Manhattan Dreams A novel

Madeline Robertson is an Irish woman living in Lower Manhattan when her ex-husband, Daniel Robertson, arrives on the scene. When he struggles with his dealings with an off-shoot of the old IRA, she faces a new kind of war that threatens to get out of control.


1. Manhattan Dreams-Part One


Lower Manhattan, 1971

​The man was smoking. He gazed at the old man who was in the IRA; the old man glanced at the wall clock on the drab wall in the small dining room. "Seamus, you're late", Angus Douglas said. The young man didn't answer, he was thinking about the job he was hired to do; he gazed at Tommy Rice, the MI5 Agent. He was smiling at Seamus. "The British Government is angry at the assassinations", he said. Angus shook his head. He was thinking too hard. "Ireland's bleeding. The IRA's campaign is to show maximum terror against England; the campaign hasn't travelled to the United States", the old man stated. He was eager to believe in The Cause; he was believing in the way Ireland had moved their believers across the World. Tommy Rice smoked a cigarette, and waited for the war to come to them.

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