Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


8. Just a weird day

I feel weird the next day as I head to school. The sun is out and shining so I know the Cullens aren’t going to be there. I hop in my car and throw my bookbag in the passenger seat. I look at my hands and a sensation goes through them. I close my hands into fists quickly remembering what happened last time. Let’s just say my dad, well previous dad was in a coma for a week the last time I felt that sensation go through my hands. It was not fun experience for me. I frown and open my hands slowly. Nothing happens and I sigh in relief and start the car.


I drive to school and park by an older looking truck. I open my door grabbing my stuff. I see Bella come out of the old truck and smile walking over to her. “Hello Bella..” I say.


She looks at me a little surprised then smiles. “Hey. How did you like the party at the beach?” She asks.


I shrug. “It was ok. Sam brought me home afterward. I had a fight with my dad but we made up. How about you?”


I see something flash in her eyes. “It was pretty boring. My weekend too. I mainly stayed at home.”


I smile teasingly. “What about that Jacob boy at the beach? You were flirting with him.”


She frowns. “He’s a year younger than me. And probably you. He looks tall and mature for his age.”


I cock my head. “Really I thought he was like twenty.”


She shakes her head. “More like 16.”


I frown. “Wow I would have thought at least seventeen.” I say. Mike walks over with a big smile on his face.


“Hello ladies.” He says leaning against my car. I look at him and see colors around him and another old memory comes up. I can read auras of people sometimes. This power, if you call it that, is kind of ifi. I see the tinge of pink as he looks at Bella and I try not to roll my eyes. He like her. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that another guy like her as well.


“Hey Mike. Shouldn’t you be going to class?” I ask in the politest way I possibly can.


He frowns. “Yeah and you should be too.” I see his aura shift with frustration.


I smile. “I was just about to. Me and Bella were catching up.”


His face breaks into a smile. “Oh so you and Bella have become friends? I knew the two newbies would get along.” He says no longer leaning against my car. His aura vanishes from my view and I’m kind of glad. I didn’t want to know what he was feeling at that point in time.


Bella rolls her eyes. “Goodbye Mike. I’ll see you in Physical Ed.” She say her voice laced with annoyance.


Mike waves not even bothered. “Yeah see in P.E. Hopefully we can be partners.” He walks off toward the school.


Bella sighs, “Mike has had a crush on me since the first day I got here. I don’t think he understands there are other girls that like him. He seems to only have his eyes on me.”


I nod. “I can see that. When he talked about you the first day of school he mentioned you hanging out with Edward and I could hear the jealousy in his voice. He has it bad for you even if he doesn’t say it out loud.” I sling my backpack over my shoulder and head towards class with her.


I sit down in the seat behind her. I take out my binder and take notes. Bella taps me and I look up. “I completely forgot to tell you. I know your still new. There’s a dance going on and my friends and I are going to Port Angulous to buy them some dresses. Would you like to come to?” She asks,


I scrunch my eyebrows. “I probably won’t go to the dance. I’ve never been one for dances.”


She shrugs. “Me neither. I’m just going to help. You don’t have to come. It was just an offer.”


I smiles.”I have nothing better to do so I might as well come. Thank you for the invite.” I say gratefully.


She nods. “You can sit with us at lunch too. I’ll let them know you’re coming. Do you want us to pick you up? I don’t know if you know how to get there.” She says.


I nod. “I don’t have a phone to put GPS in so I probably will need a ride. If it’s a bother I can just stay home. I don’t mind.” I close my binder.


She shakes her head. “I don’t think it will. I’ll just tell Jessica where you live. Or you can tell her since I don’t know where you live.” She looks a little embarrassed.


I smile and tell her my address. “It’s not much but my dad could afford it so I guess it a house to keep us safe.”


Bella laughs. “You should see my house. It’s not much either but yeah you’re right. It’d a house to keep us safe.”  She says. I see doubt flicker in her eyes but it’s quickly gone.


I try to hold back a frown. Something is going on with Bella. I think she’s hiding something. I can’t tell what though. Before I can question her about it the sensation I had earlier in my hands comes back.


I quickly close them into fists. I get up. “I’ll be right back.” I tell Bella and excuse myself to the restroom. I speed walk there and I’m lucky that it’s empty because my hands start to glow. I head into a stall and close it. I frown looking at my hands. My head starts to pound.


