Twilight fanfict. Book 1

Meet the new member of the pack. Liilian Rayne. What happened to her to be a part of the pack confuses everyone. How could that be possible? She was human. She was born with the blood of a human. Heck she didn't even know supernatural actually exist until she moved to Forks. Her dad thought it was best for her. Guess he was wrong.


1. The beginning of a life I thought only existed in books

I sigh. My mom just died a month ago from cancer and my dad thinks it would be great to get a new start. He decides that it would be best to move from all my friends and start a new life. I tried to complain to him about it but he wouldn’t relent. He’s determined to move away.


We drive to our new house in Forks. Yeah it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone. I am not going to be able to blend in at my new school. I can tell now. Everyone’s going to know that a new girl is coming.


I walk out closing the door behind me and pull out my phone. I sigh. No internet.


My dad claps me on the back. “It’s going to be great sweety. I’ve got a good job. You can make some new friends. I promise you’ll enjoy being here.”


I give him a forced smile and walk inside.


The house is ok. Better than I thought it would be. It looks updated and clean. That’s a good sign.


Dad walks in and smiles. “See? This house is beautiful.”


I shrug. I wouldn’t say beautiful. Maybe pretty.


Dad sighs. “Maybe you could go get a feel for the town while I unpack. Meet some kids that go to your school.”


I shrug. “Sure.” I walk out and head toward the main roads of the town.


I put my headphones on and put my hood up listening to music.


Someone bumps into me and I fall to the ground. “Oh I’m sorry.” I hear the person say. I look up to see a hand. I grab it and the person helps me up.


“I am sorry I should pay more attention to wear I’m going.” The guy says rubbing the back of his neck. I look at his features, He has a baby face, pale blond hair and gelled spikes.


I brush myself off and force a smile. “It’s fine. I should have been paying better attention.”

He smiles. “My names Mike. Are you new to Forks? I don’t think I’ve seen you around.”


I nod. “Yeah me and my dad just moved here today.”


His smile widens. “Well welcome to forks. Are you going to Forks High. Wait of course you are. I guess I’ll see you at school…… I didn’t get your name.”


I shrug. “Lilian. Though I prefer Lilly.”


He smiles. “Well I’ll see you at school Lilly.”


I nod. “Probably.”


“Probably?” He asks.


I nod. “I still need to get enrolled.”


“Well I’ll still you at school once you do.” He says. I nod and he walks away. I turn up my music and go back to walking.


I listen to my favorite song, "When She Cries" by Britt Nicole.


I look around not really interested. Then something catches my eyes. I pick it up. It’s a weird looking pendant. It has a shape of a moon and a wolf. I flip it over and trace the design. I look around but see no one. I shrug and put it in my pocket.


I head home and dad smiles. “So meet anyone?”


I shrug closing the door. “I met a kid that goes to school.”


His smile widens. “That’s great honey. I knew you would make friends.”


I sigh. “Dad I just met him.”


Dad looks even more excited. “Oooh and it’s a guy!”


I roll my eyes and head to my bedroom.


“Sweety. By the way I already got you enrolled. You can go to school tomorrow.” He calls out to me.


I sigh. “Of course he did.” I mumble. I start unpacking my stuff and get the furniture set up. I know how to build my own furniture.


I pull out a photograph of me and my mom and place it on my dresser. I’m smiling while she has her arm around me. “I miss you mom.” I say then flop on the bed wiping away a tear.  


My dad knocks on the door and cracks it open. He sees me and comes to sit next to me. “I miss her too. It’s not going to be the same without her. Let’s just live a happy life for her.” He says.


I nod looking away. I don’t like my dad seeing me cry. I want him to think I’m stronger than I really am. That I don’t feel like a piece of me is missing when truly, that’s exactly how I feel.


He sighs. “Dinners ready if your hungry.”


I shake my head. For the past month I haven’t been able to stomach food very well. I mean I’ll eat but I can’t seem to keep it down so I don’t even try anymore. My dad says if it continues he’s going to send me to the doctor.


I feel him get up and hear the door close. I put my headphones back on and drown my ears in music.


I wipe my eyes and sit up. I take out the pendent and look at it. I don’t know why I kept it. I should have probably turned it into one of the stores so they could find the owner. I trace my fingers over the design. Maybe it was a tourists. I set it down on my nightstand.


I go under my bed and pull out my sketchbook. I open it and smile. I’ve made a lot of good drawings. Most of how I remember my mom when she wasn’t sick. I miss seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, and seeing her eyes sparkle with energy.


I flip the sketchbook to a blank page and draw what comes to mind. At first I have no clue what I’m drawing, then it starts to take shape.


