Just Your Everyday Crime

Veronica Davids is just 16, living a average, normal, basic life at Westwood High school. But when kids in her school start to disappear and turn up dead at the school. Veronica and her friends will have to team up, to find this killer before he takes his next victim...


6. Veronica #2

I'm at home getting dressed in my most prettiest dress. I'm also wearing it to the Westwood Prom coming up in Spring. "Oh honey you look so great in that dress!" Mom says, "I agree! You will be so stunning!" Dad says. "Thank you." I say, "Well, there's my ride." David pulls up in his black Jeep. David has had his license for about a year now. I still don't have mine. "Well enjoy it Veronica!" Mom says, "Remember, I know it goes on until 12 but be back by 11:30, at the latest!" Dad says, "I will dad, love guys!" I give them a kiss and head out. We still have a curfew here. "Well you look fabulous!" David laughs, "Oh shut up!" I say we laugh. James house is in the neighbor hood down from ours. We arrive in less then a minute. "Wow," David starts, "He must've invited over half the school!" The street is packed with cars. "Well let's go!" I say. This party looks awesome. "Welcome!" James greets us. "Jesse's in the kitchen! Help yourself to the punch and jell-o!" "I might take you up on that!" David says, they laugh. "Look at this place!" David says, "It looks so much smaller on the outside!" It's true, it's a small neighborhood. Yet, there's about 100 kids here. "Jesse! How are you?" I ask, "Oh fine!" Jesse says, "Glad you could make it! I know this place is new and all, but let's party!" And party we do, there was a disco ball, speakers, even the DJ from the school was here. "Hey Veronica?" I hear James call me over, "Can you come here for a second?" He seems nervous. "Um, sure!" I say, I sneak out into his room. James shuts the door. "Do you know why I invited you and David?" He asks me. "No..." I say. "I wanted Jesse to have some friends over, she never talks to anyone." James says. Looks like David was right. "I hope that's OK." "It's fine, that's really nice of you!" I reply. James gives me a smile. "WHAT THE HECK?!" someone shouted, James and I run down, "What's wrong?!" James asks. "THERE'S A DEAD BODY IN THE BATHROOM!" The girl screams. Sure enough their's the body of a girl. "Wait, I know her!" James says frantically. "That's Cassie Lib!" I know her too. She's Jesse's ex-friend.

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