his or her actions, then does it mean that I am valuing him or her more than the victim?


2. First Chapter: What should have remained ordinary


First Chapter

[Recently, many cases of terrorist assault as been reported throughout the country. About 14 casualties and 52 injuries have been reported from the latest incident. The officials had not been informed what organization has been causing the terror or whether or not-]

Someone in the living room turned off the TV.

"Antonio, wasn't it your turn to make a breakfast?" Uncle Andrew frowned in discomfort.

"Why don't we have a fixed job? I do the laundry, Chris do the cooking, and you do rest of the chores?" Antonio tried to make a deal.

"Isn't it just because your food taste as if they had come straight out of the garbage can?" Uncle Andrew spoke sarcastically.

"You can't say that to me when you always overcook your food! Is this some kind of joke that there isn't any burnt spot on the kitchen? It was you probably dozing off while you were writing something in your notebook!" Antonio began to list out every thing that he had in his mind to win an argument against Uncle Andrew.

All I could do was to watch this affair from a distance. It seems that today won't be a peaceful day either. I can already expect the two of them whining like an five-year old child and refusing to do a work before one of them make peace with each other. In that case, I will have to do the all the work before the two learns their lesson. Why must they be so two-dimensional?

"I won't do any chores!" Antonio exclaimed.

"So am I!" Uncle Andrew followed.

Now is the time to move onto the kitchen, I guess. 

"Don't you have classes this morning, Uncle Andrew?" I brought their attention onto somewhere else.

"Oh wait..." Uncle Andrew seemed to realize something.

Sometimes, I can't understand the extent of their pride and selfishness. It was as if I was taking care of two children, one nine-year old and another twenty-year old. As an ten-year old, it shouldn't have been my work to cook for the family, but I had to face the reality and confront the reality I have. Nothing seemed to be abnormal until...

[This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill. There had been a report of the terrorist in 50 miles radius. This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill.]

As soon as the warning message appeared on Uncle Andrew's phone, his expression became dark and he stood in a one spot for a long period of time, worrying about what he would have to do. After thinking for a few moment, he have decided his mind.  

"Go to the basement," He ordered.

We brought as much food supply and other basic necessity to the basement. Uncle Andrew seemed to be resolving himself to do something. He hadn't been this determined before. I thought that all of us were supposed to be down in the basement, but for some reason, Uncle Andrew decided to be in the upstairs room. 

"Don't go out until I come here for you. If something happens to me, find the most ancient book in the shelf!" He left me these words before he sent us down to the basement.

"What is happening?" Antonio asked.

"...." I wasn't as sure to give an answer to him.

Who could have known how ridiculous the situation had been?


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