Manhattan Dreams A novel

Madeline Robertson is an Irish woman living in Lower Manhattan when her ex-husband, Daniel Robertson, arrives on the scene. When he struggles with his dealings with an off-shoot of the old IRA, she faces a new kind of war that threatens to get out of control.


6. Epilogue


Dublin, Ireland, March 15, 1971

​The woman stood by the ancient grave in the old cemetery. She wore a black dress; she walked towards her husband's coffin. The Minister gripped the King James' Bible in his right hand. He spoke in a melodic voice: "And now let us begin....​", he said. She begun to cry. Her daughter kissed her mother's left cheek. "It's going to be over soon, Mother; it's going to be the end. Father didn't die....​". ​She shook her head. She waited for the priest's speech to end. "The IRA war has only just begun​", she stated. Then, as the funeral was over in an hour's time, the sound of birds chirping was the only thing that bothered the Irish family as death had come to them earlier than expected.

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