After what seems like hours I’m finally done with the drawing. I look at it stunned. It’s of a wolf but in the background are trees. The wolf seems to be larger than any wolf I’ve ever seen in real life. I notice a figure in the background and squint. I can’t tell who it is. I sigh closing the sketchbook.


It’s not the first crazy sketch I’ve ever made. The first was of me. It was strange because I was sitting on the ground by a tree looking up at something with fear clear in my feature. I thought it was strange.


I look at the time on the clock and my eyes widen. It’s already 4:00 am. What? I sigh. Great might as well go ahead and get ready for school. I’m surprised my dad didn’t say anything about my light being on all night.


I get off my bed and decide to go ahead and take a shower.


I take my time in the shower and get out after my fingers are all pruny.

I dry off and head to my bedroom to get changed. I look at the pendent and debate on whether I want to take it with me. I shrug and put it in my pocket. I go make myself some breakfast as my dad wakes up and comes out.


“Did you sleep well last night?” He asks.


I shrug. “I slept ok.” considering I didn’t get a wink.


He sighs. “Please tell me you weren’t up all night last night.”


I take a bite of my toast slinging my backpack over my shoulder and heading for the door. “Then I won’t tell you that.” I say before I head out.


I put my bookbag in my car and drive to school.


I get to school a little early and find a good parking spot. I head to the office to get my schedule. I am surprised to find that it’s smaller than I expected. The room is brightly lit and there are plants growing out of plastic pots.


I notice a lady at the desk and walk up. She looks up. “Can I help you?”


“My dad enrolled me. Lillian Rayne?” I tug nervously on my hoodie sleeve.


She nods. “Yes.” She goes through a couple papers and hands me two, “There’s your schedule and a map.” She goes back to whatever she was doing before.


I look at my classes then look at the map. I sigh and head to my car. I notice people driving and follow them. I get a decent parking spot and get out grabbing my bookbag, map, and schedule. I put my hood up and sling my bookbag over my shoulder.


I walk in the school and look for my class hoping people won’t bother me. I look at the map trying to figure out where my class is when someone bumps into me. I fall backward and a hand grabs my arm stopping my fall. I hear a clanging on the ground and see that the necklace fell out of my pocket.


“Sorry. I’m a very clumsy person.” says a familiar voice. I look and and see Mike. He’s looking at the necklace. He bends down and picks it up. He looks up and smiles.


“Hey Lilly glad to see your in school. Here let me put this on you.” Before I have a chance to argue he pulls down my hood and clips it in the back. “There now you don’t have to carry it around.’ He looks at me smiling.


I force a smile. “Thanks.”


He frowns. “Are you ok?”


I nod. ‘I’m fine. I just need to find my where my class is.”


He smiles and looks at my schedule. “You have about the same classes as Bella Swan. She was the newbie before you came. She and the Cullens hangout now.”


I give him a confused look. He smacks his forehead. ‘Sorry I forgot that you’re new here. The Cullens moved here a couple years ago. There is something about them that most of us don’t like. It might be the fact they look like freakin models They are literally perfect. The Cullens rarely talk to anyone but themselves. Well everyone but Bella.  Edwards seem to taken a liking to her.” I hear unhappiness in his voice. Maybe even a little jealousy.


He shakes his head. “Anyway let’s get you to class.” He starts walking and I follow behind him.


I look at the necklace around my neck feeling weird wearing it. I mean it might be important to someone somewhere. Mike stops and I almost run into him. He turns to me and smiles. “This is your class.”


I nod. “Thank you.”


His smiles widens. “No problem. I’ll see you around.” He walks off to what I’m assuming is his next class.


I sigh and walk in. The teacher sees me and smiles. You must be Lilian. Go ahead and take a seat.” The teacher introduces me to the class and I head to my seat putting my hood back up. I start taking notes when I feel a tap on my shoulder.


I look up to see a slightly paler than normal girl. She smiles. “Lillian right?” She asks.


“Lilly.” I say putting down my pencil.


“I’m Bella I was new at this school, so if you need any advice let me know.” She says.


I look at her. She’s a pretty girl. Prettier than me. She also seems nice enough. I nod. “I will.”


She smiles. “Your lucky. My dad is the cherif so everyone knew I was coming.  I didn’t get a chance to make a name for myself. I’m known as the girl who’s father is the chief of police.” She says with a sigh.


I look at her surprised. ‘Your dad’s the chief?”

She nods. “Yeah I moved in with him from Phoenix. Where did you move from?”


I shrug. “I moved from florida. My dad says it’s best to get a new start.” I look down at my paper and try to take notes.


“What about your mom? Did she think it was best?” She asks.


