Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


10. Anger towards the Cold Ones

I wake up in the middle of the night my head pounding. I groan and sit up. My eyes widen as I see my hands and arms glowing. I completely forgot i need to use my powers. I was tired. I get up and head out the back door.


I sigh looking around the empty backyard. I spot a piece of wood and pick it up from the ground. I throw it up in the air and throw my hand out. The glow blasts from my hand and breaks the into pieces.


I look around and see another piece of wood and do the same thing again. I don’t see anymore wood so I use another one of my powers.


I place my head on the ground and concentrate. I look at the piece of wood scattered and imagine vines wrapping around them holding them to the ground. That’s exactly what happens. I stand back up and look around.


The feeling of using my powers is extraordinary. I almost forgot how good it feels. I throws my hand out and the glowing light shoots from my hands. I focus and it picks up pieces of wood. I throw it and smile. I’ve still got my touch.


The glowing stops and I relax. I walk back inside and look at the time. I frown seeing that it’s just past noon. I walk to the couch and sit down with a sigh. I turn on the T.V. and watch a brainless television show.


The smell of a Cold one hits my nose and I hop off the couch. I hear nothing but a slight click in my room. I walk over stealthily and quietly knowing that even the slightest noise and the Cold one will hear me.


My door knob turns and I prepare to attack the Cold one. The door opens and I spring knocking the Cold one to the ground. Of course than I see who it is. “Edward? What were you doing in my room?” I ask getting off him.


He frowns and sits up. “I heard what you were thinking. Still I’m surprised at your strategicness.”


I roll my eyes. “What are you doing sneaking into my room?”


He sighs. “Bella knows. She figured it out because of the boy Jacob Black.”


I frown. “He must have told her the stories at the beach when they walked off alone together.” I say getting up.


He nods. “She said she forced it out of him flirting with him.”


I laugh. “That’s what she was doing? I thought she was just being weird.”


Edward gives a thoughtful smile. “I would have liked to see that. Anyway she doesn’t know that you know. She didn’t ask. If you want her to know that you are aware of what we are I’ll tell her tomorrow. I won’t tell her that you aren’t human though. I’ll leave that up to you when you’re ready.”


I sigh running a hand through my hair. “That would be never. I’m on strict orders not to tell by Sam. Can’t really disobey them. I think she should at least know I know you guys are Cold ones at least.”


Edward frowns. “I’d think you’d use the term you did before. Vampires. Why the sudden change?” He asks.


I shrug. Thinking of how I tackled him instead of the question.


His frown deepens. “Also your eyes are glowing.”


I shrug. “Happened at school too. They’ve been doing that lately.”


His eyes turn skeptical. I cross my arms. “Is that the only reason you came?” I asks guardedly.


He nods. “Yeah. Now I have a question though. Who’s Destiny?”


I smile. “Me of course. Now can you go? I have to get some sleep. Unlike you I actually sleep.”


He sighs. “I’ll see you at school.”

I sigh and nod. “Yep see you at school.”


He disappears out my window.


That was close if he had found out. The vampire council would find out next.


I’m up against the wall and Edwards eyes are flashing dangerously. “How do you know about the Vampire council?” He asks.


My eyes widen. I quickly regain my posture and look at him. “Because I was taught everything about them a long time ago. In the 1870s to be more accurate. My name was Destiny at the time. I can’t tell you anymore because the council thinks my kind is dead and I’d like it to stay that way.”


His hand goes to my neck. “Explain Lillian.”


Anger courses through me. “Move your hand Edward.”


He shakes his head. “Not until you explain.” His grip on my neck tightens.


I concentrate and place my hand on his chest. My hand glows and he flies to the opposite wall. “I am not playing around Edward. You may be in treaty with Sam’s pack but I don’t have to tolerate you. I will not have you threatening me in my own home. Lay another finger on me and I’ll show you what I mean by my kind supposing to be dead.” I say my voice flat.


Memories of what happened to me once with a cold one played in my mind. He had a choke hold on me as well. I had almost died. Of course at the time I was basically human. I hadn’t shifted yet.


Edward looks at me and frowns sitting up. “How did you..?”

I sigh. “My race is dead ok? I’m the last one of my race. The protectors had ones with powers and ones without. Eventually the ones with died out because most were cursed with the inability to have children. I sadly had that curse as well. I was the last possible to have children to save my race but I couldn’t so I chose instead to take my powers and wait for the day I returned with the ability to have kids so I could continue my race of protectors. I met Carlisle at one point in my previous life. Though I don’t think he’ll remember the feeble old woman I was at the time. He might remember me because I had told him that I knew what he was. Maybe. Anyway I’m babbling. The point is I am the last of the protectors with powers. It’s why my eyes glow. A side effect from the way I turned back into a protector. Why I was able to through you to the wall.” I say leaning up against the wall.


He frowns and I can tell he’s processing everything. His eyes are distant. He looks up at me. “You knew Carlisle back then?” He asks.


I nod. “Though to him I smelled human. He had no clue what I was. Or what I had been.”


Edward sighs. “This is a lot to take in.”


I roll my eyes. “Yeah and I’m risking my life here. If your vampire council were to find out I’m still alive they’d try to eliminate me. I’d be powerful enough to defeat them all.”


