The Cabin A novel

When Anderson Lowell is spending time at the cabin with his girlfriend Jenny in a retreat in the Montana mountains, they face a killer on the loose who wants them dead.


2. The Cabin-2


The brown 2013 Ford was in the driveway. "Montana is a long way away", Jenny said. "We can fly there", Anderson said. He grabbed their passports, then booked their flights on-line on his I-phone. Then, once it was confirmed, Jenny turned the flames off, then they ate together before Anderson called a taxi to take them to the airport.


Anderson paid the African-American taxi driver. As he and Jenny got out, they headed toward Gate 5. There were thousands of passengers at Montana Airport. They saw a woman who was behind the desk. Anderson and Jenny hired a car for the week. Once the paperwork was done, he paid an extra one hundred and twenty dollars on his MasterCard. Then, afterwards, they left the airport and travelled in the black 2010 Ford towards the mountain cabin.


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