I shrug not answering. I tug my hood father down hiding my face from her so she can’t see the hurt flashing through my eyes.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t…..” I wave her off grabbing my stuff and excusing myself to the restroom. The teacher gives me a pass and I walk to the bathroom.


When I get inside I set my stuff down and take off my hood. I sigh. I don’t even want to be in this stupid school. I want to be with my friends. I want to be at the house I grew up in.


My friends have alway been there for me. They knew exactly what I needed. They would leave me alone when they know I need space. They don’t ask me about things they know I’m upset about. Why did my dad have to take me away from the one place that was keeping me sane? I grab my stuff and head out of the bathroom. I need to get away. I need to be alone. I don’t care where I just need to go.


I walk out of the school and head to my car. I open the door and toss my bookbag inside and hop in.  I turn the ignition and turn the radio up all the way blasting my music. I pull from the parking spot and drive away from the school. I drive with no set destination.


I see a patch of forest and pull in parking the car. I take the keys from the ignition and leave everything in the car. I leave my hood down letting the wind breeze through my hair. I relax a little and find a tree to sit under. I may have overreacted but my mother is still a sensitive topic for me. It’s still too soon to really talk about it.


I close my eyes and lean my head against the tree listening to the breeze. I open my eyes and see a figure hiding behind a tree in front of me. Something doesn’t feel right and my heart skips a beat. “Who’s there?” I ask.


The figure steps from behind the tree smiling. “Sorry I’m just passing by. I’m hungry from the long trip. Do you have anything you could spare?” He asks. His skin is paler than Bella’s andhe looks like a guy you would see on the front cover of a magazine. Warning bell go off into my head.


He takes another step forward. I shake my head. “No. I’m sorry.” I say trying not to show how  afraid I really am.


His smile widens and he shows off two, very sharp looking canines. My fear level spikes and

I know it’s showing. “That’s ok. I’m more thirsty than anything.” Before I can blink I’m pinned to the forest floor. He puts his nose to my neck and I can feel his breath. “Your smell is intoxicating. I may save some of you for latter.”


I struggle but his grip is like iron. I feel something sharp pierce my neck and I cry out in pain. Dizziness and nausea swirl through me as I feel his unnaturally, ice cold lips against my throat. Everything blurs as I feel myself getting weaker. I feel him get ripped off me and I whimper in pain to weak to do anything else. I hear muffled voices and try to blink away the blurriness  in my vision. I feel strong arms wrap around me. I struggle weakly trying to get free. The grip tightens


The voices become clearer. “She’s still conscious. We need to get her to Carlisle. She’s lost a lot of blood.” My vision clears and I look up to a pale faced boy. He looks about my age. I freak out finding a new energy and I try to get out of the boys arms.


The boy tightens his grip and looks at me. “Hey, hey. It’s ok no one’s going to hurt you. Calm down.”


I relax slightly. “Who are you?” I ask.


The boy doesn’t smile. “My names Edward. What’s yours?” He asks.


“Lilly. Can you put me down. I think I can walk.” I say.


He shakes his head. "I need to let my father check on you first. You lost A lot of blood.” He says and starts walking.


“What was that thing that attacked me?’ I ask thinking of those pointy canines. I swear it looks like he flinched like he saw the same thing I did.


He clears his throat. “I don’t know what your talking about. That boy had a knife in hand.”


I roll my eyes. “He had no weapons on him except for his teeth. You can’t tell me I was hallucinating. He had both hands pinning my arms to the ground.”


Edward raises an eyebrow. “You can’t honestly believe creatures like that exist.” He gives me a look like I’m crazy.


“Put me down.” I say angrily.


He looks at me stunned. “Put me down.” I say again.


He shakes his head. I glare at him. "I said put me down!” I snap at him.


He shakes his head again. “No. Not until I get you checked out.” He continues walking.


I’m shaking with anger. “If you don’t put me down right now!”


He looks at me. “What? You are in the middle of the forest, which wasn’t smart on your part, and you’ve lost a lot of blood. If I put you down you’ll most likely pass out. If I don’t get you to Carlisle you could bleed out. Your still bleeding.” He touches my neck and his icy cold fingers come back red with blood. My blood.


I sigh my anger deflating. “Fine. You win. I’m a lunatic in the middle of the woods.” I close my eyes.


He sighs. “I never said you  were crazy.”


I open my eyes. “Then what exactly were you implying. Sure looked like you thought I was crazy.” I start to feel drowsy.


He shakes his head. “You have to find the solution for that…..thing on your own. I can’t help you. You’re not crazy. Just think about it.”


I sigh feeling my eyes get heavy. “Ok.” My eyes close and I drift off into nothingness.


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