Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


5. I'm dangerous??

That did it. I shoved him and he catches himself before he falls to the ground. I run into the forest. My control slips from me and I’m in wolf for in less than 2 minutes. I continue running not thinking. I stumble and fall I grunt and struggle to pick myself back up. I growl angrily. I’m a danger to his family now? Wonderful.


I smell him before I see him. My ears fold back and I glare at him.


He holds out both of his hands. “I didn’t mean that I needed to protect them from you. I met from harm. “


I continue to glare at him. He takes a step forward. “Please Lilly.”


I shake my head. I turn and run off. I hear him curse. “Lilly it’s not safe for you to be running out here. Edward…..” His words become distant as I continue running.


Everything seems to go in slow motion as I run and I dodge trees and and rocks easily. I stop after a while and look around. The smell of Vampires is more recent here and I sniff the air. I hear an inhuman growl behind me. I look behind to see Edward. His eyes are completely black. I start to wander how far I ran.


Edward crouches in an animistic stance. Almost like he’s preparing to spring. My ears fold back and I give him a warning growl. He hisses at me. Emmett jumps in front of both of us facing Edward. “Edward stop.”


I see confusion flash into Edwards eyes and they slowly turn back to there gold flecked colors. “Emmett? What are you doing all the way out here? Why are you defending this creature.”


Emmett points to me. “That’s Lillian.”


I roll my eyes. ‘Yeah the one that you guys need to be protected from.’ I think angrily.


Edward looks at me then back to Emmett. “What does she mean we need to be protected from her?”


Emmett slumps his shoulders. “It’s my fault.”


Edward looks at me. “Lilly? Your not human?” He asks.


‘What do you think? It was that stupid necklace. Now apparently he needs to keep you guys safe from me.’ i think looking at him.


Edward sighs. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that Lillian. I’m hunting so I don’t lose it when I’m around Bella. Alice should be here somewhere. Was that your only pair of clothes?”


I nod. ‘They were borrowed. Guess I can’t return them now.’


He chuckles. “Come on. Let’s get you some clothes.”


I roll my eyes. ‘Don’t you think you should protect your family from me’


He laughs. “Your harmless come on. Let’s see who’s faster.”


My ears perk. I take off running and he runs as well. At first we are side by side but I quickly gain ground moving farther than him. I run dodging trees letting the wind go through my fur. The feeling is amazing.


All of a sudden Alice jumps in front of me. I try to avoid hitting her and stumble.  My back painfully hits a tree and a yelp of pain escapes me. Alice smiles. “Got you. Your on the wrong territory. Be glad I had just finish hunting or you’d be on the menu.” She walks up to me.


I struggle to get up. ‘Did carlisle tell none of you?’


Alice knocks me back on the ground. “I wonder why I didn’t see you coming.”


Edward grabs Alice’s arm. “Alice stop. That’s Lilly.”


She looks at him confused. “But Lilly is is human.”


Edward shakes his head. “Was. She may have to explain it to you. That is Lilly though.”


She looks at me. “That makes no sense.”


I find my footing and push myself up. I shake myself off. Edward sighs. “A lot doesn’t make sense.” I can hear in his voice he isn’t talking about me.


‘I would have won that if Alice hadn’t of gotten in the way’ i think looking at Edward.


He rolls his eyes. “I was letting you win.”


I laugh. ‘In your dreams’


Edward shrugs. “I don’t dream. Can’t. We don’t sleep.”


I look at him stunned. ‘Not at all?’


He shakes his head.


‘What do you do with all that spare time?’ i ask


He shrugs. “Whatever we want.”


Lilly? What are you doing in wolf form? I jump startled.


Edward looks at me concerned. “What’s wrong?”


It’s Jared. I was going for a run. Is everything ok?


I sigh. I had forgotten the whole mind link thing. Yep just lost my temper. I’m ok Jared go back to your run.


Where are you?


I roll my eyes. No where you can come Jared. I’m fine.


If there’s a problem let me know.


I will. Stop worrying so much. I shake my head.


Edward raises an eyebrow. “Someone’s worried about you?”


I nod. ‘It’s one of the pack members. Right now he can hear everything I’m thinking. He must have heard me. Probably still does.’


Edward nods. “Let’s get you some clothes so you can get back to yourself.”


I nod. Edward takes off running. I roll my eyes. Alice stares at me for a minute then takes off after her brother.


I take off next easily catching up with them. I stop at the edge of the forest where there house comes in to view. I sit down looking at them. ‘I think it’s best I stay out here Edward. I don’t think it’s smart to walk in like this since not many of you know that I’m me.’


He nods and they both go inside. Emmet sits next to me. I get up and move away from him. He sighs. “Your still mad at me?”

I nod. He groans. “You can’t stay mad at me forever.”


I shrug. ‘I can surely try to.’


He sighs. “I’m sorry Lilly. I shouldn’t have said what I did.”


My ears fold back and I look at him for a couple of seconds. I sigh laying my head down on my paws. It’s weird to say but it’s accurate. He takes this an acceptance to his apology and scoots closer to me. I glare at him. He acts like he doesn’t see it staying where he’s at. I sigh.


