Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


3. Pack?

My eyes snap open and my body aches. I groan and try to sit up. I look around and notice that it’s dark outside. I also notice I’m back in the bedroom. I wrinkle my nose to a strange smell. I sniff myself to make sure it’s not me. It’s not.


A faint glow catches my attention and I look down to see that the pendent on the necklace is glowing. I look at it in fear and fascination. I don’t know whether I should keep looking at it or rip it from my neck and toss it across the room.


My body feels like I’m sitting inside a fire. I wipe away sweat from my forehead. My face feel sticky and I sigh wanting to take a shower.  I try the door handle and find that it’s locked. I sighs and go to the glass to see if there’s a door or something. I find the door and to my relief it’s unlocked.


I open the door and walk out. The breeze blows through my hair and I feel a little better. It’s supposed to be winter but it feels nice outside. Sounds and smells fill me giving me a headache. I sigh feeling a little better than I did. I notice that I can still see fine though even though I can tell it’s dark outside.


I close the door as quietly as I can. I look and see that the lights in the living room are still on. As silently as I can I walk into the forest.


My body aches and I still feel really hot, but I don’t care. I try to avoicing making noise but I accidentally step on a fallen branch. I feel hands grab me and I’m practically thrown against a tree. I gasp all of my breath getting knocked out of me. I struggle to be able to breathe again. I look up to see a stunned Jasper.


“Lilly? How did you get out here?” He wrinkled his nose, “Why do you smell weird.”


I’m finally able to breathe again. The weird smell is stronger and I wrinkle my nose. “You’re one to talk.”


I hear the front door open. “What is going on?” Carlisle asks. He looks at me. “Lilly?”


I nod. “Yep, you guys forgot to lock the glass door.” I cough, “I was just going for a walk.”


He sighs. “Lilly you should be resting.”

I close my eyes in frustration. “Resting isn’t going to do anything.”


“How do you know Lillian?” He asks.


I open my eyes and throw my hands up. “I don’t know, but I can’t just lie in bed all day and expect to get better. I need to do something.”


Carlisle crosses his arms. “I know what you need Lillian. I’ve been a doctor longer than you’ve been alive. You need rest.”


I cross my arms anger coursing through me. “I don’t need rest. This is my body and I know what I need.”


He sighs. “You don’t know exactly what your body needs. That’s why there are doctors. They tell you what’s best for your body. Right night you need rest.”


I groan. “I don’t need…” I feel my body convulse and I stumble. Jasper grabs my arm to keep me from falling. I rip my arm from his grip and lean against a tree. Tremors go through my body. I notice the pendent on the necklace glowing brighter than before. “What the….” I hear Jasper ask.


Another tremor goes through my body and I fall to the ground on my hands and knees. My breathing becomes irregular, almost strained pants. I feel hands grab me but everything becomes a blur. “Call Sam. I think I know what’s going on. I don’t know if I’m right. If it is what I’m guessing I don’t know how it’s possible.” Carlisle says.


His voice seems to loud and I cover my ears. I feel myself get set down and I hear the click of a buckle.  “Let me see the phone…...Sam?.....Yes…..I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an emergency…. I need permission to go to your territory…. Yes it’s important….. You can assess how bad ii is when I get there.” I hear the car pur to life.


Another tremor goes through my body and I curl into a ball. My head pounds and I close my eyes. “Don’t worry Lilly. We are going to help you. Once we figure out what’s wrong we can help you better.” I feel the car stop and hear him sigh. “Stupid traffic. There must have been an accident.” He mumbles.


A slicing pain goes through me and I gasp clenching my fists. I feel arms wrap around me. “Ok Lilly. I need you to wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tightly.” He instructs.


He walks for a couple minutes before I feel wind whipping my hair wildly. The wind stops almost as soon as it came. I open my eyes. Carlisle sets me down on the ground. “I will be right back. PLease stay here.”


I stay still and watch through my blurry vision as my necklace seems to grow brighter and brighter. The light becomes blinding and pain worse than anything I’ve ever felt slices through me. I hear what sounds like bones snapping and fabric ripping. I cry out, but it’s swallowed by the sound of a howl cutting through the air.


The light slowly fades until there is no more glow and I collapse to the ground feeling exhausted. I blink seeing black dots in my vision. I shake my head trying to get rid of them. I hear something the ground and look to see the necklace broken. I also see large paws on the ground.


I close my eyes afraid that there’s a wolf above me. When nothing happens I open my eye and look around. My vision is clearer than it was before. I try to get up but find it difficult. I look down and lift my arm. Well, I thought it was my arm. The furry front leg lifts up and I start freaking out.


