Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


2. Meet the Cullens

I’m running as fast as I can. A boy appears in front of me. He smiles and two sharp looking canines flash as me. Then it hits me what they are. Fangs. He’s a vampire. I turn to run away when he grabs my arm. He pulls me to him a fake pout on his face. “Come on darling I only want a small bite.” His eyes are a golden brown.


I try to pull from his grip but my arm won’t even budge. He laughs wrapping his arms around my waist. He moves his face to my neck. I try desperately to pull away. I feel his cold lips against the skin on my neck. I feel the pain of his fangs piercing my throat. I cry out in pain.


I wake up screaming. I feel hands grab me and I open my eyes. I see a pale faced man looking at me. “It’s ok. It was just a dream. Your safe now. Nothing can hurt you.” He says.


I look around and notice I’m in a bedroom I don’t recognize. I look back at the man and his eyes look the same as the vampire in my dream. I move his hands off me and back away from him. “Stay away from me.” I say fear slicing through me.


The door opens and I see Edward walk in. “Lilly it’s ok. No one here is going to hurt you.” He says.


I curl into myself protectively. “You both look like that guy that attacked me. He wasn’t human was he? No one can move that fast. You guys aren’t human either are you?”


Edward looks at the man and the man gives a slight nod. “You’re right. We aren’t human Lilly. We are not like him though. Yes we need blood to survive but we don’t take it from humans. We hunt animals. Carlisle is a doctor. He takes care of humans.” He motions toward the man, “We are not bad.”


I raise an eyebrow and look at Carlisle. “Your a doctor?”


He nods. “I’ve been a doctor for a very long time. It’s sad to say that there aren’t many Vampires that are like us Lilly. I believe humans should be treated as equals, not as food. I’m sorry for the pain the other Vampire caused. We took care of him. “


I relax slightly. “So all of your are Vampires?” I ask.


Edward nods. I look at him. “How did you find me there?  School was still going on.”


Carlisle sits next to me. “Lilly  each of us are given……… A special ability. Edward can hear thoughts. My daughter Alice can see the future. She saw what was going to happen to you and let Edward know as soon as she could.” He explains.


“Wait. So you all have your own ability that isn’t normal for humans?” I ask.


He nods. “Yes.”


I try to wrap my head around this. Carlisle clears his throat. “There are some health issues I would like to discuss with you. How long has it been since you’ve eaten?” He asks.


I shrug. “I ate before I went to school. I’m surprised I didn’t puke it up. I haven’t been able to keep anything down since…..” I stop not wanting to go any further.


“Have you….?” He starts asking.


I cut him off. “No! I’m still. No.” I say quickly. Edward chuckles.


I glare at him. “Not funny.”


Edward shrugs smiling. “It’s a little funny.”


I roll my eyes. Carlisle sighs. “Sorry. It was a necessary question. Did anything happen recently that you feel could be the reason?’ He asks.


I nod an image of my mom on her deathbed pops in my head. I remember what Carlisle said and flinch looking at Edward. “Sorry.”


Edward gives a tight smile. “It’s ok. You can’t always control what you think about.”


I look at my hands. “It started after my mother dad from cancer about a month ago. I eat, but I can’t seem to keep it down.” It probably doesn’t help that my dad moved me away from my friends. He had told me a couple weeks ago about it and it seemed to get worse after that.


Carlisle nods. “It was a very traumatic experience for you. I know that can change a person mentally and physically.”


I get up from the bed and stretch. “Well mentally I’m doing just fine.” I say.


He gets up from the bed too. “You also have a slight fever. I would suggest trying to eat something.”


I nod. “I’ll eat something when I get home. My dad’s probably worried.”


He smiles. “I’ll contact your father and let him know where you are. Right now I think it’s best you eat something and get some rest.”


I raise an eyebrow. “I can do that at home.” I point out.


“I know you can. I feel it’s best you stay here so I can make sure your fever doesn’t get any worse. If it does it means you possibly have an infection and I’ll need to treat it so it doesn’t get worse.” He says.


