Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


7. Destiny

Sam looks at the pictures. “I think some humans are extremely sensitive. It could be what happened to your mom shocked you enough to make you sensitive to the future. I am just making a guess being us protectors don’t have powers unless you count immortality, strength, and speed.”


Jared is standing by Sam looking at them as well. I had shifted back and went in. Sam had asked me about the pictures and when I started drawing them so I had told him. Paul had been here but after a little while he left. Emily is in the kitchen cooking something that smells really good.


I run a hand through my hair. “Has there ever been a time when protectors had powers?”


He frowns. “I don’t think so. I mean I have never heard of it.”


I sigh. “Are you sure? Has there ever been another type of protector? Maybe that died out?” I ask wanting to get something from my dream.


He looks at me concerned. “Why do you ask? Did something happen?”


I shake my head. “I’m just wondering. I mean i think it might have been a possibility that there was protectors that had powers. To counteract the Cold ones.”

He cocks his head. “For one who hasn’t heard stories before you seem to have a lot of knowledge. You talk using the words protectors and Cold ones like you’ve been saying it your whole life and it doesn’t bother you.”


I feel my heart beat nervously in my chest. “I guess I’ve come to terms with what I am.” I know I should probably just tell him but I don’t know how he’ll react. I fidget with the bottom of my shirt.


He frowns and I can tell he knows that I’m leaving something out. “With in two days?”


I sigh knowing either way he’s going to find out because there’s no way I’m going to be able to not think about it. I lean against the wall and look at him. “I had a very strange dream. A man had been glaring at me. I had walked out of the house without telling him. He had told me how foolish this was of me and how I was only a pup and didn’t know how to defend myself. We’ll he also said me and him. Or more accurately Destiny and him were the last of the powerful protectors. The thing is I remember this conversation like I had it with that man. I feel like it was a memory. He also told Destiny that she needs to stop letting anger be the anchor of her powers or they will become unstable.” I say reviewing as I speak making sure that I leave nothing out.


He frowns. “You believe that your dream could be a memory? If that is true then we had no clue of more powerful protectors. I mean it would have been heard from someone and kept passed down to not be forgotten.”


I shake my head. “If there is no longer an existence in my species why tell people? They would hope for the rebirth of the powerful protectors.” I frown wondering why I said that.


He frowns and walks away. At first I think I’ve upset him somehow but he comes back with a very old looking book. He blows on it and does flies everywhere. I cough and wave my hand in front of me to free myself from those pesky dust particles.


He opens the book and flips through it. He stops and traces his finger along the page. He stops and looks at me. “Seems you are right. There’s a brief part of this book that says something about Protectors with powers. Though it is just a mention. There’s nothing else about it. Like it’s just a silly story that is there to tease.” He says closing the book. Dust flies in the air again putting me in another coughing fit.


Jared knits his eyebrows together. “So you’re telling me that there used to be another species and that that necklace turned you into the extinct species of our ancestors that had died off what it seems to be a long time ago?” I can see the confusion and frustration in his eyes.


I shrug. “Possibly. I mean you heard him. It’s only briefly mentioned.”


Jared sighs. “Still you are saying there is a possibility. I mean all of a sudden you are here and all this stuff is happening. Things that haven’t been brought up in apparently awhile is now suddenly brought up and you are possibly an extinct species. It’s crazy.” He says looking at me.


I frown feeling a little hurt at the fact that he seems to be saying all of this is my fault. I sigh. “You’re right it’s completely insane. I’m sorry for even thinking my dream was more than that. I am going to go for a run.” I turn and walk out of the front door.


I place my hands in my pocket and walk toward the cliff. My head starts to pound and I feel myself grow weak all of a sudden. I fall to the ground, my hands catching me before I hit my head.  I shake my head and try to get up. My vision blurs and I feel pain slice through me.


I can no longer hold myself up and my hands slip. I turn so my face is not in the grass. I try to blink away the blurriness in my vision. My senses start to fade and I black out.


“DESTINY!” I hear my father’s voice yell.


I ignore it running. He may not like my decision but it’s mine to make. It’s a way to ensure the safety of our race. I may not be able to have children but I know of a possibility in the future when I am born again. I know I will be born again because I will choose to be born again.


The branches scratch at my arms and legs but I don’t care because they are already healing. The sun is up but the trees are casting a shadow making it seem like it’s almost night. My feet pound against the ground with the sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching. The breeze holds the smell of fall but the promise of winter soon.


I catch the view of the old cabin house and slow to a speed walk. The cabin house is brown, it has green on the sides because of the ivy growing up it. The door is old and cracked but is still strong and sturdy. On the ground by the door is a mat the used to say WELCOME now it says WE C M  because the letters have worn away. On the porch there is an old rocking chair. The seat on it is broken and if you sit down you’ll probably fall in.


I take a deep breath and knock on the door. The sound echos in side of the house. I hear the echoing of heels clicking on the ground and the door opens. A lady with a wrinkled smile looks at me. “Hello again darling. Have you decided?” She asks her voice raspy with age,


I take a deep breath and nod. “Yes I have decided. I agree with your terms in keeping my species alive and understand what will happen. I know I will no longer b e able to change into my wolf form or use my powers. That and I will age normally.” I say my voice strong even though I am feeling anything but strong. I know how devastated my father will be once this is done.


She opens the door wider and motions for me to come inside. I take a deep breath and walk in. Her heels clicking is the only noise as she leads me to a room in the back of the cabin. The inside of the cabin looks much better than outside. The inside looks up to date and clean like she freshly polished the floors. There are pictures hanging from the walls in the hallway. It looks like the woman but younger her hand in a guys.


She opens the door and waves me inside. I look around the room and see that there is a chair in the middle of the room. The rest of the room is pretty empty other than a big pot off to the side and a counter with a bunch of ingredients, like herbs, scattered everywhere.