Hear the bathroom door open. “Lillian?” Bella asks.


I sigh. “I’m using the bathroom.” My headache gets worse.


“Ok I was just making sure I didn’t say something to offend you. You left in a hurry.” I hear the door close and her footsteps retreating. I open the stall and gasp at what I see in the mirror. My eyes are glowing as well as my hands. I look like something from a movie. This has never happened to me before. I shake my head opening my hands. The light looks like it’s steaming out of my hands.


I close my hands and it disappears. My eyes still glow but it dims to only a slight shine. I sigh when it doesn’t dim anymore. I through my hood up and cover my eyes. You can still see the slight light under the hood but I don’t think anyone will suspect anything about it. I walk back to class and sit back down picking up my pencil.


Bella taps my shoulder. “Are you sure you’re ok?” She asks.


I nod. “Yeah. Like I said just had to use the bathroom.” I twirl the pencil in my hand.


Bella frowns. “Why do you have your hood up?”


I shrug. “Just want it up. Helps my focus stay in one place.” I lie.


Her facial features tell me she wants to keep asking questions but I guess she decides better of it because she turns around and works on her notes.


The rest of the classes go by and soon it’s lunch time. Sooner than I’d like it to be but oh well. I get my lunch and Bella waves me over. The girls from the beach, Jessica and Angel, are sitting by her. I sit down next to them.


Jessica smiles. “I heard you’re coming with us to pick out dresses. I know your new too. Port Angulous has a lot of good dresses. I’m sure you’ll find one.” She says excitedly.


I shrug. “I am not much of a dancer.”


Jessica frowns. “You have to come to the dance. I’m sure someone will ask you to dance. You are very pretty. Well what I could tell from the beach, your face is mostly covered by that hoodie.”


Yeah I still have the hoodie on. My eyes haven’t stopped glowing and I don’t have any sunglasses. I shrug. “I like my hood on. Plus I’m not really looking to have a guy ask me to dance.”


She smiles. “Are looking for a girl?” She asks.


“What? No. I’m not. I just don’t like dances.” I say.


She shrugs. “I’m just asking. I don’t mind gay people. Though I wouldn’t date a girl, I don’t think any less of them.”


I sigh. “Well you don’t have to worry about me. I’m not gay. Don’t think I ever will be either. I don’t get the whole concept of dating another gender. I feel like we were made to date the opposite gender.” I say truthfully.


It’s what I was taught. It isn’t right for a female and a female to have any sexual relationships with one another. It was drilled into me. Of course it was also in the 1800 and woman didn’t really even have rights like we do now. Of course the rule didn’t apply for us protectors. Certainly didn’t apply for the cold ones either. They did whatever they wanted. Of course now a days my dad doesn’t even really enforce belief so before my opinions were different.


Jessica smiles. “You must be christian. Most christians have that belief.”


I shrug. “My family isn’t really anything. “


Jessica frowns.


Bella clears her throat. “So what time are we leaving? So that way Lillian will know when she needs to be ready.” She says changing the subject.


Angel shrugs. “You guys can meet me at my house tonight and we can go from there.”


Jessica nods. “I’ll pick Bella and Lilian up.”


I nod.


The rest of the day goes pretty fast. My classes are done feeling like it’s faster than the school I used to go to. Of course it feels strange to have so many rights. I mean what the woman did for us was amazing. Now I can go to school. That was a girls silly little dream. Being like the boys and going to school. Now, well, now I think girls don’t like it.  Anyway I’m just ranting.


I head back home and walk in the door to a very mad looking dad and a very apologetic looking Jared. I sigh.


My dad looks at me. “Who’s this Lillian? I come home to him sitting on the porch. He says his name is Jared and he’s a friend of yours. Is this true?”


Jared waves sheepishly. I sigh. “Yes that’s Jared. I met him a couple days ago. I don’t know why he’s here though.”


My dad sighs. “Well I came here on break. I need to head back to work. I expect next time a warning if your friends are going to come over.”


I nod. “He won’t be here for much longer. I actually have plans going with a couple of friends to Port Angeles to look at some dresses for a dance they are going to.”