I sigh. My hand instinctively goes to my neck and I feel a bandage. “How are you going to explain this?” I ask.


“It should be mostly healed by the time you get back. If it isn’t then I’m sure I can think of something.” He says. Edward moves to the side and Carlisle walks out.


Edward motions for me to follow him. I walk out and end up following him to the kitchen. I see a woman in there. She turns to us smiling. “You must be Lilly. I’m Esme.” She says.


I can’t help but smile too. “Nice to meet you.”


Esme turns to Edward. “Everyone else is either outside or around somewhere in here. They didn’t want to overwhelm Lilly.” She says.


A question about Bella pops in my head but I don’t ask it because I don’t know if they are willing to talk about it.


She’s human like you. She doesn’t knows about us. What we are. I’m hoping she never finds out. It’s safer for her to be away from me. Before she arrived everything seemed normal and boring. Now we have to watch her almost all the time. She seems to be a magnet for trouble. It always seems to follow her.” Edward says sighing,  answering my unsaid question.


“Yeah and now it seems we have two.” A girl says behind us.


He sighs. “Rosalie, Lilly just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have happened to anyone.”


I look at Rosalie and she rolls her eyes. “The same thing happened to Bella. Repeatedly. Now we have two humans we have  to babysit.”


I glare at her. “I don’t need anyone to take look after me.”


She looks at me. “No? Oh but you need someone to save your poor, fragile, little human life right?”


“That’s enough Rosalie.” Edward says warningly.


I clench my fists. “At least my life is worth something!”


She glares at me. “My life is worth more than ten of yours. Humans beg to be like me. Would do anything just to be like me. Have this life instead of the pathetic life of needing saving you humans have.”


I glare right back anger flaring in me. “ I wouldn’t want your life if it would save my life. I’d rather die than turn into a worthless snob who’s too big for her tight ass skinny jeans!” I snap. I walk away heading out the front door slamming it behind me.


I hear someone laughing and look to see a guy clutching his stomach his shoulders shaking. “Oh my god! That was hilarious. You’ve got some serious balls to talk back to her like that. Man.” He looking at me.


I give him a confused look. He taps his ears. “We have amazing hearing. My names Emmett.” He walks up to me.


I give him a weak wave still angry. “Lilly.”

He nods like he already knows. Probably does. “Well you just met the family snob. Everyone else here is pretty chill. Though Edward doesn’t talk much. The only human he’s really interested in is Bella. He can’t hear her thoughts and I think it frustrates him. He’s used to hearing what everyone is thinking. I’m the fun one of the family. It’d be pretty boring without me.” He winks and smiles. He looks down and  grabs something from my neck.


“This is very pretty.” He says.


I look at the necklace. “Yeah.”


He let’s go of it and it rests against my neck. The front door opens and Carlisle clears his throat. “Your father is glad your ok. He wants you back home as soon as you’re better.”


I smile. “Thank you.”


He nods and motions for me to come inside. I walk in and Rosalie glares at me. I ignore her and follow Carlisle. He opens the door to what looks like an office.


I follow him inside. “I need to check and make sure your fever hasn’t gotten worse. I also need to change you bandage and take a look at your neck.” He closes the door.


He goes into a drawer and pull out a thermometer. He hands it to me. “You know how this works right?” He asks.


I nod and put it under my tongue. He pulls out a bandage and walks over to me. The thermometer goes off and he looks at it. “Hmm...99.1. It’s higher than it was before.” He sets the thermometer down and takes the bandage from my neck off. “Your wounds healing extremely well. I don’t know why the fever is getting worse. Other than malnourishment your in great health.”


I shrug. “I haven’t felt feverish. I feel fine right now.”


He nods. “That’s why your staying here. I can better take care of you.” He puts the new bandage on me.


I sigh. “ I can take care of myself.”


He nods. “I know but we don’t know why you have a fever so it can’t be treated. Come on let’s get you something to eat.” He opens the door and walks out.


I go to follow him when a girl blocks me. She smiles and waves. “Hi I’m Alice.”


I smile. “Hi.”