She smiles at me. “You will take a seat in that chair. I must warn you the process you will be going through is painful. It will not be pleasant at all. You are stripping away what makes you a protector and storing it in a small necklace.”


I nod. “I understand. I am not going to waver from my decision. I know this could be important in the future.” I say and walk over to the chair sitting down. I cross my legs and watch as she goes to that big pot and starts putting the herbs and stuff inside. A weird smell comes from the pot. I wrinkle my nose.


After what seems like forever she turns to me. She hold out her hand and I dig into my pocket pulling out my favorite necklace that my grandad gave to me when I first shifted. It has a wolf and a moon on it. Hopefully I’ll be able to recognise it in the future. Hopefully.


I hold it out and drop it in her palm. She grips it then shifts it so she has a hold of the chain letting the pendent hang. She turns back to the pot and dips the necklace in the concoction she made. She turns back to me and walks over. I try not to wrinkle my nose as she place the necklace around my neck.


I flinch feeling a little uncomfortable at the head of the pendent resting on my chest. She goes back to the pot and she takes a cup from the corner of the counter and dips it in the pot walking back over to me. “Drink.” She says handing me the cup.


I sniff and wrinkle my nose. I sigh knowing I better get it done and over with. I quickly gulp it down trying not to cough as the nasty liquid goes down my throat.


She grabs the cup and places back on the counter. She walks back to me. “Ok darling i need you to sit back in the chair. I’m am going to say the spell. It’s not in english so you won’t understand it. As I said before you are going to feel pain.”


I nod my head and lean back against the chair. She starts mumbling and as she said I don’t understand what she is saying at all. Heat start to build up in my stomach as she continues chanting over and over. The heat spreads throughout my body and gets hotter and hotter. Pain ripples through me and I clench the armrests tightly gritting my teeth. I hear the crack of the wood as my grip tightens.


The necklace glows as her chants get louder. I feel myself growing weaker and the pain gets even stronger. I cry out in pain as black dots cloud my vision. I feel my body convulse than nothing. The necklace is no longer glowing and slump forward feeling empty. The lady stops chanting and place a hand on me stopping me from falling of the chair. Everything swirls and the world around me blackens.


“Abigail!” I feel hands shaking me. At first I’m confused. Who’s Abigail?


I open my eyes and frown looking at a man who seems familiar. “Who’s Abigail?” All my memories are jumbled and confused.


Sam frowns. “Abigail are you alright?”


I sit up. “I don’t know his this Abigail is but yes. I’m fine. I know who you are I think. Sam right? I’m Destiny not Abigail.” I say slowly my memories unscramble.


He frowns. “No your name is Abigail.” He says.


I sigh rubbing my head. “It’s both. It’s Abigail. My name was Destiny. That necklace was just a beacon for my powers and my wolf. It was made to only react to my soul when I chose the right time to come back. Apparently that time was when I was born.” I say looking up at him. I feel strange thinking about my dad then sad because my parents I had before aren’t around anymore. I sit up and rub my head.


Sam frowns. “Why? Why did you decide to take away what you had? Why not just reproduce?” He asks standing up offering his hand.


I grab it and he pulls me up. I give him sad eyes. “I was not able to reproduce. I had been cursed in that body. I would never be able to have children. I knew I needed to do something to keep my race alive. I did what I had to even though it was the most painful thing I had done. My father practically disowned me and I was left with a big hole inside me that nothing could fill. Not even my mate.” I say. I brush off the dirt and grass stuck to my clothes and sigh.


Sam looks at me with sympathetic eyes. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”


I shake my head. “Don’t pity me. It was my choice. Any way I think I must get home. My dad is probably worried. I need to make sure he knows I’m ok.” I feel weird calling him my dad but at the same time I can’t think of anything I would rather call him.


Sam nods. “You can come back here any time if you need anything.” He says.


I nod and notice that the sun is setting. I hurry running into the woods. I shift and run into the Cullens territory. I bite back the anger I feel toward their species considering the Cullens have been kind to me which is more than I can say for the ones before them. Well other than Carlisle he’s about the same. I remember running into him at one point in my life. Well my other life. Geez this is very confusing.


I get to the edge of the forest in there territory and make sure no one is around before shifting and quickly getting dressed. I stretch then walk toward my house. I hesitate at the door not knowing what I’m going to say to him. I know I am not telling him what I am. That is out of the question. I sigh deciding I’m just going to wing it as they say nowadays. I open the door and walk inside,


I see my dad on the couch and it feels like what happened to me a very long time ago. I was young and foolish thinking I was big and bad and left the house while my dad was asleep. He had found out the next day when I came in at around noon and he yelled at me about it.


My dad crosses his arms. “Glad to see you’re finally home.” He says. His voice has a slight edge but otherwise it’s calm.


I nod. “I’m sorry. I was mad at you because I miss my old friends. I wanted to keep my old life. I didn’t want anything to change. When you took me away from that I felt like you took a part of me with you and left the rest of it there.” I say calmly. I don’t feel angry he moved us anymore. If he hadn’t I would have never been able to get my powers back and I would be just an ordinary human with no knowledge of what I had done in the past.


My dad looks at my surprised. “And now?” He asks.


I smile. “Well now I’m glad you did. I have made new friends and had fun. I will miss my old friends but I can still talk to them. I know that you’re trying to be a dad. I’m sorry I got mad and ran off.” I say feeling like I chose the right words.


He nods and I can tell he’s not mad anymore. “Next time talk to me like you are now. Don’t yell at me because you’re not getting your way.” He says.


I walk over to him and hug him. “It won’t happen again. I promise.”


He hugs me back. “Please don’t. I was worried something happened to you.”


I nod. “I won’t.”

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