Just Your Everyday Crime

Veronica Davids is just 16, living a average, normal, basic life at Westwood High school. But when kids in her school start to disappear and turn up dead at the school. Veronica and her friends will have to team up, to find this killer before he takes his next victim...


2. Veronica #1

"Veronica can you let me see your math answers?" David asks me, "I forgot we had homework last night." "That's the same excuse from yesterday's homework dude." I reply, "You knew we had some." Retorts Jesse, "Veronica you know we got that party after school remember? At James house?" "Um, yea... I'll be there." I say. James Goodwell is the richest kid in Westwood High School. Whenever his birthday party comes around, everyone is always dressing up so fancy to try and get invited. Except me. I don't really care about his parties, even though the day after everyone's talking about it. Just last year his 15th Birthday Party he had a Zip line in his room to the outdoor pool. Sure that's cool and all but what really made it stand out was, his parents weren't there. Normally they watch over it to make sure nothing goes crazy. But they had a big meeting. When they got back apparently everyone got sick from the huge cake James bought. Lot's of vomit was everywhere. But everyone loved it. "I still don't know why YOU got invited Veronica, seriously, you're the only one in this school who doesn't give a crap about James parties." Jesse says. "I'm just lucky you guys will be their for a change." Jesse is always get's invited to James parties. Mainly because James and Jesse are a thing. David doesn't get invited. Sure he dresses up, only because he wants to fit in. But when he doesn't get invited, he hangs out with me at my house. We just watch movies and comedy shows. But Jesse's right, I'm the only kid in this school who doesn't care about these parties. James knows that. But why invite me? The most nerdy kid in this school?

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