I look at the, I mean my paws. How’s this even possible? I get on all fours and try to figure out how to walk. I find my balance but I’m still looking like a fawn walking for the first time when I hear a noise behind me. I look back and see Carlisle standing next to a guy not that far away. He looks at me. “Lillian? Is that you?” He asks.


I try to say yes but it comes out as a loud bark. Carlisle looks the the guy. “I don’t speak wolf.”


I roll my eyes and try to pick up the necklace in my mouth. Let me tell you. It’s the hardest thing ever. I try to walk over but I stumble and fall to the ground. I stay on the ground feeling embarrassed.  He walks up to me and takes the necklace. I catch the amusement in his eyes. I glare at him and he looks at the necklace. “’s completely snapped.” He states it like it’s not already obvious.


The guy kneels next to me. The way he smells is somewhat comforting  compared to the way Carlisle smells. He looks at Carlisle. “Are you sure this is her?” He asks.


Carlisle shrugs. “It smells like her. There’s not much else I can o by other than the way she glared at me. She’s stubborn.” He says.


A growl rumbles in my throat startling me. Carlisle nods. “Yep that’s Lillian.”


The guy place his hand on my head. “Hello Lillian my name is Sam. What is happening to you is scary, I know, but you’re not alone. I have gone through this too as well as two others which you will meet soon. Though it seems you went through it faster. Has anyone ever told you ever told you  stories about people who turn into wolves and are called protectors?”


I shake my head.


“Ok I will tell you once we get you back to normal. I need you to close your eyes.” He looks at Carlisle, “will you get a blanket or something that can cover her with?” He asks. Carlisle nods and is gone in a flash.


I watch him leave. He comes back a couple minutes later with a blanket. He hands it to Sam and Sam throws it over me.  “Close your eyes Lilly” He tells me keeping his hand on my head.


I reluctantly comply. “You’re going to feel like something is trying to push into your mind. Don’t fight it. Let it in.” He says. As soon as he finishes saying that I feel like something is pushing into my mind. I fight the urge to push it out. Sam’s hand leaves my head and a weird sensation passes over me.


It’s hard to describe. Imagine your putting on a really tight and uncomfortable bathing suit over your entire body. I open my eyes and I’m back to normal. I also notice that I’m naked and quickly wrap the blanket around me. I look at Carlisle. “When you left the necklace started glowing really bright.”


He examines the necklace. “I had noticed it glowing. I just thought it was one of those light up necklaces you kids seem to where nowadays.”


Sam walks over to Carlisle and looks at the necklace. “Strange. This necklace seems old.” He looks at me, “Who gave this to you?” He asks.


“No one. I was going to give it to one of the store owners in town. I has found it on the ground. A kid thought it was mine when he knocked into me and it fell out of my pocket and put it on me. I never got the chance to take it off and go to town.” I explain.


Sam is silent for a couple minutes. “Things always have ways of happening if it was meant to. If that boy hadn’t of knocked into you he would have never seen this necklace. He would have never put it on you. Therefore, this might never have happened.” He says.


I shake my head. “There’s no such thing as fate. It was simple coincidence.”


He shrugs. “That’s your opinion. Though I still wonder how that necklace changed your species completely.”


I get up keeping myself wrapped in a blanket. “I don’t know. All I know is  I had no clue any of this was even real until a couple days ago. It feels like too much. I just want to go home and pretend that this is all a bad dream.” I sigh.


Carlisle walks up to me. “It’s a lot to take in. I’m sorry that you found out about Vampires the way you did.”


I shake my head. “It’s not your fault.” I try not to wrinkle my nose at the way he smells.


He sighs. “Still.” He goes into his pocket, “When I went back to my house I grabbed your phone. Your welcome to come visit anytime.” He hands me my phone.


“I’m not staying with you anymore?” I ask.


He shakes his head. “Your in better care with Sam right now. This isn’t goodbye forever Lilly.” He says smiling.


I nod. "I know I just thought I’d still be with you.”


He smile. “Goodbye for now Lillian.”


I nod. “Goodbye Carlisle.” I say. He’s gone and I’m left alone with Sam.


Sam leads me to his house. “I’ll get you a fresh pair of clothes. So you can change. I’ll explain more about who we are and why we were put on this earth when your dressed.” He says.


I nod looking around. The sun is just starting to rise giving everything a soft illumination.  I smile taking everything in.


“Beautiful isn’t it?” Sam asks startling me.


I take a second to gather myself then nod. “It seems different somehow. Like I’m finally seeing it truly for the first time.”


Sam smiles. “That’s how I felt, of course I was scared to no witts end too. I was the first to go through the transformation. Not everyone born into the bloodline goes through it either. I’m hoping no more will have to go through it. It’s painful.” He sighs placing his hands in his pockets.


