The Cabin A novel

When Anderson Lowell is spending time at the cabin with his girlfriend Jenny in a retreat in the Montana mountains, they face a killer on the loose who wants them dead.


4. The Cabin-4


Anderson saw the killer's car in the front door of the cabin. He frowned; he wasn't sure who was inside. "What's the matter?", Jenny asked him. "Someone's here", Anderson answered. "So, who can it be?". She shivered. He took off his seatbelt. Then he opened the driver's-side door. Jenny opened the passenger's-side door. Anderson saw the black '​Welcome​' mat that was in the front door. He turned the key. As he did so, the killer aimed his gun. And, as he shot him, Anderson fell onto the hard ground. And died instantly. Jenny screamed. Then she got back into the car, and called 9-1-1. And asked for the police.

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