One night Yoongi puposed to his love just to be rejected. He hated what happened and decided to almost jump off a building, but that's where Rose comes in.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Where should we go out to eat?"I asked the guys.

"The mall!"Junkook yelled while smiling.

"No we've gone there almost every time we go out to eat,"said namjoon.

"Namjoon is right,"Seokjin said.

"How about we go to a fancy restaurant,"I said. They all nodded there heads. So we all go in the cars and headed to the most fancy restaurant in the city of Seoul. We all ate and had fun on the roof top. As we were leaving I saw her. It was my ex and she was with a man. My heart was beating rapidly. I didn't know what to do. She was now right in front of me and stopped.

"Hey,"she said and the man kept walking over to their table.

"Hey," I said back. All the rest of the memebers left because I'm guessing they could feel the awkward tension in the air.

"So I why didn't you except my marry purposal?"I asked. She sighed.

"Because I cheated on you and I just didn't want to hurt the preson I love any more than I did,"she said. Out of nowhere came a glass of water that splashed all over my ex. She looked away from me and looked at the person who throw the glass and to my surprise it was Rose.

"What the hell Rose!"she yelled.

"Oh sorry the glass slipped out of my hand,"Rose said smirking.

"You did that on purpose!"she yelled.

"And how do you know that?"Rose asked. Rose then walked over to us and slapped my ex on the face.

"Tell him the truth. Don't you think you've played with his heart enough,"Rose said. My ex sighed

"Why do you half to ruin my fun like that sis,"she said with a frown on her face. 

"Because what your doing to him is wrong,"Rose told.

"Fine, the real reason I dumped you was.............."

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