Allison richer


2. There are such thing as a Elf!

"Allison!" Butler cried." It not my fault she didn't know my reaction to jump scares." She said stepping over Holly. " Artemis the female is certainly is human" Aj asked only half listening,checking her computer." Aj we need your help, and your skill." Artemis but his lip regretting every word. Aj turned and gave him," what the hell are you doing." Look." Mostly your. Skill __ and_uh---" " Artemis let me take your shovel befor your dig your hole deeper she said pretending to  take a  shovel from his hands." The point is you can steal someone nose rings with out them noticing " Artemis protested." I know else I can do? Take down a grown with a punch.! She warned."Ally!" Butler warned. She stuck her tongue at Artemis."Go back and play. I think there's some coloring books outsides. Go find  a good crayon I'm sure Alica sharpened some." She said sarcastically."Why are you so moody, did your mother kick you out again?" Artemis asked. She examined her perfect nails." No ,no,no no no no." She said a couple of times." She didn't." Aj said.  Then went in her closet  to change she came out in a black jumpsuit. Her glasses toss aside ." What ever man." She said then left." What are gonna to do now." Holly said." Don't worry she won't even make it down the hall." He said. Just as he said it Aj came in ." For got my keys." She said and walk out then in again." Well y'all ditto! Are you coming are you going to stand there like a guilty idiot?" She snapped they followed her out the room

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