They never told you that the monster under your bed could have a set of beautiful forest green eyes and an angelic smile

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3. t w o


"I know this can be a hard subject for some people, but I think it's the right time in the semester to learn about the devious gang." Ms. Freeman says. 

She turns back to the board and draws a giant circle with an 'M' in the middle. 

"This was the symbol of the Malignant. It was imprinted on the back of their letter jackets. The men in the jackets were in all black. They had tattoos littering their body and a silver ring on their finger with the letter 'M' carved into it." She speaks while writing the jot notes on the board. 

The class was so quiet that it was spine chilling. You can tell by the tension that this was a very uneasy topic for some people. All this conflict with the Malignant only ended two years ago. People lost their families to this gang, and the fact that we are talking about it in class is very unusual. 

"The leader of the gang was a man named Westly Ray Sehard. No one ever saw the name but people heard a lot of the name by the gang members. That's what lead to believe that he was the leader. She writes his name in bold letters at the top of the board, where she previously erased the giant 'M'.

"Why did the Malignant kill so many innocent people?" A quiet voice from across the room says.

Our teacher turns back around to face us, "No one ever knew the exact reason. Some people thought it was their way to express the issues with the community, and some thought it was just a way to be remembered by the world." She explains.

"How many members of the gang were there?" Someone else asks. 

"Over five million across the world from what we could guess," She says.

"And what happened to them? They just...vanished." The same person asks.

That will also remain a mystery. The Salvation never revealed how they overpowered the Malignant but we never have to worry about them again.. They all most likely died," She says in comfort. "Now, moving on to-" Ms. Freeman starts but a loud announcement come on over the PA.

"Attention Rivercullen Students, we need everyone to evacuate their classes and make way down to the gym for a code red lockdown This is not a drill. I repeat this is a code red lockdown. This is not a drill." 

A chill runs down my spine as the monotone voice fills the classroom. 

"Okay class we need to proceed to the gym," Ms. Freeman has a frantic look in her eyes. 

"What's going on?" Audrey shouts. Everyone starts getting out of their seats and packing their things up.

"It's probably nothing, let's just hurry up class." The teacher responds and rushes everyone out of the room.

The last code red we had ended up being a loose stray dog in the school field. So I highly doubt this is anything drastic. That stupid dog had us sitting on the gym floor for hours bored out of our minds. Our school is so overprotective it's crazy.

We rush down the cramped hallways as does the rest of the school. If we're gonna be stuck in that gym for two hours again, I'm sure to die of severe boredom. There are so many people rushing down the halls. So much for single-file lines...

Audrey pushes through with me for almost ten minutes until I stop. making her look back at me. "Amelia let's go," She tugs on my arm with a questionable look on her makeup covered face. 

"I need my MP3 player. We are just gonna be stuck in that gym forever like last month!" I say and start turning back. 

"Ms. Freeman said we need to go immediately, come on!" She says while furrowing her brows.

"No, just save me a spot! I'll be five seconds," I pull away from her grip. She rolls her eyes and keeps walking toward the gym. I fight my way through the crowd going the opposite way for what feels like forever. I finally clear my way and reach the open classroom door. The class is empty with open books and pens scattered across the desks. I jog down to my desk in the middle of the classroom.

I open my bag and pull out the tangled earbuds and small MP3 player attached at the end. My small blue MP3 player is retrieved in my hand while I reach to grab my bag off the floor. I zip my bag and look up getting ready to leave but a frightening image distracts me. The chalkboard that we never use in the back of the classroom, had the giant Malignant symbol on it. Under the symbol, three messy printed words are plastered in capital letters.


My heart drops at the writing on the board that I know for sure Ms. Freeman didn't write. My eyes are wide and I drop my MP3 play, the only thought on my mind is to get out of the classroom. I quickly step back my back instantly hitting a large muscular frame. I gasp and quickly go to turn around but I get to move my feet, a strong hand wraps around my mouth.

I scream into the hand and try to run but the big man's other arm wraps around my neck in a chokehold. My heart races a mile a minute when I feel the leather pressed against my neck.

It's a member of Malignant.

"You scream and you die," His deep accent brushes against my ear, my screaming instantly stops.

I can't seem to catch my breath as my chest pumps up and down in fear. He starts walking forward with his grip still tight around my mouth and neck. I get pushed right into the chalkboard while his body presses against my back. He removes his hand from my mouth and I just try to catch my breath. I'm too terrified to scream considering he said he'd kill me if I did. God, he's probably going to kill me anyway...

"P-please let m-me go," I stutter quietly while losing air from being held so tightly against the board. He shuffles his right hand around in his pocket while pushing his tall frame against mine. I have yet to see his face but I don't need to.

He's evil nonetheless. His hot breath tampers down the back of my head while he's calmy searching his pockets. My heart hopes that someone, anyone will walk into this class and help me. I feel a tear start rolling down my cheek as I'm certain that my death is approaching.

He pulls out a white cloth that looks a bit damp from a liquid. "Sorry darling, I can't do that." His rugged voice mumbles, as he brings the cloth to my face. I attempt squirm from his grip as he presses the white cloth to my face. I can smell the chemicals as they travel through my nose and I realize I'm going to pass out any second. He turns me around so my back is pressed against the wall. He holds my hands above my head with one hand while using the other to keep the poisoned fabric against my nose and mouth. 

I look at the tall curly haired man and met his dark emerald eyes with my own. His jaw clenches tightly as he watches me fall slowly unconscious, furrowing his eyebrows. His black lip ring prominent on the corner of his bottom lip. I let another tear tremble down and it hits his hand, but it doesn't phase him at all. 

I feel my eyelids become heavy and my body loses its fight as I fall into a sea of blackness.


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