He looks at me. “Lilly you have to think about it from my point of view. We just met a couple of days ago. Alice and Edward may have saved your life but your still a stranger to everyone here. To me your still a stranger. Next thing I know I’m hearing from Carlisle that you aren’t human anymore. Now you smell like those other wolfs do. You claim it’s because of a necklace. If you were me and I were you. Would you go right out and trust me?”


I huff at him and get up. He groans. “I’m trying to get you to understand why I said what I did.”


I shrug. I truly just want him to go away. If he doesn’t I guess I will. I start walking away. I walk to the other side of the edge part of the forest. The sun is starting to set when the door opens. Alice comes out with a pair of clothes. She walks over to me and sets them on the ground. “Here let me know when you finished dressing.”


I nod and pick them up in my mouth trying not to slobber on them. Alice motions for Emmett to go inside and they both use their unnatural speed. I sigh and try to figure out how to get back to my human self again. Of course I don’t have to wait for long.


Pretend you are putting on a really tight bathing suit. It works until you can shift on command. I also happen to hear most of your thoughts and don’t agree with your statement earlier about being ok. I won’t say anymore than that but remember you can trust me with anything. What’s family for?


I roll my eyes. Thanks nosy. I do as he instructed and the weird sensation I head the first time I changed back returns. It passes just a little quicker than it did the last time. I quickly put on the clothes Alice handed me. They fit but smell really bad. I sigh. At least I’m not naked. KNowing she can hear me without me having to raise my voice I say. “Alright I’m decent.”


When the door opens it’s not Alice. Edward comes over to me. He smiles. “These clothes lessen your stench.” He teases.


I roll my eyes. “No it increases it.” I wrinkle my nose.


He chuckles then his features grow serious. “You know you were the first human to have known about us here? Telling humans about us puts us in danger. It also puts them in danger as well. Bella doesn’t know but even being around her like I do is dangerous for her.” He says somberly.


I raise an eyebrow. “Then why be around her?” I ask.


He sighs. I can see the frustration in his eyes. “Because I don’t want to stay away from her. To me she smells better than any human. I can’t hear her thoughts so I can’t tell what she’s thinking. I try to read her face or see what she said from people she talks to and it’s frustrating. There’s even emotions that I haven’t felt in a very long time that are resurfacing because of her.” He looks into my eyes, “Do you believe in heaven and hell?’


I nod. “I believe there’s a heaven and hell in the afterlife. Why do you ask?”


He pulls his keys from his pocket. “Do you believe vampires have a soul that can go to either one, like hell maybe?” He asks ignoring my question.


I scrunch my eyebrows. “I don’t know. If I were to think about it I’d probably say yes. You are living and living things have a soul. You consume things for energy, you learn, breathe.”


He shakes his head. “It isn’t necessary for vampires to breathe. It’s more for comfort. It feels weird to not breathe.” He unlocks his car, “Don’t living things also require a heartbeat?”


I shrug. “Not to call you a plant but plant’s have no heartbeat. They are considered living.” I get in the passenger side. He gets in and looks at me.


“I don’t have a heartbeat. I believe it’s the reason my skin is so cold.” He says.


I raise an eyebrow. “Why are you asking me all these questions?”


He shrugs. “It’s interesting to know someone elses view on it for once. Especially since, until recently, you were human. Let’s get you home though. Not to be mean but you do stink.” There’s no tease in his eyes.


I roll my eyes.


He drives to my house which takes almost no time at all. Maybe 10 minutes. Of course he was going over a hundred miles an hour.


I open the door and hop out. As soon as I close the door he pulls out of the driveway. I sight and walk to the front door. I knock and flinch. I forgot everything sounds louder to me. After a couple of minutes the door finally opens and my dad is standing there with anger clear in his eyes.


“You were supposed to be in school Wednesday. I get a call from the school saying you skipped your classes. Then I get a call from a doctor that said he found you passed out in the woods from malnourishment. What do you have to say for yourself Lillian?” He asks his arms crossed.


I cross my arms right back. “What do I have to say to being upset and needing to be away from that new school that my friends aren’t at? What do I have to say for being so upset about the death of my mom that I haven’t been able to eat anything and I happen to pass out from it? Really?” Anger courses through me, “How about you tell me why you ran away from the house we were living in?”


He points at me. “Now listen here young lady. I did not run away. I moved so you could have a new start. So you wouldn’t be in a house with constant memory of your mother. That way you could live a decent life. I did not want to move. I did this for you.”


I choke back a laugh. “For me? Did you even ask me if that is what I wanted? I begged to stay at that house. My friends kept me sane. That house was filled with good memories. I wanted to stay. You decided to move. You did it for you, not me.”


He glares at me. “I think about what’s best for you. Moving away was best for you. It still is. You need to stop living in past memories and make your own new memories.”


Another wave of anger courses through me. “I could have made memories there! That was my home just as much as yours and you took it away from me!” I snap. I shake with anger. I quickly turn and run. I hear him calling my name but I don’t listen. I keep running.


