Manhattan Dreams A novel

Madeline Robertson is an Irish woman living in Lower Manhattan when her ex-husband, Daniel Robertson, arrives on the scene. When he struggles with his dealings with an off-shoot of the old IRA, she faces a new kind of war that threatens to get out of control.


2. Manhattan Dreams-Part Two


Lower Manhattan, February 3, 1971

Madeline Robertson shook her head. She glanced at the clock. By ten-thirty in the early morning she had read the New York Times​ about yet another IRA bombing in London; she had looked out of the window as she sipped her Earl Grey tea in the spacious kitchen. It was a warm day, as she gathered her lost thoughts. It was three years since her ex-husband, Daniel Robertson, was in jail for plotting to kill Londoners back in the summer of nineteen sixty-eight. She cast a nervous shadow over the house; she wanted to check on her children. Margaret was four; Thomas was three. They were Irish-American. Madeline heard the wailing fire sirens down 131st and 7th Avenue. Suddenly she finished reading the article, then she grabbed her blue purse, and left her apartment to go shopping.

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