One night Yoongi puposed to his love just to be rejected. He hated what happened and decided to almost jump off a building, but that's where Rose comes in.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"I couldn't beleive she said no. She was everything to me. I love her," I thought to myself. I kept walking until I came to a very tall building. I looked up at it.

"A fall from this height would kill me,"I thought. As I stood their that idea sounded more desirable. I decided to do it. I couldn't live a life without her. As I walked up the stairs I started to pick up speed, until I was running. I opened the door and felt a nice breeze in the air. I got closer to the ledge

"Did I really want to do this because once I jump that's it,"I thought. After thinking for a little while I jumped. I felt the rush of air all around me. Then I stopped falling. Someone had grabbed me by the wrist. They were also over the edge holding me with one hand and the ledge with the other. Who ever this was pulled themself up and me.

"Are you fuking insane!"she yelled. I didn't anwser.

"What were you doing?"she asked.

"What the heck! I mean this girl did just save me so I might as well just tell her,"I thought. After telling her what happened she said,"Well that was stupid." She then got up and was about to leave when I said,"hey! Thank you?"

"Your welcome,"she smiled back at me. Then she left me alone on the roof. 

"Who was she?"I thought to myself.

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