Edward scrunches his eyebrows. “No one’s that powerful.”


I cock my head. “Oh really? You think that is the only power I possess? I could show you the rest if you want.” I say.


Edward shakes his head. “I’m good.”


I smile. “You sure. It’s been a very long time since I’ve attacked a cold one.”


Edward frowns. “You ok lillian?”


I nod. “Why wouldn’t I be?”


“You seem off somehow. Like you’re not acting like yourself.” He says.


I shrug. “I am acting like myself. Just the me with more knowledge than I had before.”


He sighs and walks over to me. “You’re acting like something’s bothering you. Like you don’t like me.”


I look at him. “I don’t like your species. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. The only thing that bothers me is you having your hand on my throat. Don’t ever touch there again unless you want to be seriously hurt.” I threaten.


He cocks his head at me. “Someone’s grown cocky. Maybe we could see just how well you can do in a fight against me.”


I growl. “Don’t challenge me in a fight you won’t win Edward.”


He pins me to the wall flashing his fangs. “If you can’t use your hands you can’t use your powers. Which means I can pin you and rip out your throat.” He says.


I smile. “I use my hands to direct my power. My hands aren’t the only way I can use my power.” I feel my eyes glow and Edward flies back and hits the wall. I get into my fighting stance growling.  “Want to try again?”


He sits up. Next thing I know I’m knocked to the floor. The wind knocks out of me. “Don’t be so cocky. Keep your guard up at all times.” He says looking at me. He has both wrists in one hand tightly.


I yank on my wrists and rip them free. He just pins them against the floor. I glare at him.


He looks at me. “Get it all out Lillian.”


I growl and try to knee him but he easily dodges. I struggle to get out of his grip. “Let me go Edward.”


He shakes his head. I struggle harder. “ I said let me go!” I scream. Light bursts from me and I hear the ceiling crack as Edward hits it. I quickly move out of the way as he land on the ground. He sits up with a slight groan.


I look at him eyes wide.


He looks at me. “Feel better?” He asks unharmed.


I sigh with relief. I glare at him. “Are you insane? I could have seriously hurt you.”

He shrugs. “You were mad at my kind so I decided to let you get some of that anger out. You are rusty when it comes to fighting by the way. I can tell you used to but you haven’t in a while.”


I nod. “Yeah I was trained vigorously. Not much of a break back then because women weren’t aloud to go to school.”


He frowns. “That must have been a while ago.”


I nod. “After the war for slavery had ended. I was born sometime in the 1870’s. Well at least at that time. I died in 1920’s.”


Edward cocks his head. “Must be hard remembering that you died yet here you are alive.”


I shrug. “I knew I was going to die eventually and I counted on coming back. I’m still Lillian, I just have more knowledge than I did before.”


I walk over and sit on my bed. “The hardest thing is knowing I can’t see my previous parents. I have memory of them but they are already dead.”


Edward nods. “Carlisle saved my life. My mom couldn’t be saved but before she died she told Carlisle to do whatever he can to save me.”


I look at him. “Guess we both have had pretty tough lives.”


Edward shrugs. “I barely remember my parents. The memories are foggy. I have lived a pretty long time as a vampire that the memories of my life before have mostly faded.”

I frown. “Really?”


He nods.


I cock my head. “Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you didn’t need to be saved and your mother was still alive?”


He shakes his head. “No. I am glad he did. Now I have a family with them. They are my family now.”


I hear a car and I can tell Edward does too. He looks at me. “I have to go. I don’t think your father would appreciate a boy in your room at this time of night. I’ll see you at school tomorrow. I’ll let Bella know you also know what I am.”


I nod. “Just wait for me to be there. We have Biology together so you could do it then. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to keep it from her.”


He nods. “I will.” He’s gone.


I close my window and I hear the car door close.


I sigh seeing the crack in the ceiling. The front door opens and I know my dad is home.  I listen to him walk inside and go into the kitchen. I hear the fridge open.


I get of the bed and head out of my bedroom.


My dad looks back and frowns. “What are you doing up?” He asks.


I shrug. “Couldn’t sleep.”


He walks over to me. “How was the trip?”


I smile. “Good. I found a really good dress. My friends convinced me to go this time.”


He smiles. “That’s great. Can I see the dress?”


I nod and go to my room and grab the dress. I head back and show it to him. He smiles. “That looks beautiful.”


I smile. “I thought it was too.”


My dad looks at me. “So you just hanging out with your friends at the dance?”


I nod. “Yeah. If I get bored I’m never going to one again.”


He frowns. “And if you enjoy it?”


I shrug. “I may go to another. May.”


He smiles. “Well I hope you do have fun.”


I  nod. “Me too. I had fun today though. I surprisingly like picking out a dress.”


He chuckles. “Well you are a girl. Most girls your age do enjoy it.”


I shrug. “Not much with me. I guess tasted change.”


He nods. “Ok well you need to get some sleep you do have school tomorrow. I expect you to stay in school too.”


I nod. “Yeah yeah. I love you Dad.”


He smiles. “I love you too.”


I head back to my room and hang the dress up. I hop into bed after turning on the light. I stare at the ceiling being that I can see it even in the dark. Eventually I get tired and fall back asleep.

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