“I only went through it for maybe a couple days. I can’t imagine what it was like for you.” I clutch the blanket tighter.


Sam shrugs. “It was bad, but now I can’t imagine my life not being a wolf. Running at unimaginable seed, feeling the wing rustle my fur. It’s…...Absolutely amazing.” He smiles.


I frown. “For you maybe, I can’t even walk right. I can’t seem to find my balance.” I say.


He chuckles. “Your thinking about it too much. Go with your instincts.” We get to his house and he opens the door.


“Emily I need to borrow a pair of your clothes. It seems we have a new member.” He says.


A girl is cooking something her back turned to us. She stops and turns toward us. “Really who?” She asks. She looks at me and her eyes turn to confusion. I notice the right side of her face is scared. It looks like three claw marks going down the side of her face.


I look down. “Emily, this is Lilly. Lillian is a new member of out pack. We still don’t know exactly how she became. For right now I need her to be dressed before the others arrive. I’m going to tell her about us.” Sam says.


I look up and see Emily nod. “Of course.” She motions for me to follow her.


I follow her into her bedroom and she hands me a pair of clothes. “I don’t know if they’ll fit you.”


I smile. “I don’t mind.” She walks out without another word closing the door behind her.


I sigh putting my phone down and letting the blanket fall to the floor.  I get changed into the outfit. The clothes are just a little loose and big, but they’ll work. I look at my phone hesitating before putting my phone in my pocket.


I walk out and I hear talking and laughter. I walk toward the noise and there’s two guys sitting with Sam at the table. The first is smiling the other is sitting with his arms crossed. They are silently as soon as I walk in and I feel awkward.


Sam smiles. “Oh good. Lilly meet Jared and Paul.”


I give an awkward wave. The first guy gets up and walks over to me. He holds out his hand smiling. “Hi I’m Jared. Welcome to the pack.” He holds out his hand. I go to shake it but he pulls me to him in a bear hug. He pulls away still smiling.


The other guy I assume is Paul stay seated giving a slight wave crossing his arms again. “Jared and Paul just got up. Come take a seat.” Sam says motioning to a chair next to him.


I pause for a second before sitting down. Sam leans back against his chair. “So first Lilly you need to know the position of the pack. The Alpha is the leader and commands the pack. The beta is the second in command. There’s also a third in command. The Alpha, if he absolutely has to, con force his will upon any member of the pack and they have to obey.”


I scrunch my eyebrows. “So the alpha can basically take away my free will?” I ask.


He nods. “But I only use it if I absolutely have to. When in wolf form we can communicate with each other.  Anything you think while we all our in wolf form we can hear. It’s harder to keep secrets that might harm the pack this way. When I call for you, you have to come unless you absolutely can not. We go hunting as a pack every once in a while too. Also you need to know that we may imprint on either one of our own or a human. When they find the one they were made for they imprint. Your not aloud to tell anyone about us, only whom you’ve imprinted with if they don’t already know. That puts, not only yourself, but the whole pack at risk. This is not a suggestion either. It’s a command. Hopefully then only one I will ever have to give you.” I feel a strange power in his words and I try not to cringe away.


“Now the reason we exist.” He says he folds his hand behind his head, “We are here to protect humans from the cold ones or as humans call them Vampires.  We only tolerate the Cullens because of a treaty made by Ephraim the previous leader of the leader of the pack. If any Cullen bites a human they break the treaty. When that happens we destroy them. They may seem civilized but they are still dangerous.” He says destroy them casually like it’s nothing, “ We have our territory and they have there’s. We are not aloud to cross territories without permission which you already have. Any questions?’ He asks.


I take a minute to try and process everything. I sigh. “This is too much. First my reality gets turned upside down. Now I’m part of it. I just want to go home.” I say.


Paul looks at me angrily. “How do you think we felt? We thought it was just a campfire story. Now we are the story.” He says.


I glare at him. “At least you got stories. My twist to reality was when I was attacked by a Vampire. If it wasn’t for the Cullens I’d be dead right now.” I say crossing my arms.


He jumps up from his chair and it scoots back. “If creature like them didn’t exist you wouldn’t have needed saving.” He says angrily.


Sam sighs. “That’s enough Paul. Lilly, I think you should stay here for a little while. I will be going to the beach later. I think you should join. There will be a couple kids from your school that are going to be there. Of course if Jared and Paul aren’t to busy they can join as well.” He says.


I sighs. “Ok. I need to go on a walk alone right now though. If you don’t mind.” I say getting up.


Sam nods. “Just don’t go to far.” He says.


I nod and and Walk out.


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