The Cabin A novel

When Anderson Lowell is spending time at the cabin with his girlfriend Jenny in a retreat in the Montana mountains, they face a killer on the loose who wants them dead.


3. The Cabin-3


​The killer arrived in Montana on time. He wasn't desperate; he was never early. It didn't bother him to be late. He had remembered the time twenty year's ago in which he had killed for the first time. It was Sal Kane Todd, the 'Montana mobster'. He used a knife in his left hand. It was the perfect crime back in nineteen ninety-eight; it was the idea that had been in his mind for a long time ever since Todd had shot his girlfriend, Alice Kaye during a fraternity party with a .9mm gun. He was twenty-one; Todd was twenty-two; Kaye was twenty. The killer stared at the remote mountains. He smelled the afternoon breeze. Then he focused his attention on the old cabin...and waited for anyone to arrive before he killed them.

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