Manhattan Dreams A novel

Madeline Robertson is an Irish woman living in Lower Manhattan when her ex-husband, Daniel Robertson, arrives on the scene. When he struggles with his dealings with an off-shoot of the old IRA, she faces a new kind of war that threatens to get out of control.


4. Manhattan Dreams-Part Four


Lower Manhattan, March 8, 1971

5:00 AM.

​The woman gazed at the darkness of the city. She heard the sirens wail; she didn't open the window. In New York, the threatening disturbances of the police sirens, was a common place sound.  She then looked at the lamps. She flicked it on. Then she got out of bed; she gripped her white nightgown with her right hand. And, as she did so, she opened the bedroom door, and flicked on the light. Seconds later, she walked along the bright hallway. And she was about to open the front door when she saw the New York skyline illuminate the buildings.

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