The Cabin A novel

When Anderson Lowell is spending time at the cabin with his girlfriend Jenny in a retreat in the Montana mountains, they face a killer on the loose who wants them dead.


1. The Cabin-1


​The killer smoked a cigarette. He breathed heavily as he saw the young woman jogging in Central Park; he breathed again. Then, in a matter of seconds, he used a black cord and strangled her. Once he was finished, he walked towards the darkness...and disappeared.


​Anderson Lowell read the crime story by J. Lang III in The New York Times​. He looked at the woman who was asleep in his bed. "Jenny, do you want to go on a vacation?", he asked her. "Yes, sure. I can write my book later", she answered him. Anderson kissed her. He got out of the bed, then walked to the bathroom. Jenny Carter yawned. She had been dating Anderson for three years since he was in Las Vegas, Nevada, at a writer's conference. She saw the bright sunlight hit the blue curtains; she wore her black nightgown. She opened the door, then she headed down the hallway. Then she went downstairs, and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.


Anderson washed his hands. He opened the door, then walked to the kitchen. "I like the aroma of eggs, bacon, and tomatoes", he said. Jenny smiled, and then she said: "We can go to the cabin". Anderson grinned. "Fine by me", he told her. And he sat down on a white seat, and waited for his breakfast to be served.

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