Twin sisters

Clary never really cared about school, her mother made her go for collage, and one day she was applied to go to Direction a collage in London.
Julia is the princess of all the supernatural but there is an other one, one no has seen her since Julia's evil aunt took over the palace when her mother died, Julia and Clary are roommates, they have never met before but look so much a like, what happens when headmaster Grimmie tells them the truth about them? will everything change? will things be the way it was before? will they find love? will they get the throne back or will they die trying?


1. A/N

A/N hey guys so I totally forgot everything about Movellas again, but this is the story I promised, the new twin sister, the other is one I wrote two years ago, I am trying to update much here but I will properly forget it, but I am also on Wattpat as ffgentan2002 if you want to read some of my other stories, well that is fanfictions but this is my first real story that I am writing


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