Just Your Everyday Crime

Veronica Davids is just 16, living a average, normal, basic life at Westwood High school. But when kids in her school start to disappear and turn up dead at the school. Veronica and her friends will have to team up, to find this killer before he takes his next victim...


5. Jesse #1

Sure I love my friends and all. But sometimes they can be a pain to be with. I always tell James about them, how smart they are and how they help me. Sometimes when Veronica gives me the answers to a homework assignment, I usually give them to James as well. At lunch today he gave me my invitation, "Why thank you!" I say sarcastically, It's a joke between James and I. "Your welcome!" James says, we laugh, then I was shocked, my mouth might've been open to, James gave the next two invitations to Veronica and David. "Hope to see you at the party you two." James gives a smile and continues to hand out the invites. "OK Jesse, what's up?" Asks David, "James never invites the two of us! Why would he now?" I honestly didn't know. "Jesse," Veronica starts, "Did you ask James to invite US for a change?" Veronica and David start laughing. "No, I really didn't." I say, "Maybe he thought you could have some more people to talk to." David suggests. It's true, I never talk to anybody else except James at those parties. Maybe he thought it'd be nice to have some of my other friends there for a change. "Well maybe, you really should come," I say, "On one condition." "What is it?" Veronica asks, "You give me today's math answers." I say.

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