The sun’s already down as I make my way to the forest. I go in as deep as I feel is necessary before I start taking off my clothes and fold them neatly. I set them down. I close my eyes and stop fighting the shift. When I open my eyes I’m in my wolf form.  I notice that I’m glowing which I find strange. It’s a faint blue glow but it’s there. I pick my clothes up carefully in my mouth and take off running. Since I’m aloud in both territories I don’t worry about which side I’m on. I run until I hear the sound of water and stop. I set my clothes down and walk toward the stream. The night air blows and I inhale it’s scent.


I lay next to the water and lay my head on my paws. I catch a glimpse of my reflection and look at it startled. My eyes are glowing. Like glowing. I shake my head and turn away. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the water flowing through the stream.


I slowly start to fall asleep when the stench of the Cullens hits my nose. I open my eyes and sniff toward my clothes to see if it’s them. I listen and hear an abnormality to the winds pattern. I turn my head in the direction of it. I get up and follow the noise. The scent gets stronger and I know I am going in the right direction.


The scent disappears suddenly and I sigh thinking I was just imagining it. I head back to the stream. When I get back there’s a figure behind the trees on the other side of the stream where I left my clothes. I quickly back up and try my best to blend in. I crouch low to the ground. The figure with elegance and ease bends down and picks up my clothes. I bite back a growl.  I inch forward. The figure disappears with my clothes. I get up and look at where the figure was.


I take a cautious step forward. “Didn’t edward take you home?” I jumps startled and lose my balance falling to the ground. I roll my eyes and get back up. Emmett chuckles. I turn to face him glaring.


He holds up my clothes. “I think you need these.” He holds them out. I walk over to him and go to grab them. Just as I’m about to clamp down on them he disappears. I sigh. Great, he’s in a teasing mood. I’m not.


“You’ve gotta be quicker than that Lilly.” He says behind me. I turn to him and can see the smile on his face. I go for my clothes and he disappears again.


I growl. He laughs and I glare at him. I can feel my anger level slowly rising. My ears fold back and I snarl showing my teeth. His smile widens. 

You’re really slow Lilly. I thought you’d be faster.” He waves my clothes teasingly.


I growl and run at him. I watch his eye widen as I knock him to the ground. I snap at him. He drops my clothes and tries to wrestle me off him. He ends up throwing me off of him and I hit a tree painfully hard. I let out a pained yelp falling to the ground. I try to get up but my left front leg buckles and I fall  back to the ground. Being the stubborn girl I am I keep trying but can’t seem to put any weight on that leg without it buckling.


Emmett walks up to me and I growl at him. He stops putting a hand out like he’s trying to walk up to an injured wild animal. “I need to check your leg Lilly.” He takes another step forward and I growl louder showing him my sharp teeth.


He sighs. “It’s your own fault your hurt. Just let me look.”


I shake my head and snarl.


He crosses his arms. “One way or another I will check it. I’d rather you let me then me pinning you to the ground.”


I laugh. It comes out throaty and weird. He raises an eyebrow at me. “You don’t think I’m serious?’


I glare at him. He walks over to me and I get up and back away from him. I slip unable to keep my balance and he pins me to the ground. I growl at him angrily and try to get free. His hand glides over my left shoulder and a slicing pain goes through my causing me to yelp.


He looks at me with a frown. “Sorry. I think the force of impact dislocated your shoulder. I’m going to have to pop it back in place.”


I sigh and stop fighting. He sits next to me and places one hand on my shoulder and grips my leg with the other. He pushes fast and hard and I hear the pop before I feel the pain. I whimper and feel tears slip from my eyes.


Emmett wipes them away. “I’m sorry Lilly. I was just messing with you. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.”


I get up and test my leg. I walk over to my clothes and pick them up. I run to some bushes and shift from wolf to human. I quickly dress wincing slightly. My shoulder is still slightly sore. I glare at him when I get out of the bushes. “I’m not in the mood for your games right now Emmett.”


He frowns. “I can tell. You should probably show me a little less how angry you are. The light’s a little blinding.”


I roll my eyes. “What do you want Emmett? Other than being the obvious pest.” I cross my arms.


He raises an eyebrow. “I was going to ask you the same thing. I was doing nightly patrol when I caught your scent.”


I sigh. “I was hoping to get some peace and quiet. Apparently here that’s not an option.” I say shooting him another glare.


“Why aren’t you at home?” He asks.


I huff. “I don’t have to tell you.”


He smiles. “Actually you do. See I would assume you’d run away from home and being the kind man I am would have to take you home. Whether you wanted to go back home or not.”


I shrug. “Technically I did run away. It was either that or my dad find out real quick his daughter isn’t human. He and I had an argument. He believes he had to take me from my home for me to live a better life. I don’t.”


His smile drops. “Sorry.” He looks toward the forest, “I’ve got to go. I’ll be right back. I need to let them know everything’s good before they assume trouble.”

I shrug. “It’s no skin off my teeth if you don’t come back.”


He rolls his eyes and is gone. I sigh and lay down next to the stream. I close my eyes and listen to the steady flow of the stream. The sound calms me and I start to get drowsy. I curl up into a very loose ball and fall asleep.



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