She cocks her head. “I’m glad Edward got to you in time.”


I scrunch my eyebrows. “Umm…. Thank you?”


She laughs. “No problem.” She turns and walks away. I go to find Carlisle. He ends up being in the kitchen. He hands me a plate of food and I sit down.


I take a bite and smile. “This is good.”


Esme smiles. “Thanks it’s been a while since I have cooked.” She says.


I finish my plate for the first time in a month. I put the plate in the sink and try to help out with dishes. Esme waves me away. “I’m fine doing this. Your our guest.”


I sigh and head out of the kitchen. Everyone’s in the living room. I see another guy. Alice smiles. “Lilly this is Jasper.” The guy gives a slight wave.


I wave back. Alice pats the spot next to her. “Come join us. We’re watching a movie.” Rosalie glares at me.


I hesitate before sitting down. Rosalie gets up and walks out of the room. Alice smiles. “So how are you liking Forks so far?” She asks.


I shrug. “I just got here.”


Her smile widens. “After a while you’ll never want to leave.”


After that we sit and watch movies in silence for a while. I don’t how long, but I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyes I’m back in the bedroom.


I throw off the covers feeling extremely hot. Like someone put me in an oven. I wipe my face and my hand comes away soaked in sweat. I get up and open the door. I look around but the house seems to be empty.


I have the urge to go outside so I open the front door. I walk out a few step but stumble falling onto my hands and knees. I groan and try to get back up.


“Lilly?” I hear Emmets voice. I look up and see him next to a tree not that far away. He’s next to me before I can blink. I feel his arms wrap around me. He picks me up and heads back inside. He sets me on the couch. “I’ll be right back.” He’s gone again.


I try to get back up and go back outside. Carlisle is in front of the couch and putting a hand on my shoulder lightly pushing me back down. “Lilly you need to stay still.” He says.

I shake my head. “It’s too hot. I need to go outside.”


Carlisle sighs. “No you need to rest. It seems your fever has escalated faster than I thought it would.” He takes the bandage off my neck. He looks at where the bandage was in confusion.


Emmet is next to him with the same look. “There’s nothing there.” He says.


I look at him confused. “What do you mean there’s nothing there?”


Carlisle touches my neck. His cold hand feels good against my hot skin. “Just as he said. Your completely healed. There isn’t even a scar. Nothing to prove you were hurt in the first place.” His voice sounds fascinated.


My breathing becomes heavy and I feel nauseated. I close my head. “I don’t feel so good.” My head pounds.


I feel something wet touch my head and I open my eyes. Esme is pressing a rag against my forehead. “We need to find a way to get your fever down.”


I hear the front door open and voices get louder as they walk inside. They walk inside and I see disgust on Rosalie’s face. “What’s wrong with the human now?” She asks distaste clear in her voice.


My anger level spikes from a zero to a ten and I try to sit up. Esme places a hand firmly on my shoulder. “Calm down you need to rest.” She says gently.


I shake my head. “I’m fine.” I try to get up but she firmly pushes me back to the couch.


“Lilly, you’re not fine you need to rest so you can break this fever.” She says.


“I’m not tired.” I say stubbornly my anger is still simmering.


Rosalie turns and walks off. Rosalie gives me a look of concern. I notice Edward isn’t with them. “Where’s Edward?” I ask.


Alice shrugs. “He’s with Bella. Oh and here.” She reaches into her pocket and pulls out my phone. “Bella was worried about you. She says sorry for what she said at school the other day. She didn’t mean to upset you.” She walks up to me and hands me my phone.


I sigh. “It wasn’t her fault. It was just a sensitive subject to talk about.” Esme takes my phone and puts it on the coffee table.


“You can mess with your phone after you’ve gotten some rest.” She says firmly.

I sigh. “I’m honestly not tired. I don’t feel like I can rest.”


She sighs and looks to Jasper. Jasper sighs. “I’ll try.” He walks over to me.


“What are you…?” He places a hand on me and I start to feel drowsy. My eyes become heavy and I feel myself drift off to sleep.


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