My father’s eyes light up. “Are you going to go to? To the dance?” He asks excitedly.


I shake my head. “You know I don’t like dances.”


He pouts. “It’d be good for you to get out and live little. You’re always pouting.” He says.


I roll my eyes. “I don’t pout. I just don’t have a reason to go to the dance. I barely know anyone there. The only people I know are the girls I am going to hang out with, the Cullens, Jared who goes to a different school, and a few other people that go to a differents school.” I say.


My father frowns. “I still think you would enjoy going to the dance. You might meet someone there. You never know.”


I groan. “Dad! I’m not looking for anyone right now.”


He chuckles. “Aww am I embarrassing my baby girl in front of one of her new friends.”


I hear Jared try to hide his laugh with a cough and I glare at him.


My dad smiles and leaves the house.


I turn to Jared. “Why are you here? Did you ask the Cullens permission before entering their territory?” I ask crossing my arms.


Jared nods. “I wanted to see you so they allowed it. How you feeling?”


I shrug. “I’m ok. It’s been a weird day.” I take of my hood.


His eyes widen. “You’re glowing.”


I nod. “I know. It happened at school today. It might be a side effect from being so long without my powers. The lady had warned me about it.” I say.


He looks at me confused. “Huh? What do you mean a long time ago? I thought you didn’t know anything about the necklace?”


I sigh and sit on the couch. “I didn’t. Had no clue. After a while my memories came back. My name was Destiny. I was cursed long ago with not being able to have children so I couldn’t keep the blood line going. I decided to take it up with a witch. She told me what she could do for me and I accepted her offer. My dad, not the man you see now, had never wanted me to do it. He wanted me to be happy being the last of the race. I knew our race would be needed again so I took her offer and in turn I became mortal. I grew old like everyone else and lived like a human would live. My father basically disowned me afterward. Now here I am again just with a different name and parents. Still the same soul. I still can’t tell the Cullens or even think it around them. If the Vampire council were to find out…” My words drift of as I think.


Jared frowns. “So you’re telling me you were a girl named Destiny and now you have reincarnated?”


I nod looking at him. “Yes. I have quite a great amount of power too. I’ll need to watch my temper around the Cullens. I am glad it was sunny outside today. I know Edward would hear my thoughts. Everything to me is still new. The beliefs I had before to what I have been taught now. It’s all in my mind. I was born in the 1800s before this time and now that all those memories are back if feels strange to be in this time frame. So many more rights for women.” I frown. “Sorry I’m rambling now aren’t I?”


He shakes his head. “Ramble away. I guess I’ll take my leave. I know you said you’ll be heading out too. I’ll see you around. Come visit us when you can.”


I sigh. “Yeah I will. Try not to think about what I said if you’re in the woods close to the Cullen’s property.”


He nods. “You might want to cover your eyes so whoever you’re hanging out with won’t see them glowing.”


I nod. “I know. Bye Jared.” I says.


He nods and walks out.

I sigh and get up from the couch walking to my bedroom. I look in my drawer and find a pair of sunglasses I could where. I put them on and look in the mirror. Good, it’s hard to tell they are even glowing. I hear the sound of a car and head towards the front. I grab my purse just in case and head out the door.


I watch as a car drives toward my house and parks in the front of my driveway. I see Bella and Jessica and walk over.


They wave. I smile and get in.


Bella smiles. “Ready to go?” She asks.


I nod. “I told my dad and he’s fine with it. Though he wants me to go to the dance to.”


Jessica smiles looking at me through the rearview mirror. “You really should. If you’ve got no one to go with you can always hang with me and Angel. It will be fun. Come on. Just this once. If you don’t like it you don’t have to come to anymore.”


I sigh. “Fine I’ll go this time. If I don’t like it and find it boring I’m not going to another.”


Jessica smiles. “You won’t regret going. I promise.”


I look out the window. “Yeah I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” I say.


We drive to Angela’s house and I can tell everyone’s excited for the drive to Port Angeles. I can’t help but feel a little excited going to look at dresses and stuff. Of course I never really had a thing for dresses until I remembered how beautiful they were before.


Angela gets in and everyone’s smiling. The air is filled with exciting energy making me feel a little anxious.


We head to Port Angeles.

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